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A thought for serious learning of Knowledge and Wisdom out of One’s Life in this World

June 9, 2018

By Fazal Amin Beg

As the computer or other information technologies of the modern digital world is composed of the hardware and softare and without existence of both the functionality of a related technology is seriously impaired, in the same manner a life (of a human within the animal kingdom) is composed of the material and non-material bodies. Let’s dare to have an intellectual exercise for a while to delve into it superficially. For an easy understanding could we call the non-material body as energy, anti-mater, soul or spirit , which could be felt and hard to express exactly in words?
If within the biotic and abiotic worlds, the physical form’s existence cannot be ensured without energy or anti-matter, a human life (in spiritual realm) cannot be predicted without the soul, which is not apparently visible or cannot be tangible. Could we touch and bring the software as per se in our hands? Can we see easily the data when transferred from one system to others through the “What’s App”; or through “wiFi ” or other means?
If the computer or other information technologies (developed by the incredible, refined and elevated humans) have facilitated the modern humans so dramatically and miraculously, isn’t the birth of a life or intellect itself is an incredible miracle and gift?
If there exist unresolved and serious complexities within both domains, the physical or material and non-material or spiritual, then how could we keep a balance between both of them is a serious question to be explored and answered?Why are we trying to walk impaired on either of the two legs within extremism? Could we learn to walk on both the healthy legs with pride and honor? Please think, rethink, feel and experience to the extent you could go positively and productively.

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