Nawruz Muborak: Happy New Year (of the Iranian Calendar)

March 21, 2020

Poetry and translation by: Fazal Amin Beg Voice: Zahida Khan
Note:Two of the the pictures within the videos are of Alamut Fortress of Iran; and the building is of Persipolis, the Achamenid Symbol (2,500 years ago). the pictures have been taken by Zafar Iqbal Bari of Gulmit (Hunza). The last picture illustrating Nawruz greeting has been taken from Nanish of Wakhan (Tajikistan) who had shared the picture in K̃hik Dũnyo (A What’s App Group).
Those who cannot understand the Wakhi language, can read the English translation of the above poetry on Nawruz (New Day/Year of the Iranian Calander) below.
Click on the following link of Eagles World Channel nad get acces to the related Wakhi poetry:


S̃heg̃hd yem sol wost mũborak, kũl inson’ver dẽ kũl jahon
Dish khũshig̃h-e yir g̃hẽtak, di pẽrdest ya gham-e tũfon
Happy new year to all humans in this world,
Know the sunrise of happiness and defeat the storm of miseries/pains under yourself.

Rek̃hũng wakht reg̃hdi ye dust, neyep wizit de zindagig̃h
Lecer cem sol en tu dak, vand k̃hũ miyun dem-e imtihon
The time, which has gone is gone and will never come again in life,
Have good aspirations from this year, and fasten your belt of emerging tests.

Dẽgretkes̃h woc dẽ har sol, sanes̃h ce ska ilm-e wokhar
Mũtk woc dem wakht-e pẽs̃htak, c̃haw trẽ pũrũt tu dem maydon
you are ascending the ladder of knowledge, and experiences you acquire out of each year,
Acquaint yourself with the interventions of the time, and progress ahead in the field.

Werkhũv tu amn et khũshig̃h, woz inson dustig̃h-e ya tag̃hm
khũshruy ya faslev dẽrwak, wost nasib ta’r dem pariston
Everywhere, spread the seeds of peace and happiness, and human love,
may you be blessed with reaping the excellent crops in this fairyland.

me car ghasb tag kuy-e haq, woz me dik̃ht tag hechkuy ti haq
Nochorver pũzũv vẽndak, woz dhast rũs̃hũvn go k̃hũ imon
Never usurp the rights of others, and never allow someone to usurp your rights,
Make it your faith to encourage and support the helpless people.

ki k̃hanes̃h k̃hater inson, wez tu s̃hẽkhal sẽk har makhluq
Sanũv khũshruy ya k̃hũ hak, cem zamin en to da osmon
If you claim you are a human, take then mercy upon all creatures,
Rise your clean steam towards the sky from the earth.

Fazal Amin! wost mũborak tower be yem s̃heg̃hd sol wudhg
Khũshbakhtig̃h-e so’at g̃hetak,wost mũborak ta’r dem zamon
Fazal Amin! have a happy year to you, too, today,
At such time of the year, may you be blessed with good fortunes.

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