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Requirement and Consideration of Administrative structures and Constituencies for Hunza in the Northern Pakistan on Top Priority

June 9, 2018

By Fazal Amin Beg

Keeping in view the invaluable strategic, historic, ethnolinguistic, demographic, administrative and practical realities and development of the valley within the context of Gilgit-Baltistan Region and Pakistan, the district of Hunza deserves three constituencies /electorates for lower, central and upper parts.
Although, like the practice of promises and fake assurances of the political representatives or candidates (particularly during the election days) in widening the unpaved and bumpy roads of the side valleys of Chipursan, Misgar and Shimshal (within Hunza), the Chief Minister of Gilgit-BaltistanRegion has been announcing the sub-division of Gojal twice but no practical and official steps (notification) has been taken so far after resuming his office.
There is a dire need of formation of administrative structures at sub-district level in notifying two more tehsils for S̃hinaki(lower Hunza)and upper Gojal (comprised on the villages from khybar to Chipursan and Misgar).On the other, from C̃his̃hkat to Shimshal shall remain within the already existing Gojall tehsil (for lower Gojal). Likewise, the already existing Aliabad magistracy could include the villages from Hassanabad to Attabad; while S̃hinaki tehsil could be arranged from Murtazabad to Khizarabad.

To conclude, the three separate constituencies for Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly (GBA) thus are highly important for S̃hinaki, Central Hunza and Gojal at any cost. Immediate notification of the sub-division of Gojal should be realized instead of trying to fool the community on the election days or using such announcements as tools for advance campaigns and acquiring votes illegally and through various forms of tactics and rigging.

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