Awaz-e Mazlumin (Voices of the Oppressed): The Right Time to Rise for Rights & Revolution with Imran Khan [An Urdu Song with English Translation in the Subtitling]

May 17, 2022

By Fazal Amin Beg

The radically dividing line between the oppressed and the oppressors in each societies could be witnessed not only in our period but it has been from the beginning of human cultural traces and civilizations. However, the important point to keep in mind and should be elevated on top is then the voices to be raised against the cruel people and the oppressors in any form in order to regulate the justice for all everywhere. The symbolisms behind the heroes (in current and historical contexts) thus provide us an opportunity to get lessons out of their heroic deeds and triumph such as those Imam Hussain over Yazid.
Keeping in view the pitiable and mournful condition of the poor and oppressed people around the world, also including Gilgit-Baltistan and Pakistan, this very lyric in Urdu I had thus composed back in April 2017. The background goes behind when two innocent father and son were assassinated with an arrogance by the then corrupt Government and administration of Gilgit-Baltistan on August 11, 2011 at Aliabad , Central Hunza and their crime was to raise their voices for their just right as along with other people in Hunza, they had become internally displaced due to the Attabad disaster. Consequently, when other people also supported and chorused their voices, Baba Jan Hunzai, along with other human right activists from Awami Workers Party as well as Muslim Leageu were arrested and sent to the prison where they spent the time without any prove of the allegation upon them as the imprisonment was in political context.Baba Jan and some of his friends were thus shifted in Gahkuch Jail in Ghizer district.
Along with one of my good friends, Saifuddin Saif, I thus visited the prison for the first time to meet them and know about their condition as many rumors were whirling around about their safety in the prison.
Observation of the pitiable conditions of the poor and oppressed people in different societies across the globe for decades thus didn’t allow me to stay aloof or silent and I thought to contribute my little part by composing this poetry (lyric) in Urud. The next day, when I met with Baba Jan and other friends, I presented a copy of it and also had a kind of poetic session in the jail .
This very song thus tries to educate the people of different walks of life, especially to energize the oppressed people to raise their just voices for their just rights that are exploited in the hands of today’s Yazids, Firawns (Pharoas), Namruds and others.
Gilgit-Baltistan Region like other marginalized and suppressed people of different regions, has been witnessing and passing through series of suppressions and oppressions in the hands of the ruling oppressors, but in the current context of Pakistan when the criminals, cruels and giant oppressors got together like the beasts of the jungle and topopled down the Government of Imran Khan was never ever acceptable to people like us who have not affiliation with any poliatical ideologies or parties. As a human, we felt it so gravely and the evidences are seen right from the ousting of Imran Khan regime on May 10, 2022 that the citizens of Pakistan so courageously got out of their homes and supported the right over wrong of the beasts in human forms.It is a positive sign for positive revolution in the counryty so once and for all the corrupt people in with any identity be eliminated and the rule of law in real term should be honored by all in contrast to the prevailing practices where the elites are out law and for the common people the rules are brought in excercises and their rights brutally violated.
With a high optimism, I thought to play and present my part for the radical change in the Governance , administration and the like in all walks of life. Hope the audience/viewers will like the analysis in poetic form in the initial stanzas and from the middle onward towards the concluding stanzas, stimulation reharding the rights protection and even the prospective revolution has been brought forward.
As Allma Iqbal the Great has mention in one of his poetries, particularly encouraging the youth to stand for such noble causes: that is, to rise against the injustices and set their long term goals and mission in life, I’ve thus ended up my thoughts on his notion of “eagle’s soul/spirit, Uqabi ruh”.
As Iqbal the Great says:
Uqabi urh jab bedar hoti hai jawonuN mai
Nazar ati hain un ko apni manzil asmaanuN main

I’m thus so delighted and hopeful that the the youth will robustly rock forward by pushing the caravans of Imran Khan so to release the country from the yoke of slavery and imprisonment of the oppressed people in the filthy hands of the oppressors primarily within Pakistan and then abroad.

Production, presentation and copyright@EaglesWorld
Lyric, vocal and English translation: Fazal Amin Beg

Videography: Mu’iz Rhman
Editing and subtitling: Naveed Karim
Website: www.fazalamin.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/fazalaminbeg
FB Page: www.facebook.com/eaglesworld
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/fazalaminbeg

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