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Human Rights Suppression: English Translation of the Important Message and Updates of Ali Ashfaq, Legal Advisor of Anchor Imran Riaz Khan Abducted on May 11, 2023

May 20, 2023

Translated by Fazal Amin Beg

In this post, I am sharing with you two important references or testimonial (that I translated from Urdu to English). The first one is the legal reference and observations by Mian Ali Ashfaq, a legal advisor of Imran Riaz Khan and a renowned lawyer of Pakistan. The second one is the FIR (First Information Report) registered in the police Station by Mr. Muhammad Riaz father of Imran Riaz Khan. The purpose is to inform the international audience regarding the serious human rights abuses in Pakistan by the concerned law enforcement organizations of Pakistan.
Mian Ali Ashfaq describes in a video message on PakiLinks YouTube Channel as follows here:
For the abduction of Imran Riaz Khan, Punjab police and the jail police played their facilitative role. Four days have passed after Imran Riaz Khan has disappeared. Imran Riaz Khan was arrested at Sialkot International Airport without any legal basis while he was going to Aman. Initially, he was detained for a short while and then unlawfully kept in the Sialkot Cantt Police Station . Afterwards, a fake and baseless story was made and recommended to the DCO (District Coordinating Officer) for the order. The DCO Sialkot illicitly, as it is out of his jurisdiction, issued the detention order. Subsequently, Imran Riaz was put in the Sialkot Jail. After eighteen hours, at 11:00 p.m (night), at the pretext of releasing him, which is for the first time in Pakistan’s history and by violating the jail manual, the IG (Inspector General) of Punjab Police, Sialkot Police and the related personnel of the Jail facilitated other law enforcement agencies of the State. Those people [referring to the personnel of InterServices Agency) with facilitation of the police officials, abducted Imran Riaz Khan, which is for the first time in the history of Pakistan where a person is kidnapped from the jail.
You then observed that on behalf of Imran, a petition was filed in the Lahore High Court. In response, the honorable Chief Justice of the High Court gave an hour’s timeline to the Inspector General of Punjab to produce Imran Riaz Khan before him. But the order was not complied. Subsequently, IG Jails was summoned and asked that in whose custody was Imran Riaz Khan? He also shared a fabricated story in order to satisfy the Court but the court didn’t get satisfied at all. He then directed to provide additional reports.
The honorable Chief Justice of Lahore thus strictly ordered to provide the CC footages around the concerned jail when he was being released at night. He then directed the Sialkot police and the DCO to provide all those documents to show the circumstances as bonafide and to show the tracking and tracing.All necessary documents should therefore be provided to the court.
Consequently, all documents were submitted to the High Court. After a thorough analysis, the honorable court has upheld the case. Now, a scenario is comong on the surface where we had already felt the risk and the evidence is coming to the limelight.Three people were covered in veil and their vehicle was seen ready there. The situation shows that those external people had closed coordination with those inside the jail and Punjab police. In this way, abduction of Imran Riaz was made with the facilitation of Punjab and jail police.
Now, he has been taken to an unknown place somewhere and is disappeared. So far, no track and trace could be made about him.
Article 19 of the Constitution of Pakistan clearly provides freedom of expression. You saw that Imran Riaz Khan is the only journalist in the history of Pakistan who was victimized at such a serious level. Imagine, last year, 23 fake, baseless and fabricated cases were made against him across the country by the police and FIA.Later, all courts thus termed them as forged, fake and malicious; and dismissed those cases. The existing circumstances and scenario in Pakistan could never be made an excuse and detain a person for an indefinite period of time. There is the constitution and law in the country. Pakistan is still a democratic country. But these organizations of the Government and the prevailing behavior of the Government are unacceptable. The cours in Pakistan are seen playing their roles effectively.Kindly, the journalists in Pakistan , especially Imran Riaz Khan and all others arrested, should be released promptly. The developed situation in Pakistan and the restrictions imposed upon them are unacceptable and they cannot sustain furthermore.
Source of the Updates and Messages of Mian Ali Ashfaq, Legal Advisor of Imran Riaz Khan, on PakiLinkNews:

Based on the above legalities, pointed out by Mian Ali Ashfaq, we could see that Mr. Muhammad Riaz father of Imran Riaz Khan files an FIR (first Information Report) against the unknown people and even the police itself in the police station. So, please read the English version of his messages that I present here.
To: The DPO Sialkot District,
Dear Sir,
The applicant’s son, Muhammad Imran Riaz, who is a renowned anchorperson, was arrested at the Airport as he was scheduled to travel towards Amman on May 11, 2023. After getting his flight Boarding Pass and reaching at the Immigration Counter, the personnel of FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) stopped my son at 2:30 p.m, without presenting any reasonable justification. My son, Muhammad Imran Riaz was then handed over to the personell of Cantt. police stationthe at the Airport Area. My family members and staff members of Imran Riaz including Aftab Ahmad, Naveed Anwar, Muhammad Haris Khan and Adnan Gul (among them, two are the producers of Imran Riaz and two are his drivers). All of these people thus left the Airport at 3:30 p.m and reached at the police station along with my son around 4:00 p.m.By this time, there was no lawsuit against my son.
My son was thus kept unlawfully in the custody of the police. No one of my family and staff members (of Imran Riaz)was allowed to meet my son.
On May 11, 2023 at 1:00 p.m (afternoon) the police accepted to arrest my son Imran Riaz and on behalf of the Deputy Commisioner Sialkot the order of exercising 3 MPO (Maintenance of Public Order, a lawsuit section) of house arrest against my son was brought forward. According to this order, rong accusation was nade against my son that he was provoking the people of a village named Dhana, which is totally a wrong and baseless allegation.

Muhammad Riaz
Source of the FIR against the Police by Muhammad Riaz, father of Imran Riaz Khan: Zain Ali YouTube Channel

Note: An article on the issue has already been published on FAZALAMIN.COM and could be accessed and read on the following link here:

The unlawful Arrest, mysterious Abduction and tragic Disappearance: last Video Messages of Imran Riaz Khan, a renowned and candid Pakistani Journalist

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