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Part-II: Updates on the Abduction of Imran Riaz Khan and English Translation of the Discussion of Mian Ali Ashfaq, a leading Lawyer of the Case

May 22, 2023

By Fazal Amin Beg

Many udpates have come after the plotted arrest of Imran Riaz Khan at the Sialkot International Airport (Pakistan) and the systematic abduction of him from the Sialkot Jail by the notorious personnel and/or agents of the secret intelligence agencies of the Government. Thanks to the modern technologies that have been helping in identifying significantly and enormosyly the malicious elements of the criminal people and agents. Otherwise, series of serious and further unjust and unlawful cases would have been emerged on the surface by those who are paid from the public money to safeguard the people. In contrast, those public servants have become licenced criminals in the guise of personnel of the police and secret agencies or para-military forces backed by a selective number of rogue elements in the political sphere and bureaucracies.
It is being reported through various credible sources that two hours before his abduction in the first phase from the airport, a raid was made on his house in Lahore by the personnel of police and secret agencies without warrant document, which legally justifies the arrest of a detainee. All family members of Imran Riaz Khan were extremely terrified. When wife of Imran Riaz was inquiring for the legal documents to be shown to them and had a resistence, she was extremely intimidated and threatened of her life.The raiders have taken away the mobile sets, laptops and tablets of the children of Imran Riaz Khan. Continuing ahead, the video recording chips of the main CC Camera installed in the house of Imran Riaz Khan and from the neighborhood were also taken away in order to remove the traces after they were gone. There might have been other cameras in the house of Imran Riaz that were not seen by the licensed raiders of the Government and State.
In the second phase, Imran Riaz Khan is unlawfully arrested based on a fake case filed against him on the same day on May 11, 2023 in the Sialkot police station on the dictation of the Government and licensed criminals of the intelligence agencies. The fake case is made under 3 MPO (Maintenance of Public Order) and He is then imprisoned in the Sialkot Jail. After 18 hours, Imran Riaz Khan is reportedly released against the set and legal protocol at mid night by the jail police and handed over to some unknown people (amazingly referred to the personnel of InterServices Intellgence).
The official and licensed criminals thought that the story of Imran Riaz Khan reached to its conclusion. However, they could not foresee that the evil nexus of plots they have made may lead to push and hurl them in their own big snare and the actual story will start from here onward.
The Chief Justice of Lahore High Court has taken up the case of Imran Riaz Khan as a missing person after the planned abduction in result of the FIR (First Information Report) registered by the father of Imran Riaz Khan against the respective police officers. In the High Court, those police officers come up with wrong statements and repeatedly present misinformation and the facts are being hidden. The topmost provincial head of the police termed ad Inspector Genral of Police (IGP) also presents wrong information by stating that Imran Riaz Khan was released from the jail but he has opted himselfk to go with the abductors. What could the police do then”
Some of the important CC Camera footages from the prison are also tempered and/or hidden from the esteemed court despite the fact the Chief Justice was aware of the facts. Many dishonest approaches were taken by the Punjab police officers, first through their delayed tractics. Time and again, the Chief Justice directed them to produce Imran Riaz Khan in the court of law and let it be processed here. But on the behest of the notorious and monstrous personnel of the intelligence agencies under the military establishment and the barbaric figures in the Government and bureaucracy, the middle and junior level staff are compelled to obey their unlawful orders.
An interesting but unpredictable scene is reportedly witnessed in the courtroom. Mr. Azhar Sadeeq, one of the competent and renowned lawyers of Pakistan and a key advocate of Imran Riaz Khan, asks the IGP of Punjab that if he was right and pretty sure regarding his statement that Imran Riaz has gone voluntarily with the unknown people as abductors, he must swear on the Holy Quran, if he is truly honest. Azhar Sadeeq further states: If the IGP makes it sure with the demonstration on the holy scripture, he will discharge thecase of Imran Riaz and also quit his profession as a lawyer. Could the IGP defend his statement after this unpredictibel argument before the Chief Justice of Pakistan? No, he could not adn was exposed in the court for his unprofessional and dishonest attitude.
Mr. Muhammad Riaz, father of Imran Riaz Khan, is permitted to present his arguments and viewpoints in the courtroom. He is said to have changed the entire environment of the court while speaking for couples of minutes. He states: “It is the guilt of my father who taught me to speak the truth that I followed in my lifetime. The same tradition of telling the truth I handed over to my children and in this rgard, I am the criminal and not my son. So, Please I would request you all to han me but produce my son. He has no guilt or crime. He has any, that is because he tells the truth and bring the facts before the public.”
In a highly emotional way further , Mr. Muhammad Riaz argues: “It is a pity that each one of you within and out of the courtroom know who has kidpannped my son but you people hide it here with any fear or otherwise. Let me disclose it if you are de facto ignorant, my son has been abducted by the people of an intelligence agency , referring to the InterServices Intellegence. He then addresses the cruel personnel of the law enforcement agencies and says: “If you do not produce my son before the court of law, then please shoot him and hand over his corpse to us. My family and I die on daily basis. Further, I you like to kill us, continue and exterminate us, too, for telling the truth.”
Although, the personnel of law enforcement agencies manipulated enormously through their wrong and contradictory statements, they got exposed before the court of law and the public at large when responsible reportings were made by the journalists especially through their personal YouTube Channels and other forums of social media. Millions of peple were much concerned about Imran Riaz Khan and they were thus updated with the facts in such manner .
Moreover, some of the CC Camera footages, which were hidden from the court and were highly important regarding the case, were managed by Azhar sadeeq and he showed them to the chief Justice and other people in the courtroom. They finally reportedly had their high impact on the strength of the case.
In conclusion, Mr. amir Batti, the Chief Justice , has given his last strict order to the personnel of the law enforcement agencies to produce Imran Riaz Khan at any cost in Lahore High Court on May 22, 2023 at 9:30 in the morning. Otherwise, the consequences could be faced by those involved in the criminal offence even at this stage for the contempt of court. Let’s hope for the best that Imran Riaz Khan is presented in the court and the compliance is made thereby.

It should be noted that some credible sources report that Imran Riaz Khan is safe and no harm has been given to him, though there were some reports earlier that he is frequently under custodial torture
Finally, it is my request to all to kindly avoid acting upon unconfirmed news until and unless they are based on credible sources. No institution, organization or agency registered legally with the respective Governments could be termed evil but they are the people working in them who become either sources of honor or dishonor for them. Those respective personnel per se could and should be exposed for their unlawful and criminal actions as they are basis of defmation for them and the great causes behind.
Mr. Mian Ali Ashfaq, a competent and known lawyer of Pakistan, is one of the leading lawyers of Imran Riaz Khan. I have already published the English translation (textual version) of one of the updates and messages he had given in Urdu to the Pakistani nation regarding abduction of Imran Riaz on PakiLinks YouTube Channel. It could be accessed on my website:
Ali Ashfaq has also come up with another but highly important video clip in Urdu and has been published on Makhdum Shahabuddin YouTube Channel on May 20, 2023. He has discussed in detail various aspects connected with the genesis of the case. Though, his talk is in Urdu, I have translated it in English in order to convey his legal points of view to the international audience such as the human right bodies at national and global scale, United Nations, reputed academia, international media, forums for promotion of democracy, social and law research forums, students forums, and many more.

I am thus concluded my part of the contribution here and invite you all to please go through line by line of the important updates and discussion of Ali Ashfaq on the case of Imran Riaz Khan. Lots of hopes and courage we could get out of his enriched knowledge and experience on the Pakistani mindsets related with law, politics and administration. So, please carry on with Ali Ashfaq here.

Greetings Everyone!There are actually many businesses going behind the administrative scene and protecting the privacy in such circumstances is imperative when the level of hostility in Pakistan and extraordinarily exceptional circumstances are found unprecedented.There is a highest level of disrespect.all illegal affairs are declared legal. The blatant defiance is promoted to the extent that if someone raises his or her voice, the desired level of impact cannot be anticipated .Sometimes, those raised voices are rather seen counterproductive, though in normal situations, they prove effective in contrast to the abnormal circumstances at present. .
In the current context, there are innumerable number of people,in hundreds and millions, who certainly love Imran [Riaz Khan].Their concerns are therefore legitimate. They wan to know about his safety. At this point, Azhar [Sadiq] and I cannot quote anything publicly. But I reveal 100% with a confidence, recognizing God, the Almighty as Omnipresent and paying my gratitude to Him, that Imran is safe and with His kind blessing, Imran is also doing well.
What do we know of his whereabout? Where is his location? With which department is he? Which city is he in?These are the questions, which I honestly know by keeping in view God, the Almighty as the Witness and Present. The answers of these questions in no way could be share at this point whatsoever circumstances there may be, until and Unless he is released. Nothing could therefore publicly be quoted because it is not in the best interest of Imran and his family. Even when a small amount of highlight comes publicly against The public instutions, it takes seconds for them to change their policies, all the tracks and strategies. It could then trun out counterproductive for us. The access in such circumstances has become almost impossible. As the proceedings have been carried out by now, the police and the jail police officials are entrapped in their own wrong statements. The way they have been presenting wrong statements frequently for the last six days, they are deeply getting down in the trap. Let them do whatever they are doing. Let them take their best shot. Let them place everything on the record of the court [of law]. Let them show anything and everything.

Let them accomplish all [from their side]. Trust me as I tell you by keeping God the Almighty as the Witness, the case that has come to the limelight ten days earlier but the actual issue stems back to and spans over three to four months. All evidences are available with me. All data are with Imran and me. So, let the police officials perform their part of the drama before the court of law and the public, I will then present the documentary and other evidences of four to five nature. This much for now. It should not be necessary for each and everyone to know beyond these points.
God, the Almighty, protect Imran on top. His health and life security is superior and more important than everything. Anybody could think anything at any point in time [in the given circumstances]. Rest is all procedure. We are professionally trained lawyers and looking after this transaction. We have handled hundreds of such [nature of] cases; rather thousands of cases in such scenario. There is no legal solution for each case in each situation.Each case has its own existing realities within the given circumstances. They have therefore their own procedural requirements. They have their own time limits. Each transaction has to take its due time.
I have been reiterating the case of Imran [Riaz Khan] is not something normal. First, he is not an ordinary journalist, though before us all journalists are honorable. The way God has bestowed a position upon Imran, it has a kind of comprehensive background. Please try to understand that the case of Imran is something highly special and possesses a bitter history of over one and a half year. I have been telling,time and again, that after late Arshid Sharif, Imran is the only living journalist in the country and history of Pakistan who has been seriously victimized at a massive level and no example is found in this regard.
At a massive level, litigations have been registered against him including the cases of death sentence and revolt, the mean and malevolent type of cases, and the like. Time and again, he was stopped at the airport and not allowed to travel abroad. Time and again, his respected father was victimized. The anticorruption case was opened against hi, the taxation case was made against him; and many more. He is the only one of its own kind in such scenario. There is a huge background behind it. However, God, the Almighty, always blessed him with triumph.
Though, he [Imran Riaz Khan] has been successful for the last one to two years [against such injustices] and thousands and hundreds of housands of people like him, there are some people in some public offices for whom his successes are seriously unacceptable. So, there is a serious motivation behind it [the incidence].There is a complete pattern of such victimization found in the Case of Imran. It is not for the first time that he has been patched up in the context of current situations.There is a great amount of history that has developed already. In face of such circumstances, this transaction has its own particular requirements. His safety and well being is highly important. Rest of all is important but secondry in nature.
The days have passed. Hopefully, sooner he will be graced with success. Very soon, he will come. Before the court of law, with a clarity things have got identified categorically that in whose custody is he. That is the most important thing that before the court the case in our favor has been termed as bonafide and the opposite side as malafide. In whose custody is he has been highlighted well with evidence. Besides, the contradictory statements, contradictory stance and contradictory materials have been repeatedly presented by the jail police and police department [in the court]. They are now within their own trap. The way they had planned to make the trap for others, the Nature has turned it against themselves. Now, they are within their own trap.
The only thing now is to build your trust in Mr. Amir Bhatti, the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court. Hundreds of affairs pass through his eyes. He is a highly honorable and trained judge. He is highly experienced judge. He is well aware of the fact. You have seen his repeated observations in the court. He is aware of the fact that with whom lies the custody [of Imran]. As he addressed the IG and said: “You have become helpless. It means you cannot do anything. I might then direct the third party in this regard. Go, coordinate and meet them. Tell them on my behalf,I will pass on the order.” This indicates that he is well aware that in whose custody is Imran. Otehrwise, how is it possible. On daily basis, delays are made. When we go to tehcourts, in an hour, two hours, or four hours, the cases are ended in a normal situation when a detainee is illegally with someone’s custody, he is produced maximum in a day or two. These are carried out during routine business. But, the circumstances before us [regarding Imran] is an exceptional one. It is an extraordinary.
We all therefore need to be very patient.However, we need to make sure that we keep on raiseing our voices as far as possible and as much as we can. Because the only thing that is going to make the difference by the end of the day is the voices that you people are going to raise. And the impact of that is going to be so much big and gigantic. It will keep on giving the waves that it isn’t so. We will not let it go so easily. We are so much concerned. We are putting it on record. We are repeating it, we are repeating it day and night. We will make sure of the institutions they are there]at national and international scale. The instutions and organizations in public domain are accountable and answerable. That is my take on the matter.
I would repeatedly urge and request you all to please keep Imran in your prayers. Also kindly keep both of us, Azhar Sadeeq and myself, in your prayers. We also need your prayers at all possible times.
Hopefully, with the blessings of God, the Almighty, I can put myself under oath and tell tiy that so far Imran is in safe custody. He will be doing well. Don’t worry. Hopefully, God, the Great, will helps us in a particular way. I personally know that from the civilian side of the insitutions who are so stubborn. And even out of the civilian, who has it? Why and how is it so? There are thousands of things have occurred in different cities during the last one years time period and that is known to God and boht of us, Imran and myself. Those affairs cannot come in public domain as they have such kind of nature. If they come in public domain automatically through any legal framework reference, there is then other considerations. Such issues could not and should not come in public domain.
Trust me, we are handling the case so effectively. Mr. Azhar Sadeeq is there [in Pakistan]. Our entire team is there. With the blessing of God and through our combined effort, we will make sure to get success in the case like our previous tradition. Nothing is more important than anything to us except his safety and wellbeing. Thank you very much.

This part of the contribution Ended here.

Note: The next part as a case Will continue with the course of time and will be published.Let’s hope for the best and positive development for today on May 22, 2023. We trust Imran Riaz Khan will be produced in the Lahore High Court by the considerate personnel of the law enforcement agencies. If not, serious questions and assumptions will arise about his actual health and security. Mian Ali Ashfaq is also scheduled to arrive in Pakistan from London this evening and will join his competent team of lawyers.

I can understand that there could be typos or other technical errors in the body text due to my visual disability, especially after qualifying my PhD coursework in 2011. My apology and I hope the readers will bear with me. By the way, I read and write as a normal person with the help of a screen reader known as JAWS (Job Access With Speech). On the current issue of abduction of Imran Riaz Khan, I am trying to contribute my part within my limited capacity so to internationalize the grave issue of unlawful and tactical abduction based on serious suppression of human rights in Pakistan.

Part-1 on the Case of Imran Riaz Khan (comprised on more than 15 pages) has already been published on FAZALAMIN.COM and could be accessed and read on the following link here:

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