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Chairman Imran Khan on March 24, 2023 from Zaman Park, Lahore: An Important speech the Pakistani Nation after survival from the assassination attempt in Islamabad Judicial Complex

April 9, 2023

By: Fazal Amin Beg
Before embarking on the translated version of the speech of Chairman Imran Khan in English, it is preceded with an important write-up. You can then read the English text of the speech once you will end up this piece providing you a logical background and an introduction. This article is thus presented today on the occasion of March 9, 2022 which could be termed as a darkest and worst day in the context of Pakistan and to the majority of Pakistani nation when through the Regime Change Operation (RCO) and cconspiracy and or interference, Prime Minister Imran Khan and his Administration was unfortunately toppled down due to internal and external factors and forces. It was this day, when Imran Khan simply took his diary and left his office when the highest courts of law were even opened at mid-night to compel him leave his office.
Although, the apparently opposition parties under the umbrella of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and the traditional, embedded and clandestined forces of Establishment sounded got a triumph, from the very moment, majority of the public of the Republic of Pakistan came out of their houses like the bees and wasps and the unarmed or peaceful armies in public form. Here thus counted the real world court and forces of the public in contrast to other formal courts and forces.It becomes entirely one year today, the public has remained incredibly charged and come on the roads in addition to defending their beloved and honest leader. Never such phenomenon has happened in the history of Pakistan where the majority of the public are seen seriously offended and wounded by the Military Establishment and other related formal entities.
Let me shortly highlight some key issues and changes that emerged after the Regime Change Operation. A separate article in full detail I would write about it. But here , I am going to opt for few specific issues.
It is important to note that all the ideotic, ridiculous and atrocious strategies were taken from the day one by the Government of PDM and their criminal facilitators and handlers of establishment but the huge majority of the public so steadfastly stood against the injustice and in support of their leader Chairman Imran Khan. Many malignant actions were taken by the puppet Government dancing on the hints and music of the secret agencies like Interservices Intellgence to eliminate especially Imran Khan and break down Pakistan Tehrik-e Insaf (PTI) but no success could bless their fate. When there came up bi-elections around different seats/places across Pakistan, Chairman Imran Khan and his party won them historically in huge majority. For instance, out of 37 seats, Imran Khan’s party won 30 while the entire PDM (an alliance of more than a dozen parties) won only seven even including the rigging to the maximum level as was reported from different sources.
The popularity of Imran Khan has already reached to its climax and fearing his triumph over his worst opponents, the Military Establishment and the PDM Government planned by ISI Internal Wing (as Imran Khan has already nominated them publicly as their assassinators and could not register the First Information Report or shortly as FIR so far. His alleged rivals and enemies have been attempting to assassinate Chairman Imran khan. Even, once, it was tried to shoot him with the help of three snipers at Wazirabad (Punjab) but he fortunately survived when the bullets hit his legs and he was wounded. His house at Zaman Park in Lahore was attacked by the police and para-military forces when he was on the way to appear in the courts of law at Judicial Complex Islamabad.
Some of the prominent and vocal colleagues of Imran Khan were arrested and they were made to go through serious custodial tortures such as Dr. Shabaz Gill and Senator Azam Swati. In the same manner, Chaudary Fawad Hussain was arrested and tried to humiliate him through diferent tactics but he remained so steadfast. Ali Amin Gandahpur was arrested in front of the Session Court Judge with a high arrogance by the security personnel like District Police Officer (DPO) just two days ago. Earlier, one of the allies and tested friends of Chairman Imran Khan, Sheikh Rasheed was also arrested and imprisoned but he was released somehow respectfully.
A worst and brutal criminal action was taken against one of Pakistan’s highly eminent and prideful investigative journalist, Arshad Sharif Shaheed.He was reportedly compelled by the personnel of secret services notoriously by the high ranking officers of ISI (as the news is viral on social media)to leave the country and finally after couples of months, he was murdered in Kenya on October 23, 2022.
Moving ahead, some PTI workers wer murdered by the Government in May 2022 and even in the later phases. A highly panic and tragic murder in the hands of the secret agencies, reportedly Interservices Intellegence (which is metaphorically termed as command or order from the above or unknown people) was the case of Zil-e Shah (actual name as Ali Bilal). Zil-e Shah was apparently a disabled person but a spiritually developed human as a dervish and a true lover of Chairman Imran Khan. Hee was so wildly and painfully murdered last month in March appeared like a prey in the hands of the hyenas and vultures. His murder proved highly mournful like that of Arshad Sharif Shaheed.
Thousands of PTI workers were arrested based on political revenge and state-led terrorism. Just imagine! Where are we people? Are we in any civilized state or in the wilderness and in a Banana Republic?
Moreover, other journalists like the young Jamil Farooqi was arrested and the same cusdodial punishment was extended on him. The mainstream media is under severe control of the unknown, people Military Establishment and PDM Government. Many journaists had to experience the bitter realities of the punishment on them such as Ayaz Amir, Imran Riaz Khan,Sami Ibrahim, Sabir Shakir, Dr. Mueed Pirzadah, Chaudary Ghulam Hussain,Hamad Yusuf, Sadeeq Jan, Kashif Abbasi and many others.
Noteably, again, Mr. Shuaib Ahmad Sheikh, the Co-Chairman of Bol News Netwowrk , was arrested and brought under series of fake cases as was carried out with others (names described above). The broadcast of This mainstream Media was illegally restricted many times but was restored by the courageously fostered judges of the courts of law. A big salute to Shuaib Sheikh for standing against the injustice by defending the principles and law pertaining to the media and journalism in a true sense.Similarly, other mainstream electronic media network of Pakistan such as ARY TV channel was severely pressurized and the broadcast restricted and channelized again after some agreeements with the remote controlled PAMRA (Pakistan Media Regulation Athority), though actual hidden hands behind the Military Establishment and few of its notorious and highest ranked officers of the secret agencies.
The tragic crackdown continues on the social media operators and activists in diffren cities and places. Azhar Mashvani was one of such worst examples when he was abducted by the secret service personnel and released after a week. Same was witnessed with Shahid Hussain a Pakistani and British businessman. He was then released after a couple of days on some exerted pressure on the Government.
For the last one year, Pakistan is under constant , severe, and series of crises due to political and judicial instability. The crises are ranging from the inflation on the top and many other genuine problems in line with unemployment,braindrain issues (emigration from Pakistan), ending up foreign and domestic investments and many others.
Let me revert to the presentation of this piece of work. This small contribution is the English translation of the Urdu speech of Chairman Imran Khan, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, that he delivered to the Pakistani nation on March 24, 2023 from his residence in Zaman Park, Lahore.The speech was highly important and spanned over 30 minutes.After the barbaric attack on his house by the Government and security forces and escaping the assassination attempt in the Islamabad Judicial Complex, this speech is highly invaluable as he highlights the rogue elements behind the criminal offence and attacks. Proving himself as a courageous leader, he champions to mentor the entire Pakistani nation regarding their just rights, actual liberation and the underlying strategies to achieve their set goals and destinations.
I translated the speech in English in order to help facilitate those people who cannot understand Urdu but are fans of Chairman Imran Khan. and interested to get benefits out of his seven decades long experiential and acquired knowledge.
Moreover, this English translation of the speech will enable the international researchers, students, human right champions and activists, and other important stakeholders who cannot understand Urdu but would like to know about Chairman Imran Khan, the political and societal development in Pakistan in academic and applied domains.
I hope you’d enjoy reding and understanding his inclusive thoughts and worldviews in addition to his sincere and skillful advocacy to the Jamhur of Pakistan and the Jamhuriyat (the people of Pakistan and the Democracy) as well as the defined and fundamental human rights. You may now follow the text of his wonderful speech from here onward.

Bismi’llah-ir Rahman-ir Rahim

In the name of God, the Benificent, the Merciful
Iyyaka na’budu wa iyyaka nasta’een
O, God, “, Surely, we do meditate to Thee and we do seek help from Thee. (only)”

My Pakistanis:Today, I want to talk to you on a subject area, on which, eleven months ago, I had started the campaign about the real or actual liberation. Once again, I would like to tell you, especially to my youth, to think that what is the actual liberation or freedom? I have made you understand many times, because the leader of a country is considered like a father and His role is not confined to get the vote only and come in power but rather his responsibility is to nurture and train his nation.
I have thus my own life experience, as I’m 70 years old now. I have traveled around the world. The system that we have followed that is the Western model of democracy of the Great Britain, which I have seen and observed so closely while playing cricket in England. Moreover, I had also studied politics, as “Political History” was my subject [in Oxford University]. I would like to tell you that it was thus after observing and studying the world political systems that eventualy led me to begin my movement, as it will become 27 years next month on April 25 this year. I thus named it as the “Movement of Justice”, (Justice Movement) which is termed as “Rule of Law.”
I had begun it because my experiences in the whole world taught me that the only problem of Pakistan is so we don’t have justice here. We don’t have the rule of law here.We have a class here in our country that has constantly been remaining above the law.They have been arguing that they are above the law.When they impose Martial Law, the entire constitution was ended up.For the last sixty years, there has remained Martial Law.
Folloing them [military dictators], when both of these families [Zardari-Bhutto and Sharif] have been coming in power and started looting [the country]., They thus maintained: “all others [criminals] should be arrested but we must not be arrested because we are above the law.” Even now that person [Nawaz Sharif] who has fled the country by cheating the nation and whose daughter [Maryam Nawaz] is roaming around here [in Pakistan] and she says: “How could one dare to file cases against us and against my father as was done so with him.She doesn’t accept whether or not he breached the law. She doesn’t describe that how did the properties in billions and the money he and his sons got outside the country such as those in London.She never talks about it.Unless the facts have to be revealed in the Panama Leaks two years earlier than this phenomenon, she [Maryam Nawaz]would [so confidently]claim: “Get aside of properties in London, I don’t have any property in Pakistan.” Never they accepted that their illegal transaction, the money launding, that how did they maintained it while taking the money outside the country.They would never talk about it and why? Because, for the last sixty years, such people who have got power, have become accustomed ]resultantly]that they are above the law. They think how could one venture to ask or arrest them in this regard?
Well, based on the rationales [looking at such malpractices], I founded my party ]Pakistan Tehrik-e Insaf]twenty six years ago as I said on April 25, 2023, it will become 27 years for it. Whatever is happening in Pakistan, I would like to just make you understand, that in a country where continues the rule of law, there could not occur such malpractices because the law is above all. No one could breach the law.The law of the country never allows any powerful person to break it instantly. In a country, where we see prosperity and for which our people at the cost of their life, get the visa, or struggle hard after spending huge money and reach. The question arises that why do they do so? Simply because they have prosperity there. Why they are prosperous? Because they have justice system there.They have rule of law there.
[To remind you] I tried my level best to make my nation understand, after I became the Prime Minister, that my Holy Prophet firstly introduced and maintained the justice system and rule of law in the State of Madina. He then made them to lead the world. The foundation he had laid was that of the justice and equity.There existed poverty and there was no money. Grave situations prevailed.The refugees had left behind each and everything and had migrated. The topmost strategy was therefore to establish or regulate the justice system.The prosperity thus followed it in the later phase.In the aftermath, they in turn became a great nation.
What does the justice system or the rule of law do?It liberates the humans.And the life of a liberated human takes its course towards the ascent.So, keep in mind that the real or actual liberation is that what we got from the Britishers, as yesterday March 23 passed on. What had happened on this day? A very great dream was there and a resolution was passed here at the Minar-e Pakistan (Lahore), which had its earlier name as Minto Park.The vision was to create a republic for the Muslims, which will stand or foster on those principles on which the first State or Republic of Madina for the Muslimss was established.Above all was Quaid Azam (The Great Leader), who was the great constitutionalist. He was a lawyer and would talk about the law.
Today, the issues we have been confronting in the country, I would like to tell yu that they are because of those who are powerful.They do not comply with or accept the law.They consider themselves above the law. For such reasons, we are not free or liberated.We are thus the enslaved nation.Among the liberated nation, no one could breech the law.
The Constitution of Pakistan and the five Judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan so explicitly passed on their judgement that there should be the election within 90 days because this is what the constitution defines.The role of the Supreme Court is to implement [and interpret] the law.They announced the election on April 30. Amazingly yesterday, the Election Commission states (makes excuses) that they don’t have money with them, or there is no security services. Hence, the Election will b on October 8. Well, among the liberated nations, such states of affairs could not happen. Today, I have come to you and make you understand that this is what there is the indicator for being the sllaves. When in a country, there is no law, or rule of law in practice, the people become slave.Though, the people above are our own Pakistanis, we are the slaves [before them].We are not free and these are the obstructions on the way of our flight of progress. Like the beggers, money is begged from the world today. We are descending in the world.
Just imagine or observe the situation of the world today.For the last eleven months, when the imported Government has been imposed upon us, six persons have lost their lives in the queue of getting the flour.In the history of Pakistan, there has come up such a highest level of inflation. Just look at their statements (of the Government),as they would say (when in opposition): “Imran Khan has brought inflation.” [In contrast], today is the highest level of inflation in the history of Pakistan, which is termed as SPI (Sensitive Price Index).
What does it mean? It is the food and beverage items, which are sensitive. And the women know it well that for their house, the stuffs for the kitchen have to be purchased such as the flour. Today, the prices have risen to its height. The SPI has reached to 47% in the history of Pakistan. When Pakistan splited in two, when the earthquakes came, everything occurred here in the country but such a highest level of inflation had not come.
When we were in power the Corona came and the inflation was across the world, but no such scale of inflation appeared in Pakistan.Today, the flour, which is the fundmental need of each house, and found on controlled rate for PKR 115/- but in the open market it is found on one hundred and fity five rupees per kilogram; while during our time it was just fifty five rupees per kilogram. What disaster was there that led towards such a highest level of inflation?Who is it effecting? It effects the common people.
Why is it happening? It is because of the issues with justice system.Whoever does theft,or does robbery,he gets NRO (though, in terms of the abbreviation it means National Reconnciliation Ordinance, which metaphorically refers to get freed from the financial corruptions at Government level).
The large cartels have been formed and they increase prices of the milk and make money.Our law cannot capture them. The entire public have become slave under a small number of people.Whatever they want, they are free to do.
Please let me come first towards the constitution that has been attacked by postponing the date up to October 8. Could someone tell me who will guarantee that on October 8, there will be the election?If the pretexts have been either financial inputs or the security issues, or whatever it may be, What is the guarantee that on October 8, such excuses won’t be there?Who will decide that well now there is the conducive environment for the election?
Today, I address my whole legal community, I address my entire lawyers community, I address my whole honorable judges with a high respect that this is the defining moment of Pakistan.If we allowed assassination of the constitution,it will not stop somewhere.All of you need to remind yourselves that it had been said that in 90 days, election will be held. But, consequently, the country continued for eleven years under a dictator. So, if we get aside today from the constitution,it will then never stop.For this reason, I tell it to the whole public that a free or liberated nation is that where the Rule of law is in vogue.
In a country, where the rule of law has no importance, the powerful people press the suppressed ones.Let me give you an example. For instance, you have your relatives living in Britain, America,or in Europe.Ask them once whether they have heard of any mafia of occupants?Has they come across any case or incident where their property has been snatched or occupied by someone who is more powerful than others? No, they cannot do so because law means to protect the weak from the powerful. This is called justice.
Look at the first statements of Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Abu Bakar and Hazrat Ali, when they came in power as the Caliphs, they said: “Before the law, I will make the weak and powerful equal; and provide justice.” It is justice that liberates the humans.Those Arabs, who were distributed in tribal entities, the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) knitted them together and they provided leadership to the lworld. The foundation of the system was laid on justice, on the rule of law.All those countries that are found prosperous is due to the practice of rule of law. When there is no rule of law in your country, your people are not liberated.
Well, first and foremost let me tell you that we have the mafias or groups of occupiers [here in Pakistan]. Have you ever heard that in Britain or Europe someone has been given NRO? Have you ever heard that someone has convicted with theft or has stolen the public money and he or she has been given NRO? Have you ever heard the types of levied atrocities there as you seen here with Tehrik-e Insaf?At night, the poice enters in the houses of our people. First, they did raid on May 25, 2022. After mid-night, at 2:00a.m. and 3:00 a.m, they have entered in the houses of the people and arrested them. The police insulted their women and children and they were abused. Such strategies still continue. So far, over a thousand of PTI workers have been arrested in raids. In Multan, our workers were arrested while having the Iftari (unfastening the fast). Hassan Niyazi, my nephew (sister’s son) who has studied from abroad and has come to Pakistan. He does have his dreams for Pakistan to work hard and continue his struggles. He (Hassan Niyazi) had the bail already withhim and the police could not arrest him. Nonetheless, he was kidnapped and ater on fake FIR was filed against him. No one could ask about it. In on civilized society such types of atrocities could be made. They then tried to humiliate and insult him. The same as they tried to dress him off and humiliate. He was beaten up.
I would like to tell Hassan Niyazi and all my people to understand as it is part of our faith that the respect and disrespect is from God, the Almighty. When those oppressors [beasts] do play such tacticts, they are not insulting or humiliating you but rather those cruel and cowardice people insult themselves while apparently torturing you in the prisons.In their life(fate), insult has been written. They will get the punishment both here in this world and the next.
During the time of the Britishers, when we were slaves, there was no such torture of the political prisoners as we evidence it now. The examples are Azam Swati and Shabaz Gill who were dressed off. The same was done with the mediapersons and journalists such as Jamil Farooqi and our social media people. In no civilized society such crimes are carried out. In no independent countries such kind of crimes are made ]by the related public servants]. Such behaviors are seen with the slaves.Even, if America (United States) has done so, the related personnel did it in out of their country.the law of their own land did not permit them to do so. Those criminals were taken to the Gautanameau Bay for the purpose of punishment as it was outside their country and their own law did not allow them even to misbehave with the arrested foreigners.
But just imagine! In one’s own country, how the misbehavior with the political prisoners are made? In my life, I had never thought that our State agents would fall down to such an mean level. Azhar Mashvani, a young man of the social media, was abducted and we don’t know where he is? His parents send messages to me. His helpless brother came and met me.He is disappeared so far.What was his crimes or guilts? The only objective behind is to spread fear so that other people should stay home to escape the state terror.Shahid Hussain, a successful businessman of England who possesses pain for the country and was working here, was abducted yesterday and he is disappeared.It is unknown where he could be? One thousand of our workers are in the prisons at present. Among them, there is a young man named Fahad.He is a special child (disabled). Like late Zil-e Shah , he is also a Dervish, not as normal. His sisters message come to me who inquire about his whereabout ?He has been abducted on March 14 when the security personnel invaded Zaman Park to conquer it. Since then, there is no trace of him so far as the attack was made on my house from three directions.
[Listen] Pakistanis: Such incidence of brutalities could not be found in any free society. What we experience here [in Pakistan] has become like the occupied Kashmir where the people are abducted. Each day we condemn and show our solidarity with the people of Kashmir because the atrocities the people have been facing. Similarly, such brutalities are made on the Palistinians. Same [oppression] is going on with us here [in Pakistan].It continues in order to spread the terror whereby the people should get scared. Aamir Mughul, one of our workers in Islamabad, was not at his home and the security forces arrested his 11 years old child and took along with them.Which country could we witness [for such tyranny]?I ask, once again, which country could we witness [for such tyranny]?Today, I would like to ask our judiciary and I would like to ask again our legal community: God has put a huge responsibility upon you, as it is your task to protect our human rights.
Now, I move towards my own house. I told the judge today in the court of law. I reminded him that you had maintained that if someone comes to my house for the purpose of search warrant, you had deciced that someone a Superintendent of Police (SP) and one will our own official. Bothof them will search the matter together. We responded positively and welcomed it.Forty people broek the gate of my house and entered inside. When I was in Islamabad for the purpose of appearing in the court of law, my wife was alone at home, who is a religious person and has not to do anything with the world and spends her life. She was alone here [at home]. They have broken the gate and entered inside. Forty to fifty police soldiers have ascended on the roof of the house. They have come across four or five poor employees of ours.They have been caught and beaten, their cries go around. An arm of one of them was fractured while one of them was made insane and thrown in the canal. Such savagery could nto be expected even from a beast and get aside a human. On what legal ground such operation was made when the court of law had directed that they could not enter my house without any search warrant; and that only two people will go in the house. Conversely, 40 to 50 policemen entered in the house and looted (robbed) all the stuffs and took along with them. They have entered in the servants quarters and robbed their stuffs. A camera of a social media person was looted and taken away. Such crimes are going on in this country. Such criminal activities could not be in a liberated country. These could occur among the slaves, where they are treated like sheep and goats. We have no rights.
Besides, I also described, as I was aware of the incidence, that the plan was made to assassinate me in the judicial complex [Islamabad]. Our lawyer who had gone inside the court rooms where few people were there.He told me that the environment inside was totally different (strange). The unknown people had taken over the rooms and they were dressed in the uniforms of CTD (Counter Terrorism Department).Inside the court compound, there were the rangers and the police. The situation was in such [grave] manner.
The names of our people had been registered there, where ten people were supposed to represent me . Among them, Shibli Faraz was beaten up and his hip bone got fractured/cracked.He was thus taken to the hospital. Umar Sultan, whose name was given there and he was also beaten and his nose bone was fractured.No progress came up and the situation inside was so deteriorated. Well, I was waiting downward for forty minutes in the compound of the judicial complex. The police was throwing stones and the tear gases over the public from the roof of the building in order to incite them. However, I was waiting there to appear in the court. When I enter inside, there was a separate environment. There was the plan to assassinate me. How did I know it? It was through the police sources and I had been informed. They themselves were so shocked as the IG, Islamabad, himself was involved in the plot. The secret plan was thus known to him ]IG, Islamabad]and the unknown people )the secret agents) and they had to murder me. Allah saved me.the situation, which was highly grim before us that we could not enter inside the court and we had to go out of the gate.We thus returned [in Lahore].
Well, how did I know the plan of my assassination here [in my house at Zaman Park, Lahore]? This I knew through the police offices and internally from the senior officers.Included in the plot were the IG, Punjab and IG Islamabad plus the secret agency people to finally eliminate me jointly. They had prepared one thousand ranger forces to accomplish the operation by conquering the fort [Zaman Park]. Once, the decision [order]would be made, I was to be killed.The policemen were however scared as finally the names to be nominated [after my assassination] were them.There would not come the names of the unknown people, instead the notorious policemen had to become in the limelight of my assassination.
[In such circumstances], the police officials, fearing of themselves for being charged against my assassination, came to me and requested to leave Lahore and go to either Gilgit-Baltistan or Kashmir where I have my governments [of PTI]. They [police officials]are terrified.
The amazing part [of the drama]is the decision of formation of the JIT (Joint Investigation Team). Who will make the JIT?[Interestingly], those people [of the plot]who are determined to kil me.So far, what happened to the JIT report? Who sabotaged the JIT made on the assassination attempt on me[at Wazirabad on November 2, 2022]? Where are the facts that were sabotaged? Why did the offices were changed? Why was the findings of JIT investigation report disband after taking charge of the Caretaker Government in Punjab?Why were those people brought on the related positions of the public offices on whom e had our serious reservation as they lliked to sabotage the facts of the JIT report?On whom the Prosecutor General directed to take action against them who sabotaged the JIT? But, why those people were appointed on those positions?Now the very people wil make a JIT and do investigation. I had told earlier and recommend now to make it under the supervision of Chief Justice of Pakistan. Excluding him, we don’t have any trust on anyone else.In this Government, those people are on different positions who tried to assassinate me earlier and will do attempt again.And I reiterate everytime that they will do so because they have strong fear in them that if Imran Khan will come in power, he will make us accountable.Due to this fear, today there are seen many dramas.That is why they have been preparing for the next attacks.
However, I would like to tell all my people, I would like to give message to my workers, and I would like to convey my message to my nation here. Look, as I am being suggested to go to the Independent Kashmir, this is part of my faith that when Alah wil decide to take my life, no one could stop it whether I go to Kashmir or somewhere else. It has so explicitly written in the Holy qur’an.I think it has been mentioned in the battle of Khandaq and Badadr that no one could run away from the death. I have faith in Allah and I have my mission as: Iyaka na’budu, iyyaka nasta’een (Without any doubt, we follow You; we seek help from You).”
But, I also like to tell my whole nation that if you like to liberate the country in real term, you al then have to sacrifice.Never liberation is acquird without sacrifice.The small minority that seizes power and sits on it, whether it is the external or your own occupiers groups as have seized power and illegally ruling all and getting enormous benefits out of the corrupt system. People have stood in the flour lines and are dying. Before these [corrupt] people, the billions of rupees of cases were waved-off.In adition, they have got further opportunities to generate more mony, though their mony is in their foreign accounts. The country sinks but there is no loss to them.If you think these occupier groups wil leave the power and easily get aside and go, it is your confusion then.For the liberation, sacrifice and struggle are imperative.I request you all, I myself am ready and I think it as a sacred war (jihad)and I don’t consider it as politics. I am readyadn I will stay here at Zaman Park. If any one wants to eliminate me, they should come here and kil me.But, I am not going to go from here.
I also convey to you all the message that the terror is being spread around by arresting people and insulting them. They are insulting themselves.No one of you need to be scared at all and never step back from your liberation movement.Perhaps such opportunities may not come again.The nation as it has stood up and the consciousness it has got, our youth as they have stood, never step back. The movement will reach to such a destination where it will transform Pakistan, where we will have no fear that someone will oppress us.We will be at such a place, where the weakest will know and understand that in no court, in no police station, and nor in a patwarkhana, no one would be suppressing them.And, no unknown person (secret agen) will raid at night and arrest or abduct him or her.Because, we will be liberate at this stage. Because, the law will protect us.
I am now coming towards the conclusion.You must not be afraid or get petrified from anybody.The nation has to stand.we have to fight till the last drop of our blood. We have to fight in a peaceful manner.
As I have the public assembly at Minar-e Pakistan, which will be at night tomorrow, after Ramzan recitation of the Holy Quran (tarawi). Hopefully, we will have the public gathering there. I will share with you the roadmap of the actual liberation (Haqiqi Azadi). I will tell you that how we could draw ourselves out of the curse or disaster. How we can take our country out of the quagmire as we have entrapped in it and worst conditionalities prevail.Hopefully, I will provide you my detailed plan. Whoever says it is raining, we need not to be worried about it.
The nation has to come out and give the message to those who have terminated our liberation.We are a live nation. To the people of Lahore, I have special message for them. Look! The movements that start from Lahore speads over the entire Pakistan.In front of me, a movement had started in Lahore. Today, the time has also come, the people of Lahore, you need to come out.And you all have to listen my speech there at minar-e Pakistan. This will be for the irst time, I will be addressing my nation this year (2023) It will be the first public gathering of this year . I would therefore like you to please attend it with full zeal. The roadmap of actual liberation I am going to give you that how could we draw out of our financial or economic crisis.All of you need to come and participate in it.I would reiterate to the entire public of Lahore.The Government has created different forms of obstruction. The arrests, such as those of our workers, are therefore made so that the people should be terrorized or petrified and they should avoid attending the gathering.Three won’t be any difference out of such malignant strategies of the Government. You have to defeat their cruel and mean thoughts where the rulers consider us sheep and goats.Hopefully, after the Quranic recital of Ramzan (after 9:00 p.m), we will meet you at Minar-e Pakistan.
Long live Pakistan!!!

Source for English translation: Official YouTube Channel of Chairman Imran Khan
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Note: My apologies iff someone is hurt unintentionally by any means. As a student of research, I have tried to narrate and analyze the states of affairs within my limited capacity based on the data available on the social and mainstream media.
There could be typoes in the write-up and I sincerely regret as I have become visually disabled especially after July 2011 while qualifying my PhD coursework from Quaid Azam University, Islamabad. I however work on my system with the help of a screen reading software called JAWS (Job Access With Speech).

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