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English translation of the Landmark and Historic Speech of Chairman Imran Khan at Minar-e Pakistan, Lahore, on March 25/26, 2023

April 3, 2023

Translated by Fazal Amin Beg

Within my limited capacity, I come up and offer this small contribution of the English translation of the land mark and historic speech of Chairman Imran Khan, a former Prime Minister and the most popular leader of Pakistan, which he delivered to the huge audience in hundres of thousands present at minar-e Pakistan, Lahore on March 25, 2023. Although, the public speech was supposed to be on March 25, at late night, due to the obstacles created by the stubborn, arrogant, ignorant and insensitive opponents including the Federal Government of PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement) and the caretaker government of Punjab under Muhsin Naqvi, traditionally , consistently and clandestinely backed and supported by a selective number of high ranking officers of the military and InterServices Intellegence (Internal Wing), there had come up serious security issues and life threat to Chairman Imran Khan.
The public that were expected to attend the gathering in a highly huge number were barred due to such malafide and malignant approaches of the Government. Nonetheless, hundres of thousands of people arrived on the spot and there was no space in the expansive Iqbal or Minto Park.People were stuck outside the venue of political congregation and Lahore city. Chairman Imran Khan however arrived at the program venue after 12:00 AM (mid night) and it was beginning of March 26, 2023 Pakistan Standard Time (PST). He thus started his speech on 12:19 a.m. that continued for more than one and a half hour. His fascinating and historic speech ended at 1:58 a.m PST). I was attending it live from Gilgit city.
A question may arise that why was it imperative to translate the speech of Chairman Imran Khan in English? The answers may seeme so simple in one way and on the other it may not be that much plain. Let me opt to answer few rationales regarding this question. First, Chairman Imran Khan could be termed as an extraordinary leader of Pakistan.After late Muhammad Ali Jinah, the great Founder of pakistan, a genuine leader is witnessed in the present time followed, adored and supported not only by his party members but rather all the jamhur (public). He possesses most of the leadership qualities in a true sense when seen comparatively and retrospectively with others around. It is therefore befitting to internationalize his messages that is confined within Urdu language. Even it is also important to help facilitate and convey his messages specifically to the young generations of Pakistani origin who are outside Pakistan and have issues in understanding the Urdu effectively.
Second, I was stunned to see that I could not find English translation of the Urdu speeches of Chairman Imran Khan available to the diverse audiences and stakeholders outside the country.These stakeholders, apart from the Pakistani migrants settled Overseas and have their roots in and concerns for the country are the related and interested international community members who cannot understand Urdu but interested to know about various issues and challenges pertaining to Pakistani politics and nation as well as Chairman Imran Khan. The only sources we could find in terms of his English interviews given to the international media in addition to his speeches at selective level of international fora.
Third, in order to properly know about the personality of Chairman Imran Khan in a holistic context, it is important to know his approaches with the public at local and national level; and, of course, the worldviews at global scale he possesses.
I therefore opted for the English translation of this long speech in Urdu embedded in many facets and aspects of the underlying and on the surface challenges and issues that he has dealt so effectivley, logically and courageously in the given political situation and landscape of pakistan. There are many points in the speech that could be seen somehow similar to the Pakistani nation while building their capacity in line with the deep notion of actual or real liberation or freedom while living in the modern nation states.
In his speech, Chairman Imran Khan is so lively discussing the genuine issues of Pakistan from the historical to present context. Like an honest and expert teacher of a school and a field professor of politics, law, international relations, human rights, governance and overall development in the hreal world context, he mentors the public in an adventurous , friendly, practical and fascinating manner as he himself has gone through various tides and adventures of the challenges and achievements, even including based on his personal experiences of life risks and insecurity (survived in the face of assasination attacks).
Chairman Imran Khan provides many practical examples and models from the life and conduct of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), from the life of the companions of the Prophet, from the knowledge and wisdom of the philosophers, Sufi saints and scientists of the East and West, from the life experiences of the political and judicial leaders of the West and East respectively.
Well, there are many things to describe, analyze and deduce out of the speech and this itself will be a seperate and long discourse, I am cutting short and invite you all to be academically and positively critical and appreciate his outstanding contributions that he has been delivering to the public and humanity as a whole.
Please go through the translation of the speech of more than 25 pages line by line and try to understand the actual states of affairs pertaining to Pakistan and its oppressed, exploited, marginalized and suppressed public of more than 220 million in the hands of few individuals as the rogue elements, dictators (both military and civilian), kidnappers, looters, dacoits, usurpers, and murderers. So wonderfully Chairman Imran Khan describes and analyzes the actual states of affairs based acquired and experiential knowledge and wisdom. So graciously, he has been encouraging the poor and middle class people to radically remove the fear and terror from their minds and move forward robustly, while remaining within the ambit of the constitution and law of the land, and librate themselves from the grips of the despotic rulers as oppressors and all the satanic or devil forces that are around and have surrounded them in human forms.
I am confident and hope the readers would enjoy reading the translated version of the speech of Chairman Imran Khan in English. It follows as under.

Bismi’llah-ir Rahman-ir Rahim
In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Iyyaka na’budu wa iyyaka nasta’een
O, God, “, surely, we do meditate to Thee and we do seek help from Thee. (Only)”

My Pakistanis:
First, I pay my gratitude to God, the Almighty that He blessed your hearts (with power) and you have come to this gathering at Minar-e Pakistan in such a huge number in order to listen me. Hopefully as today I will be talking to you, that how we could drive our country out of the quagmire (or marsh). In the quagmire, where through conspiracy our Government was toppled down, and the criminals were imposed upon all of us. I will therefore present the highlights of our program.
But before it, my Pakistanis, one thing became so clear. Whoever are in power (in Government) today, a message must go to them today that the peoples enthusiasm and spirit cannot be restricted or diminished through the created obstacles or through installation of the containers (long lorries) on the roads. There is an English proverb, which says: “No force, no army, can stop an idea, when the time has come.”
When God, the Almighty, blesses the people’s heart (mind) with an idea), no power of the world could then stop it. Whether you obstruct the roads with the lories or through raids, arrest and imprisonment of more than two thousands of our party workers in order to fail this political congregation,Terror and harrassment were spread around but , when God kindles the hearts of peoples with a thought (determination ), no lorry, no police, no para-military force (like rangers), and no one could stop them.
I also thank the Almighty God, for a special reason as I would prostrate before Him pertaining to the condition of our nation. I have spent enormous time of my life in foreign countries and I had witnessed the alive nations outside. I have evidenced those people to stand against the oppression and against the injustice.I witnessed the people of foreign countries to comply with the prominent commandments of God (Amr bil-ma’ruf). Those nations were observed standing against the evils and in favor of good values.But, unfortunately, I would not see such type of qualities with my nation. I observed my nation, and with a sorrow I need to say, that every kind of oppressions and cruelty our people would tolerate that hamperd upon them.
My Pakistanis: Until a nation doesn’t stand against the atrocities, they become slaves.The slaves have thus no place in the world. As Mawlana Rumi has said: “When God, the Almighty, has bestowed upon you the wings, why do you crawl like an ant?” The slaves crawl but the free people fly.
Allama Iqbal, perhaps in the Muslim World, he could be a rare mind when you’d read his poetry, his philosophy, carefully, you will know that one of the messages he gives, again and again, to the Muslims of India who were grinded in the slavery and where he wakes them up. He reminded the Muslims that once you had led the worldbut today you haven’t got any significance. He was awakening them. He was sensitizing them all the time that the free humans have the importance only.
Well, the Pakistanis: we celebrate the day of March 23, or we celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan on August 14. But do we understand, why do the world craves for the freedom?Why the freedom?Many slaves are prosperous, too. On many countries, other countries have their grip or occupation and there is no such scale of poverty.Those countries have moved ahead relatively better. For instance, Hong Kong within the slavery had good economic conditions.
But, listen Pakistanis! From the beginning, when God, the Almighty, has created this world, human always has loved freedom. Why does he/she does so? The answers is because, the free humans have the flight only.Have you ever heard that a slave or a slave-minded human, or a country that is slave, he or she or the country has any remarkble job done? Have you ever heard that they have any significance in the world? Slave remains a good slave. There is descent in the life of a slave.
God has created human as refined, greatest among all creatures. If he or she has no understanding of his or her position, in such manner, we need to know that animals also come in this world, eat and drink, produce children and finally die. For the purpose of awakening the dormant Muslims, Allama Muhammad Iqbal has composed his poetry out of the verses of the Holy Qur’an.He has told the Muslims that you have a position. You were a great nation. Why did you ascend and why did you then descend?
So, Pakistanis: before presenting my program, I would like to say a bit more. Look!Our mission statement or kalima (in Arabic) is: La ilaha Ilallah!There is no God but Allah! Keep in mind you are claiming in front of God that: “O Lord, apart from You, we do not bow before anyone.” This is a huge claim. You do claim here of your freedom. Before God, the Almighty, you are greatly claiming, promosing and witnessing so: “ O Lord, I’ll die but never come under slavery except You.”This is the meaning or purpose of La Ilaha Illallah!
I’m not a scholar of Islam but what I perceive when a human bows before another human, or when worships an idol, before me the greatest of all is thus the idol of fear or terror.When he does slavery of the fear, about such human, God the Almighty relates in the Holy Qu’ran: when a human falls, he or she does go down to the position of animals.
So, my Pakistanis: here at this place, on March 23, 1940, my great leader, Pakistan’s great leader Quaid azam (Muhammad Ali Jinah), had passed a great resolution for the dream of Pakistan (as a country). My father, Ikramullah Khan Niyazi, at this Minto park, was listening him.He (Quaid azam) was thus pressing hard to turn the dream of Pakistan as a reality. No one at that time would think that the dream of our Pakistan will emerge on the political map of the world. Three weeks before emergence of Pakistan, when Quaid Azam comes to Karachi, he tells Assistant Admiral Ahsan, which Ahsan describes in his diary, that Quaid Azam was not sure that in his lifetime Pakistan will become a country. It was so difficult to bring this country in existence.It was a big dream.Today, we should ask ourselves that was it for this purpose sacrifices were made to establish Pakistan? Hundreds of thousands of people suffered (victimized) at that time.
When we were so yung and lived at the canal area, my mother would tell us that when there was partition (of India), the massacre occured on the border area. She would narrate that women in groups of ten to fifteen would come to Pakistan and no men accompanied them. When we asked about their men (of the families), they would say that they were killed. Different stories prevailed. Some would say their daughters were snatched from them. Some would say their sons were killed. There were such painful stories of those poor people that they had their blood sacrifices during the making of this country. All of those immigrants had thus a great dream about Pakistan.
My Pakistanis: Today, we need to ask ourselves that at what point did we go wrong? What are the reasons that this could not become a great country by now?I am therefore going to tell you an important point about it. The reason is so that we could never get liberated. Though, the British did leave the region, those people who dominated our country never allowed to get Pakistan liberated.
What is the freedom or liberation? Well, first, the British left India, we got liberation from them and Pakistan came into being.But, the second liberation, about which I will talk and then will share with you my program. What is the second liberation, which is the actual or real one.The real liberation you get out of the justice system.A nation enjoys its real freedom at that time only when it has the Rule of Law in function.or in other words, where prevails the justice system. What does justice mean? It is the system where the powerful and weak are equal before the law. Where the law protects the weak from the powerful, it liberates the humans. Consequently, the liberated humans then rise their country. The liberation we had to take out of the Rule of Law, that we could not get.Why didn’t it happen so?
The first Martial Law was imposed. Martial Law means your constitution was abolished/suspended.He who is powerful will decide that which law he will or will not comply with.The Martial Law was thus regulated. In the beginning, those people greatly advocated that the situations in the country was very deteriorated, the politicians were not effective or up to the mark. Well, let’s take it for granted that the Martial Law was imposed and there was risk or danger from India.
In the aftermath, sooner political activities were resumed, it was our bad luck that the democrats who came in power, they also did not honor the rule of law.Instead, they also considered themselves above the law. When the Martial Law was imposed, the consitution got suspended. But when, our people, who would term themselves as democrats, also didn’t abide by the law to take its course or get nourished.For themselves, they chose and got NRO ( National Reconcelliation Ordinance). They (democrats) would say, arrest other theives (or plunderers) but never ask us to surrender for this purpose.When there is no practice of Rule of Law in Pakistan, the people are then no free. There has been the law of the jungle (banana republic) here.Those who are powerful, it is their will whatsoever they want to do with the weak people. The weaker ones are finally helpless.Because the constitution of the land doesn’t protect their rights and for such reasons, people remain slave.
Our Pakistanis have left their homeland today and immigrated to Britain, or those who have chose to settle in Europe, or those Pakistanis who have gone outside Pakistan where the real democracy and real freedom are in practice, ask them, if in those countries they have the qabza groups (land grabbing mafias). A qabza group is that where the powerful grabs the land of the weaker ones and the law becomes helpless.In a country, where a powerful suppresses the rights of the weaker ones, they are termed as banana republics. Those countries that are prospeerous and for which our people struggle to get visa and immigrate, what are the differences between both types of the countries?
In those countries, these days a term is used, level playing field.The level playing field doesn’t mean to tie Imran Khan’s hand behind, and the other ones should be supported by the entire administration and help them and then prepare them for the election. Level playing field refers to ensure that both the weak and the powerful are equal before the law (of the land).For such reasons, those societies (advanced countries) are prosperous (thriving ahead).
What is our problem? It is so, for instance, go to a village, and look at the struggles of a powerless who gets entrapped or struck at various levels in the police station, courts, and magistracies.Why are such kind of challenges in england and Europe not encountered with them? The answer is simple, because there prevails the justice and equity System. They are liberated countries. People have been imancipated that is why there is prosperity.
Twenty six years ago, when I visited a village in Mian wali while campaigning for the election, I understood it for the first time that why the poor and weak people are stricken? When there is a theft case in a house of a poor, induced by a powerful, conversely the police would chalk out teh report (first Information Report) on the victims (and not on the criminals).That poor individual thus goes through series of obstacles.
Interestingly,these days, I myself have been encountering such type of cases against me in the courts of law. I am not sure if you know that there are more than one hundred cases filed against me.I am moving now towards 150 cases to be encountered ahead. Thanks God, at least, I have the lawyers and advocates of our party. But, when I deliberate upon those who are weak and poor, what kind of ssituations they would be facing when brought fakely under terrorism by their opponents. There are forty cases of terrorism filed against me in the courts. Just imagine what would the poor people do in such connection while grabbingh his or her land property and then filing conversely fake cases against them? He or she will get devasated for the entire life, indeed.This is what there is the slavery!
Go to the Sind province and witness the barbarism there. You cannot imagine the supppression and cruelty there under the Zardari System! The people are helpless before them. No one dares taking any action against them (the mafia). When they go to the police station, they (the former) are afraid there. No body raises his or her voice. Those criminals have raised the roguish people who intimindate the oppressed people by robbing money from them and threatening them. No one could be seen to raise their genuine voice against the suppressors.They are enslaved. How could the nation rise up then?
Today, as I talk to you about the freedom, it is about the real liberation.The real liberation willl emerge only when there is the Rule of Law and Equity in the country.When there will be justice, there will be peoples rights. When the judicial system will protect the rights of the people.You will then not opt to go to London or England for employment. You will not seek to go to Europe for employment.God has blessed this country with all kinds of resources.we are not required to stand in queues and invest money for the visas.Though, my heart cries over all humans, [I am so shocked to see [those poor Pakistanis who drowned in the Sea while crossing the water on small boats to enter Europe at night, including one of our helpless female hocky player.Why does it happen so? It is not due to lack of resources in Pakistan.
When I served Prime Minister for three and a half year and I was stunned to see how God has blessed this country with rich resources. But, when there is no law in practice, when there is no equity and justice, instead where prevails “Might is Right” (Jis ki lathhi us ki bhains), how could such a country rise? What economic policies you will bring in a country where there is no justice system?At a place where there is no enforcement of contract, no rule of law? In absence of such conditionalities, whatever you do, there will be destruction (in place of any construction).For such reasons in hand, Hazrat Ali (Imam Ali) had said: “The system of unbelievers will sustain but the system of oppression cannot continue).
Well, my Pakistanis: I am a student of history.In the beginning when I took charge of the office of Prime Minister, I tried to make understand my nation that Allah, my Lord, has mentioned in the Holy Qur’an that there is a human and he is so beloved to him.This human is our beloved Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Allah commands us in the Holy Qur’an that learn out of his life. Why does he direct us to do so?
Because, in world history, no human has got such great accomplishments. In the world history, no greatest leader appeared like my beloved Prophet (PBUH). No one could even match him and no one could become like him, whether or not you are a Muslim No human achieved that position. When there is the commandment of Allah to learn out of his life.One aspect out of the Prophet’s life is his deeds. Moreover, the State of madina is his Sunnah (practical conduct). When Allah, the Great, refers us towards the established State of Madina, we need to know that the people of this State had led the world.The question arises that what were the principles around which the State was established and governed while those Arabs who had no value and position at that time (but boomed dramatically)?
,those who are familiar with the history should understand that I’ve been repeating and giving references of a timeline to make people understand, that in 625 CE, during the Battle of Baddar, there were only 313 (Muslim) fighters.This is documented in the World History.Eleven years earlier than 636 CE , in Madina there were 313 fighters; and later in two battles, Khandaq and Ohud, the Umma hardly survived.The Muslims hardly survived.But in 636 CE, the Super Power of that time, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, knees down before the Muslims in Yarmuk’s battle.It is the history of only eleven years later than 625 CE. The second Super Power of the time was the Persian empire, and it bows down in 637 CE in the Battle of Qudsiya.

Nonetheless, I am stunned even today that why don’t we try to learn that what were those principles around which the Madina State functioned effectively and exceptionally despite the fact those Arabs had no value or position between the two super power of the time but they did lead the world?
The topmost principle of the Madina State was the Equity and Justice System.The people got equity and justice and they were emancipated.The people were liberated from slavery When they got justice.All humans thus became equal before the law.
Hazrat Ali, the Caliph of the Time, in a lawsuit loses his case when the Justice decides in favor of the Jew.The Qazi (Justice) doesn’t agree the son to be the witness.This was the justice of the Muslims (as a model)
Well, provide me such an example in today’s world, get aside of our own country. I am talking about the Western World that consider themselves far ahead of us in providing justice. Could such practices be evidenced where a minorty wins the case in the court in such manner against the Ruler of the Time, especially Imam Ali who had the highest prestige? The reason was, because there was the functional justice system.My beloved Prophet Peace Be Upon Him says that even if in case my daughter (Bibi Fatima Zahra) does a crime (like theft), she will be punished.
Similarly, when a son of Hazrat Umar (the third Caliph) breaches the law, he is being whipped out in punishment on the order of his father. No one was above the law. There was justice system. There was another story during the reign of Hazrat Umar, a prince embraces Islam. He then goes to the Khana-e K’aba to circle it around. In the meanwhile, a slave’s foot comes over his robe. The prince thus starts beating the slave. Resultantly, the slave reports it to Hazrat Umar.on reaction, Hazrat Umar asks the prince if he had done so? The Prince confirms that how could the slave dare to step over his robe? Hazrat Umar asks the slave to reciprocate in beating the prince. In consequence, the prince leaves out his faith and goes. Well, one thing becomes so clear out of such stories that no one is above the law. So, Pakistanis: learn from your history. Learn that is before you.
Today, I am taking you to the new era. Untill and unless, there is no Rule of Law in this country, there will always be descent.
Look at the Prime Minister (Shahbaz Sharif), who begs and stumbles around. Recently, there has come up a statement from General Bajva that for forty minutes he has insulted Shahbaz Sharif, he has kept silence and listened him. The reason may be because he hid himself in the diggy of a car and met Bajva so to make him the Prime Minister of Pakistan (-.
Let me proceed further ahead. Look at the Indian history. When there was the 350 years of Dehli Government, the rulers who had functional Rule of Law, their era is found prosperous.Those who were despotic and stubborn, during their time hunger also prevailed. Pick up their history and study to explore. When Sher Shah Suri, who was a great leader of India, how did he rise in his governance? His father had an expansive land property (Jagir). His father thus asked Sher Shah to take care and control over it in Bihar.consequently, he made his land property as an example. How? Through rule of law. He punished all the dacoits and made them flee the land. He regulated peace.All traders of the surrounding reached at this place. The people became prosperous. The most prosperous was his land property. From there he arose.
When the Great Britain was at the high risk of being devastated in the face of World War II, Winston churchil was asked by his people if they could be saved as the army of Hitler had reached them by defeating Europe. Bombardment continues and could they be protected? Churchil asked his people, whether or not their courts provide justice? When the people responded positively by saying: “Yes, They do deliver justice.” Churchil said: Then no power of the world could defeat the Great Britain.
So my Pakistanis, rmember that against the system of oppression you have to decide and stand. Let me now tell you that what are the system of oppression in the current Pakistani State. I will show you few videos, too, so you could better judge that how law of the jungle prevails here. We have the law of the jungle here today. No one cares for others to understand whether there is the law of the land or something else (under the Government). Whatever comes in the minds (of the rulers), whoever they wish, they do arrest them.So far, two thousand of our workers (of Pakistan Tehrik-e Insaf) have been arrested.at mid-night, they were raided and taken out of their houses.The helpless Dr. Rubina was attending her clinic and she was taken away. I’ll revert to them later. But now, I would like to tell you that what happened to us?
First time on May 25, 2022, we had our long March towards Islamabad. I would remind you that three marches today’s PDM (Pakistan Democratic Alliance) had during my time when I was in the Government.We didn’t chalk out a single fIR case (First Information Report) against them. We didn’t creat any obstacle against them. Instead, I had even told them to continue their march and I’d arrange food and beverage for them. I was taking a pity upon Bilawal that lest he starts weeping.I therefore offered arranging food for them (joking).
When we did begin and continue our march on May 25, 2022, the Police personnel entered in teh houses and arrested peoples. We had never expected that such malicious actions will be taken in Pakistan.They then started shelling over the people, did all the atrocities with the people including children. All those are in document forms with us.
Now, look at the atrocities of this year.After getting permission from the administration and we had to start our political rally on March 8, 2023 from Zaman Park (in Lahore), Please listen it carefully what happened then later. The police Department allows us for the rallyon the order of the Supreme Court and on April 30, 2023 the general election date is announced in Punjab. We therefore begin our election campaign rally. In the morning, I immediately get information that the police have organized themselves by creating obstacles on the roads, equipped with tear gases despite the fact we had got permission from them and the eleftion date had already been announced.
Well, the information we received that the police started shelling over the people of the rally and also begin to beat the people with their sticks. I didn’t understand what happened to them? Gradually, I got the information and I could then understand that what did they want to do? The police tried to incite our workers and intentionally push them towards the negative reactions.I therefore call-off the rally because I was afraid they wanted violence and run away from the election.We need to know that those who want election would not opt for any violence.Those who do not want election would take such negative sttrategies and tactics to run away from the election and the date should be delayed.We thus cancelled the rally.
However, for the next day, we announce our rally again.We are then not given permission and the rally was cancelled. I would now like you to watch how the peaceful rally was sabotaged and the blatant crime was carreid out on March 8, 2023. You can watch it in the video clips here. [The video clips continue here]
You saw the video clip that how the peaceful rally was proceeding ahead but the police did violence over the people . The most shocking criminal violence of them was over a dervish, a special person, who was loved by all our people in the camps outside my house (at Zaman Park). He had nothing except for love. He was termed in affection as Zil-e Shah [Ali Billal]. Now, you may watch another video, which id on Zil-e Shah, and note yourself that what type of human he was? [The video clips continue]
He (Zil-e Shah) was thus kidnapped as the cases of arrest were also with our other workers around.I think those beasts didn’t know that he was a special person.They have beaten him up and in turn he might have exchanged such words with them as he was an emotional person. He had his own world.The beasts did criminal acts upon him. According to the postmortem report, those ruthless people did violence on him at twenty places of his body. His wounds were in public on the social media.They thus killed him and threw him on the side of the road.Those mean people did not do only such atrocity, they then blamed me for his murder saying that Imran Khan did kill him.

I must tell you my Pakistanis that in no liberated country such brutalities are in practice. These occur only in the slave countries where the law of the land doesn’t protect the suppressed people. All these are done by the powerful people. Such practices are carried out across Pakistan. Atrocities are levied upon the suppressed people and conversely the FIRs also made against them (by the criminals themselves).
My Pakistanis: The way Zil-e Shah was brutally murdered, I’ve promised before God that if I am alive, I will make it possible to punish the killers in accordance with the law, though my heart suggests to go out of the way.These are not humans, they are not even the beasts,they are beyond them, they are sick . These people then filed the murdere case against me. After three days, they come in sense and present another pretext by saying that he was died in an accident.
What happened next, please listen. On March 14, 2023, a warrant is being brought at my home.I made them understand that the warrant was illegal because I had the court bail available with me till March 18 and I had already decided to appear in the Court on the proscribed date. Though, I had already my decision to go to the Islamabad Court, the police officials had come earlier to arrest and take me to the court. Nevertheless, I also gave the Surety Bond to my lawyer to be submitted in the court.The law says that if the Surety Bond was submitted in the court, the police cannot then arrest you.I had clerly mentioned it in the Surety Bond that I was to appear in the court. These police officials did not take my Surety Bond. Instead, they attacked my house of Zaman Park from three directions. These were the rangers (paramilitary forces) and police and their attack from three directions. It sounded that Imran Khan was a big terrorist. The tear gas shelling continued and they used the water canon filled with chemical. They then opened fire and ballot guns. Let me tell you, my Pakistanis, that I understood it for the first time to visualize that the way atrocities Israel employs on the people of Palestine, and India does so on the people of Kashmir. I felt it that what type of atrocity could emerge when brutalities are levied upon the citizens by the State itself? We were attacked by the State machineries themselves and conversely cases were filed against us. (the related video clips continue heer).
Today, if you see the situation in France, the people are protesting for their pension rights.They are setting things on fire, including the vehicles, did you ever notice in media that the police officials or paramilitary forces open fire on them?Did you observe that those people are abducted and taken away or carried out any violence over them? Never it will happen so there because they are the liberated people.Their law protects and allows them to do their peaceful protests.
[In our case[,we were not even protesting here but why did the people then came around my house? The reason was so because the people knew that the police that had come to arrest me were illegal in their approach.The people also knew that they (the Government) put the arrested people in the jail and do violence over them.All people know what was done with Azam Swati. After imprisoning him, He was dressed-off. Brutality continued on a 75 year old person.They are the blatant and shameless people.The constitution of Pakistan provides its citizens the right to dignity. No one is allowed to make someone naked and do violence on him or her and make the video.
Earlier than him, Shahbaz Gill was kidnapped and for two days, he was hanged upside down. He was made naked and every kind of brutality he faced in their hands. Then, the youth of social media were arrested and abducted. Series of youth were arrested and such kind of violence were levied upon them. It is not understandable that why these mean (disgraced) people (public servants) are fond of making others naked? Those who do so, they should be taken to the psychiatrists. They are not the normal people. They are mentally sick.By kidnapping the children, they are made naked, their pictures are taken and threatened in such manner.

So, why did the public reached outside my house?They knew that those public servants and government agents are malafide and ruthless. The decision to arrest me and take with them was unjustified and illegal despite the fact they knew it already that I had the bail with me. No case against me has been testified or proven so far. And each day, new cases are filed against me. My nation knows me very well for the last fifty years.Would the nation accept that Imran Khan is a terrorist? [Huge response from the public loudly chanting in chorus saying “No.”]
There are forty cases of terrorism filed against me in the courts of law.Similarly, there are cases of murder, cases of contempt of religion and cases of treason. Those people who have looted the money of the country and saved it in their foreign accounts, they are deciding today (the fate of the country ). Those who have been against the military as in the case of Memo Gate, Zardari requested the Americans to save him from the military, is deciding now for the country.Nawaz Sharif, who in the Dawn Leaks, did complain his case to India, is today deciding the fate of the country.And Imran Khan, whose life and death is in Pakistan,who has no wealth and property outside but which he sold out and brought in his country, has been made trator. [A loud chanting of disapproval comes from the audience and in support of Chairman Imran Khan].

I would like to share with you another important point. For twenty six hours, there were attacks on my house [in Zaman Park, Lahore]. Huge shellings of tear gas were made. The ranger forces came, armoured vehicles were brought. It ounded a traitor more dangerous than Kalboshan (an Indian national) was based here.Finally, the youth exhausted and were scared because the security forces had mal-intention.It were the heads of these people who tried to assasinate me.Now, these were the people who wanted to imprison me. All public were thus afraid.
In the morning, those forces came with criminal tactics.To all the remaining youth (as they were 50 in number now), I told them that I didn’t want bloodshed and will hand over myself to them as I had carried my bag with me.I reiterated: “I am going to surrender myself to them and don’t want to have murder of anyone of you.” But the youth laid down on the ground and didn’t allow me to surrender as they were fearing that the forces will kill me.[A huge reaction of uplaud comes from the audience to the youth].
The atrocities that were employed on our party members after their arrest were so shocking and condemnable.The youth in this respect were right. The brutalities seen today in Pakistan could never be evidenced in such manner earlier. Two thousand of our workers have been arrested so far.Just imagine what type of people they have kidnapped?They include Azhar Mashvani, a yung man of the social media and we don’t know where he has been placed. Messages of his parents I received who inquire where has their son gone? Messages of his sisters I got. His brother came to me. Similary, Hassaan Niyazi, my nephew (sister’s son), was kidnapped.After becoming barrister from England, he came to Pakistan in order to serve his country. Despite the fact he had got a bail, he was kidnapped because he was my nephew). Serious violence was made upon him.They are the mean people and they are the shameless people that they dress off these kidnapped and arrested people to humiliate and insult them.””You yourselves are the humiliated and insulted people.Allah never disgraces someone. The grace and disgrace is in the hands of God.”
Besides, [now, a bit about ]the journalists who give coverage to Imran Khan.I salute to Arshad Sharif, the highest ranked investigative journalist in the history of Pakistan. He had no compromise or any price over his conscience.He had control over the fear. Though, there were threats of his life to him, nonetheless, he had stood steadfastly on the right path.He was caused to leave the country and was murdered outside there.Sabir Shakir is out of the country. Dr. ]Muid] Pirzadah is out of the country.Those who portray the positive aspects of Imran Khan, the opponants pursuade him. The Chief of Bol TV Channel [Shuaib Ahmad Sheikh] was arrested, imprisoned and brought under brutalities.ARY TV Channel is fully pressurized not to show Imran Khan.Only those channels and journalists that are their raised ones (favorable),they are termed as good ones because they propagate against Imran khan. On the other, the journalists and social media that publicize Imran Khan, they are chased [through the State forces]. Never there has been such kind of oppression earlier.Full effot is exerted to spread the terror around so the people should accept these crules.
Today, I am giving message to my entire nation come out of the fear.I was watching even today that the Government was terrifying the people in terms of security that the terrorist attacks were expected to happen today. Nevertheless, such a huge number of women have participated in this event.This is because they have controlled over the fear. The nation is going to get liberation. [A huge reaction of lauding the argument of Chairman Imran Khan].
The direction towards which this nation is moving, no one could now stop them whoever on the top tier thinks that these people could be enslaved further, they are in confusion [fooling themselves]. This is that particular nation, which has now taken its pathway where there was a great dream for Pakistan.that great dream could be materialized by the liberated Pakistanis and never by the slaves.[A huge reaction of chanting in support of Chairman Imran Khan]
Please let me share with you further that I am so chocked again to know about arrest of some other people. The children of Aamir Mughul (one of our workers) were arrested and abducted [on political grounds]. When such kind of things have happened [in this country]? The only reason of such atrocities is to spread the terror.The Government thought that no one would come to the Minar-e Pakistan. This is the proof of the terror [smiling mood and laughter in the audience].
Please Allow me to come to some other points, now. [You may know] I was summoned by the court of law in Islamabad. Prior to tell you about the incidence there in Islamabad, would like to share with you what happened in my house in Zamand Park, Lahore. When I was going to Islamabad on March 18, all of the concerned officials knew that I had appeared in the Lahore High Court (LHC)in the evening of March 17.LHC had assured me that no Punjab Police will do anything with you. The Court said that if any search warrant of yours was required, a Superintendent of Police (SP) and Shibli Faraz (our Chief of Staff) will then jointly perform the duty for the sake of weapon recovery as there was such allegation.
Well, I leave for Islamabad on March 18, 2023. When I arrive at the Islamabad Toll Plaza, I learn that 50 policemen have attacked and entered in my house by breaking the main gate.Poor Bushrah Begum (my wife) was alone at home , along with thre or four employees. The policemen enter in my house, rob it and go up to the roof.The poor employees are beatn up mercilessly. Look at such atrocities. Forget Imran Khan has been a former Prime Minister!, Whoever the family may be, they are respectable. For instance, When it is known that there is no husband at home (of a family)and the wife is a religious person and in veil, they should think that whether such incidence had happened with them in their houses? [a video clip of the police attack on the house of Chairman Imran Khan is shown here]
I am going to ask a question from all oficers, the justices, the police oficers, the military officers, my Pakistanis, if such kind of incidence had happened in your house, what would you have felt? Whehter or not you had realized it? What would have you done if you have the courage and honor while your wife is alone at home?These invaders are not human. Those five or six poor employees were caught and beaten up severely . They broke up an arm of one employee. The poor cook was arrested and sent to jail.
Where could we expect such type of cruelty? In no free country, such atrocities are witnessed. Those countries that have law (in function), no police could dare for such opppression. If they could do so in my house, they could do it in anyone’s house. It then infers that we have the law of the jungle here. If you have more power, whatever you want you could do.
Now, listen please when I reach Islamabad. I didn’t know they [security forces] have made their plan to murder me. I thought, they were going to arrest me. When I drove from there [Islamabad Toll Plaza] to the Judicial Complex, all over the road, the tear gas shelling continued so to isolate Imran Khan and no public should be with him. But the public joined me coming out of their houses and the security forces sustain their tear gases on them. I finally reach at the Court of Law to appear myself.
The twenty minutes drive from the Islamabad Toll Plaza to the Judicial Complex took five hours for me to reach. All over the road, the security forces were deployed and it sounded the terrorist greater than Kalboshan was on the move. I thus wait for forty minutes outside the Court. When I reach at the gate, the policemen start throwing strones from the roof of the Court in order to incite the public to have a clash there.Consequently, a pretext should be made to murder me like that of Mir Mutaza Bhutto. You just deliberate for a while that has such kind of planned incidence made against any head of the political party in Pakistan? First, you watch yourselves that the policemen stone the public from the roof of the Court. [Here, the video clips are shown to the audience where the policemen stone the public]

Look! They [the policemen] initiate stoning on and induced the public. When I try to go out of the car, just look how the public start beating the public.In the meanwhile, one of our PTI workers comes out of the Court and tells me to drive back immediately because inside the court, all the unknown people have taken their positions. They are dressed in the uniform of CTD (Counter Terrorism Department). Their intentions are something else, he added. Well, Alllah is the savior.We now drive out from that location. When we are out, the Inspector General (IG) Islamabad begins abusing the policemen that why did they allow me to go out of the Court’s gate. These are the realities I’ve been coming across.

When I return to Lahore, I am told that there is another operation on the way waiting for me. One thousand Ranger forces are prepared because the police forces now do hesitate to attack on Zaman Park.Therefore, one thousand Ranger forces have been prepared in order to capture my house. This is what the plan I learned from the internal sources. I thus come and share their strategy of attack with the public on social media television.
when the plan to assasinate me was formulated [back in Autumn 2022], I had told the nation about it that in the name of a religious extremist, I will be attacked and murdered. This happened true [when the plan was materialized on November 2, 2022 at Wazirabad]. The information I had thus got from the internal sources.
Well, let me move forward now. The nation should listen it carefully about the upcoming Election on April 30, 2023, which has been delayed. The Law of the Jungle, which is coming up in the country, rather it has almost come.The constitution says that in 90 days, there should be the election. When the Supreme Court of Pakistan directs that on April 30, 2023, there will be the Election in Punjab.What pretext could the Election Commission then makes as has proposed to delay it to October? They justify that they don’t have money. I would like to ask the Election Commission that the country has already been pushed towards bankrupcy, where would you then manage the money from?It means there will be no election then?
Have you ever heard that in any civilized society that the constitution directs for the election and these people make excuses that there is no money? They are telling a lie [and cheating] that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has said so. IMF confirmed it and said that there is no such condition from their side. The efforts of these people are simply to run away from the election at the cost of even suspending or dissolving the constitution. They have just one point agenda that in no way Imran Khan should win the election and come in power.
However, for this purpose,we have goen to the courts of law.I therefore apeal today the entire legal community of Pakistan that it is the time and if you didn’t stand up, if you didn’t stand with the constitution, there will then be lawlessness. Those who are powerful, that will be the law for all. Whenever those powerful people will decide, there will then be the election.So my Pakistanis: all of us have to stand with the Supreme Court of Pakistan! All of us have to stand with the Constitution of Pakistan! [A huge reaction of support from the public in audience comes]. Please raise your hands and pledge that you’ll stand with the constitution of Pakistan.[All of the people react and pledge by raising their hands in support]
Now, I would like to share couples of points on the economy as six poor people died while standing and waiting in the queues to get the flour.First adn foremest, I would like to ask a question if you were to distribute the flourthen is thee the way to line up the people by insulting them? Is this the way of flour distribution?We had in our Ahsas Program (of PTI Government) had provided fourteen thousand rupees per month to the poor people.We would convene them in the schools, seat them in a civilized manner, adn disbursed the money to them in an honorable way.We didn’t insult them in such manner.[A big reaction of clap adn chorus of chanting in favor].
Second, I ask this question today that what kind of genuine hardle (doomsday) had arrive when there was our Government last Apri, one kilogram of flour was at the rate of fifty five rupees only. Today, the Government’s rate is one hundred and fifteen rupees per kilogram and in the open market it is available on one hundred and fifty five rupees per kilogram.What happened? Was there a real doomsday that hampered around where the price increased by three folds?
General (Retired) Bajva has been giving series of interviews these days. In one of his interviews he has maintained that Imran Khan was so dangerous for Pakistan. Perhaps this was the point in mind and my Government was replaced by these people. So, I ask him today to respond to my questions. Today, in the world market, the oil is sold at the rate of $70 to $75 per barrel only.During our time in Government, the fuel rate was between $110 to $115 per barrel. Tell me please that we would sell the diesel and petrol at the rate of Pakistani rupees 150 per litter.What is today? [A huge reaction of the public in favor of Chairman Imran khan].
Today one litter of diesel is available in the market at the rate of 293 rupees per litter; while the petrol is sold at the rate of 272 rupees per litter. In the world market, the fuel price has decreased by almost a half. In the same manner, we could see the flour price. Today, Pakistan’s week on weak SPI, the inflation, has reached to 47%. It has crossed the inflation of all history of Pakistan.
When there was our Government, the inflation of India was 5.5%, and Pakistan had almost 10%. Today, the inflation in India has reached to 6.5% while Pakistan has 31%. It has three fold more inflation.So, ask the salary-based earners that how do they face it? During our Government, before the no confidence vote (April, 9 2022), the rate of $1 was equal to PKR 178. Today, $1 is equal to PKR 283.It means if you had PKR 100/- in your bank account, it is now PKR 65 only.The value of one hundred rupees has now the power or value of buying a commodity of 65 rupees only. Well, I thus ask Bajva now that I was too dangerous, who you have seated above to govern where Pakistan has reached to a stage to bow on its knee?[A huge applaude of the audience]
Ten months ago, I had given a statement during an interview with Sami Ibrahim. So kindly watch it what I had told at that time.The opponants in the Assembly joned hands together to declare and denounce Imran Khan as a traitor. They ecoed their voices together to pass a resolution and declare me a traitor. So, please listen the vidoe what I had told ten months ago.
[The Video clip starts here. “I will tell you the sequence.When this Government has come in power, the Pakistani rupees and the stock market is on the decline, prices of commodities are rising. Pakistan is moving towards the default.If we got defaulted, it means then Pakistan is going towards bankrupcy. The greatest hit/target will at that time will be the military institution.When the military will be hitted, what type of concession will then be taken from us? The same strategy as was excercised on Ukraine in order to denuclearize them.The main challenge before those outside forces pertaining to Pakistan is so as it is the only Muslim country that has the nuclear deterrance capacity. When it is gone, then what will happen?I will tell you today that Pakistan will split into three parts.Look at the Think Tank of India and others. They have the plan to seperate Balochistan. If judicious decisions were not made,the country is going to get suicide. I therefore emphasize vociferously.”]
I had warned ten months earlier. Today, their own Defense Minister of the Government says that the country has reached to the brink of bankrupcy.Ishak Daar says in the session of Senate that the IMF had asked us to reduce the long range missile program.It should be stopped.In contrast, the IMF said, they had not said so.
My Pakistanis:please listen carefully. When a nation falls economically, its national security suffers abruptly.For instance, when the soviet Union, the second super power possessing the largest forces, declined economically, it then crumbled down.We are also standing at such position. I’m going to tell you, particularly to our Establishment, and then to all Pakistanis that if we did not control the situation of the country, it will go out of the grip of all. I am therefore going to offer ten points program for this purpose in order to take the country out of the dangerous situation.
Before coming to the points, I would like to ask questions from the Establishment. Though, it is quite obvious that you have decided to marked a line that Imran Khan must not be in power, he must not be given the opportunity to win the election, thus delaying tactics regarding the election, tactical attacks on my house, and arresting our people are the clear indicators. We can understand that there is the only objective that he [Imran Khan]must not be provided niche or chance to gain the power.
Well, I then ask you and let’s take it for granted for the time being that Imran Khan doesn’t come in power. Do you have then any program to draw out the country out of the devastation?Do you have any roadmap before you? With a challenge I say that the group of people who are installed in power, they neitehr have any capacity, nor they have the intention, because they have their wealth /money outside the country. Whenever there comes any problem to Pakistan, they leave the country. If you think they have the capacity to control the situation in hand as the country is declining radidly. If you have the program, then please share with us.If you think they have the capacity to control the situation where the country is rapidly going downward, where is then the progress, which could not be seen?If you have any other program in hand, then share it with us. To reiterate, if you convince me that you have so an dso programs and through them, the country will stand on its own feet again and therefore Imran Khan you should not come in the middle. If so, I will then accept. I have beeing doing politics for the sake of my country. Otherwise, what else have my interests and what could other people give me? I will accept. But , at least, tell me what are your programs?
I know that no one has the program in this regard. This is the program that I’m going to share with you for Pakistan. At a stage where Pakistan has reached at present, there is now no shortcut or easiest way to take it out of the difficulties.There are now difficult decisions to be taken ahead.And the difficult decision is taken only by those who have the public mandates. That who has come through the election votes of the public.Who the public trust.He will take the largest decision. That party, which wil come in power through the public, votes, support and mandates. This will be the first step. Because, when a party will come in power for five years,the people and the business community will get a confidence that political stability has come.The next step will follow.
Well, let me tell you what are our problems. We have mainly two. The more money we collect out of the taxes, that is not sufficient. Our expenses are huge. Over the debts, we have to pay the installments and it continues to increase.We don’t have that much money. We start with the losses and have to operate the country on loans.This is our first problem.
The second problem is regarding dollars transaction. [It is noteworthy] the dollars go outside the country in a huge quanity as compared to receiving of it in the country. We have lack of dollars, which is ttermed as Current Account Deficit (CAD)We never put efforts to increase our export.The countries that have progressed in East Asia and China, all of them strived to increase their exports. When the exports are enhanced, the dollars then come inside. WE never struggled in this regard.
Our imports are at a large scale.Let me tell you that we have both of these deficits before us. Due to the one, it does its effect on Pakistani rupees and it gets devalued.When the rupees get depreciated, there comes inflation. When inflation continues, poverty begins.
The second reason is regarding the tax collection. How much taxes we do collect? All the time we confront with this issue. Consequently, we do opt to get further loans from the banks The interests over the loans increase.We are thus stuck here.For this purpose, we need to have an effective surgery. The Governance system of the country has to be improved effectively.It thus requires to regulate the Rule of Law.The nvironment of the country needs to be changed.The way we run the government, it has to be changed drastically.
Listen carefully, I am moving gradually towards the conclusion. How the dollars we could manage to bring in the country? Increasing export will take time.There is a strategy to bring dollars here.Please carefully listen and today the overseas Pakistanis will also be listening, and I would like to tell them, too.You know, I have ben telling for a long time that the biggest asset of Pakistan is its overseas Pakistanis. The dollars, which they have with them, and if we improve our governance system and rule of law radically, if we develop a confidence in our system, and resultantly, those Pakistanis will invest in the country.Our judicial system needs to be improved. Our governance system and our judicial system will then protect their assets.
Let me quote some figures here. There are eighteen thousand Pakistani doctors in the United States.Please listen, once again. There are 18,000 Pakistani American doctors in the United States. Do you know how much is their total wealth?How much is the worth of eighteen thousand Pakistani Americans?It is $200 billion. [To reiterate], $200 billion.[A huge applaud comes from the audience]
On the other, we bow on our knees before the IMF for the loan of six billion dollars only; while the 18,000 Pakistani Americans have $200 billion alone. Moreover, we have the top ten Pakistani Americans do you know how much they have their total wealth? It is $25 billions altogether. So, we are behind IMF loan for $6 billion .
[Moreover], do you know from this country in Dubai, in some years timeframe, how much Pakistanis have purchased the properties? It is $10.4 Billion. It is according to Bloomberg’s Report. So, the Pakistanis are rich and their country is poor.
For this purpose, we have to develop a system.Untill and unles, there is no enabling environment, we cannot bring back their money.These are so far regarding money investment in properties by purchasing plots. Unless, they invest in Pakistan,we will stand on our knees.When we will improve our system effectively and productively, and they begin investment in Pakistan, believe me, looking at them, from the entire world, investors will come to Pakistan.
How did China arose?China did improve its system, first. Afterwards, the Overseas Chinese return to China and did investement.When the investement began, it paved the way for other investors like attraction to the bees over the honey.From around the world, the investors reached China.In 30 years timeframe, China reached to an incredible destination. The reason was that the leadership had understood unless there is no enabling environment for the investors, no investment will come to their country.
Well, in pakistan’s context, no investement comes in.The reason is so simple. The great Overseas Pakistani investors purchase the plots and they are occupied by someone else.Who will then establish factories here? In this regard, we have made the plan for the Overseas Pakistanis that how to bring their investement in the country.The whole plan will take its course and shape that how the Governance System will be improved and refined. The three and a half year’s experiences in Government taught us a lot In the beginning, we could not understand the system well. But, now, we are certain to deliver effectively.
Second, we will have mid and long term planning on export . The entire country will be in focus in this connection. We will make the exporters as VIP (Very Important Persons). Those who will sell the commodities of the country outside and will bring back dollars, they wil be provided with facilities/incentives. We had already provided such facilities and that is why we had on record exports before our Government was ousted. Unless we make the exporters VIPs again, as was made in East Asia including Indonesia and Malysia, and China. Unless we do so, our exports will not increase and develop. We have not focused on these aspects.
Third, IT (Information Technology): India has 140 billion IT export. But we didn’t focus it.However, in our Government, we had taken it on priority and 70% exports of IT were made in two years.We hae to raise them when in power because the future is that of the technology.
Fourth, Tourism:We have never taken this sector into account account in Pakistan. For two years, it was our bad luck that COVID-19 errupted that led to fading out of tourism.Hopefully I have my utmost plan , if God blessed us with the opportunity, we will enhance and promote the tourism industry.
Fift, the Mineral Industry: we never priortized the mineral industry. One of the main reasons is ecause it has become provincial subject, now.The provinces have not the capacity to cope with the states of afairs. This time ,we will fully emphasize on the minerals as God has bestowed upon Pakistan enormous resources but we have ignored them. Through this approach, dollars will also pour in Pakistan.
Sixth, Industries, especially small and medium scale industries: we had started it and I amd proud of them that after seventeen years, in our time, the industries werre growing, which have got closed these days.So, we have made full plan over the industries, small and medium scale industries.
Seventh, Agriculture:we have to focus on and enhance the productivity of agriculture sector.We had discussed with China that how could we increase the productivity.They had to come to Pakistan but unfortunately due to the COVID-19, for two years China was closed down. However, the detailed plan on this sector has been made.

Eighth, Restructuring of PIA (Pakistan International Airline), Railway and other corporations: The mega level corporations like PIA, Pakistan Railway and other Government Corporations give huge losss to the public money, which is supposed to be invested on the public.They need to be restructured and we had worked out on them but our Government was toppled down. There is a detailed plan about them, too.
Ninth, Increasing the tax collection: How could we increase it, pleae listen carefully. Today out of 220 million Pakistanis, there are only 2.5 million tax payers.In collaboration with NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority), we identified 40 milllion tax payers.By using the technology, we learned that such a huge number of people do not pay taxes. For the purpose of achieving the goals in this connection, we had made a comprehensive plan but our Government was removed. Untill and unless we increase our tax bases, our country will not move forward. We have however a full plan about it. Let me mention that during our time, we had collected the taxes on record. I am coming to the end, now.
Tenth, Money laundering: look at the situation pertaining to our elites. There may be any country, where all elites sen their mony out of their country. Their properties are out of Pakistan as I described earlier they have them in Dubai, in London, and other countries.These are actually the theft mony.We could control them and it will be possible only through the Rule of Law. The more we will strenghten our laws, the more we will be able to control effectively the huge number of theft money in terms of dollars outside the country.
Finally,the difficult time through which we are tested today, our vulnerable and weak stratum of the society is smashed and similarly the salaried class people are smashed due to the high level of inflation.The strategies that we had taken, about them I would like to describe.
The Health Card, which was the Health Insurance,that each family had an insurance of up to one million rupees.The respective patient was provided treatement in any hospital in Pakistan.At many places, the program was closed, we will resume it again.[A high applaud from the audience] These days, there is a high level of inflation and when a person becomes sick, the entire household gets defaulted. The Health Car therefore is our topmost priority to be restored to provide social protection to the public.
Second, Dr. Saniah Nishtar has developed a wonderful program.We will provide ration to the public.How it will be made possible? We have developed the whole database.We have assessed the income situation of the families and the critical conditions surrounding them. The plan is to extend full financial support directly to those who are poor, vulnerable and deserving as these days due to the inflation they are in hard time with regard to their food and beverage. So, in this regard, we have made a full plan about it.
To the Youth,we have to provide loans without interst so they are able to begin their businesses. Under Kamyab Jawan (Successful Youth)we had supported many. Hopefully, we will continue it with further zeal.
For the first time in Pakistan, construction of houses to the salried people we had started under the House Financing scheme by providing loans based on low or cheap level of interest.Though, people don’t have the cash money with them, the money they however pay for the house rent. The rationale was so The same house rent should be their instalment and on the same money the houses of those lendees should get constructed. We had started it already during our Government and will continue it because for the salried people , it is not possible to construct their own house and we will again kick this program off.
Next, the slum area development: Enormous slum area population is seen to have grown.We had made program for these people before the end of our Government. It took time to develop full program to such area people.Now, in the entire slum area population, as it has been experienced in Malasia and Turkey, we will provide facilities in their respective areas. We will ask the developers to construct buildings for them on the existing land, provide them facilities of water, and the like so they should live in a clean environment instead of living in the filthy environment. And they should have their own houses. [A big applaud from the audience]. It was a longstanding program and we were supposed to start it but we became late. To Bajva, Imran Khan seemed so dangerous and that is why he did so by replacing our Government.[A big reaction by the audience and support to Chairman Imran Khan]
Support to the Vendors: Please show the decision that we had made for the vendors.
During our Government, we had decided that we cannot provide employment to all the people.We therefore provided carts to the vendors in Islamabad on experimental basis.Instead of teasing those poor people, or lifted by the corporation officials, or taking money from them (in bribery), we thus made wonderful carts to the vendors so they should have their earning.[Video clip is shown to the audience here].
We had provided nice cars to the people and the vendors began to hav their earning. Sooner our Government was ousted,this imported Government dismantled their carts as was shown just before you.
Look! When you go to New York (United States), I don’t know how many of you have gone there, at each places, the vendors have their own stalls on the roads.They are earning for themselves.Why don’t we do so?
It is [amazingly] said no please at those posh areas,such as Blue Area, portrayed as the important peoples area, and the poor people cannot earn their earning from here. About such considerations, we have also made our big plans where across Pakistan, the common people should be given opportunities so to make places for themselves and raise their children.[a big laud from the audience ]
Those who are employees, working in our houses: My Pakistanis, when my beloved Prophet started ending up the slavery, what did he do then? He said, those who are slaves at your homes, behave with them like your family members.Feed them as you eat, adn maintain them as you do for yourself.This was his first step that consider them as humans.They have also their rights.
When I did go to the Britain, there I found it for the first time that when soeone wants to work in someone’s house,the worker has his or her contract. For how long he or she would work there? When he or she will get off-days? How much will be the salary?the contract is thus signed.
With a deep sorrow, I would like to mention that we do not take care of our employees.and this is against our religion.We need to go straight twards the contract approach. We should tell them straight that this much money I could pay to you and you will work accordingly.We should give them the free or off-days. You should try to actualize that they are like your family members. These are part of our religionAnd this is my utmost struggle that the employees at our homes should gradually be given their rights. Take care of them.They are also humans.Because they are weak, we therefore badly treat them. Those countries whom we term infidels and they do not belong to our religion,you will be surprised that to what extent they have humanism in them.
My Pakistanis: at the end, I would like to pay my special gratitude to you that despite all the obstacles on the way, you came here. [A huge reaction and chanting comes in favor of Chairman Imran khan].
Today, once again , I would like to give a message to all those who are in power to be considerate enough to evaluate the situations towards a direction our country is moving. I am afraid that at a stage where it will reach, noe one will be able to stop and save it then.
The industries are getting closed.Inflation continues towards its height.Export is on its decline.Remittences sent by the Overseas Pakistanis are getting reduced.When the industries will close, the taxes will reduce.On the other, people in the power corridors are striving hard to get the loans.The loans are on the way to increase.the income is on the pathway to shrink.When a household comes across the debts , it then begins to reduce its expenses and increase its income.But the income of our country continues to squeeze.
So, I would like to ask you all today to tell me if there is any other ways to come out of the quagmire? Except free and fair election, if there is any other plan or way, then share it with me.
You don’t have any other program with you.At this time, they have the only program that how to segregate Imran Khan from the election.I reiterate, you may have any program. With a rapid speed, the country is going towards the destruction. Listen the commentaries of the foreign media.Listen the television of India! What does it say about Pakistan? It does criticizes Pakistan. But here, the people in power have one agenda in their mind that Imran khan should be kept out.
Once again, I apeal all of you that we have little time with us.I am asked to delay the election by October. Tell me the only thing that what will be the benefits if teh election is delayed by October?Convince me if teh election is delayed and by then the situations of the country will be controlled.The country is in descending order.There is no solution adn it is done so because of fear of losing the election.
My Pakistanis: I would like to tell my nation to remember that in no way you have to bow before the oppressors. For the sake of your liberation, you have to break down the idol of terror. [A huge reaction of affirmity from the audience comes]
Look at all the tactics of arrest and violence, deployment of ranger forces instead of police. Would the country take its positive course due to such negative strategies?Would the people get scared?The public cannot be terrified further. The more you will suppress the public, the more the hatred will grow for you. Those who are imprisoned and when they are released, they are filled with hatred. I learned it for the first time when a Minister in Balochistan told me: “For God’s sake Imran Khan! Tell your people that when our people are arrested and tortured, when they get released, the entire village people stand against the Government.
For instance, when the innocent Zil-e Shah was murdered and his corpse was recovered, all people stood against the barbarism. Is this a way to deal with the public like the sheep and goats?These are humans and they have to be positively nurtured.Here is the fight of heart and mind.No one till today has got refinement with the stick power. The terror that has been spread around that we wil do this and that. We will punish or beat you in such and such way, or there has come up attack again.
Look! Let me tell you, today is March 25, when Pakistan had won the World Cup Cricket Tournament.[A high level of joyous reation from the audience] All my team members, as they now talk on cricket in the media and you could ask them, had accepted defeat psychologically. All of them said we cannot win the World Cup. Even now you could ask and testify it from them. But, it was the one person who said we can win it. And it is standing just before you here! [A high level of laud and appreciation comes from the audience]
I was the Captain who fought till the last ball.And here, too, I will fight till the last ball for my country.[A huge chanting and appreciation from the audience to Chairman Imran Khan[
Allah says in the Holy Qur’an that those who have faith in God, He removes their fear.Therefore, liberate yourselves from the fear and terror.I am preparing my nation for the upcoming challenge. The way Pakistan is moving forward, in such manner we cannot win the challenge.Now, we will win the challenge when Pakistan will become a nation.We will become a nation and draw out our country from the quagmire. Germany and Japan had destroyed in the World war II, but both of them stood again in ten years time period and became great powers because they were the nations. The challenge that is before us will be encountered only when we are a nation and the foundation is based on justice and equity, and on the Rule of Law.We would therefore like to convey our mesage to the Honorable Judiciary that the nation is standing with you. You have to protect the Constitution. Hopefully, we will make this country a great nation. Long Live Pakistan!!!

Note: I can understand there may be typos in the translated text. I tried to remove them but there may still be errors as I am literally a visually disabled person (especially after qualifying my PhD coursework in 2011) .I thus write on my laptop with the help of a screen reading software termed as JAWS (Job access With Speech). My apologies for the inconvenience.
The land mark speech of Chairman Imran Khan at Minar-e Pakistan, Lahore on March 25, 2023 (spanning over one hour and forty minutes) is available across the social media and couples of mainstream Media such as Bol News and ARY. For the purpose of English translation of the Urdu speech, I chose to opt for the official YouTube Channel of Chairman Imran khan. The specific link can be accessed on the folloing link:

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