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Governance and Development of Khan and PDM Regimes in Comparison: English Translation of the detailed, Critical and Analytical Speech of Chairman Imran Khan, Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, on April 9, 2023

April 21, 2023

By Fazal Amin Beg

This preceding note offers the introduction to the English translation of the address of Chairman Imran Khan with his nation in Urdu on April 9, 2023 from Zaman Park, Lahore. The purpose of translation of his talk of 47 minutes in Urdu is to convey its content to the important stakeholders at global scale in order to internationalize his thoughts and concerns not only about the oppressed people of Pakistan but rather there are many facets and themes in the speeches that are concerned with the entire developing countries connected with the developed nations. The stakeholders and audience are therefore the related institutions, organzations, agencies and entities of the United Nations, Human Rights bodies, universities, civil society and political organizations, research groups and forums, and so on.
To illustrate and emphasize, this small effort of translation is meant to communicate the thoughts of Chairman Imran Khan, to a considerable extent at a broader scale beyond the national boundaries as it entails important aspects around the socio-political and other issues. This talk or speech is also pertinent and significant in a context as he makes it exactly on the same date after one year of the overthrow of his Government on April 9, 2022 with a combination of both internal and external conspiracy by Pakistani Military Establishment led by the notorious General Javed Qamar Bajva, then the Chief of Army, and the Biden Adminstration (United States). It is interesting to note that on the screen of the scripted drama , the apparently civilian political forces but rather mostly rogue mafia in the cabinet played their malicious roles in the guise of “vote-of- no- confidence in the parliament (National Assembly of Pakistan).
Chairman Imran Khan begins his address to the Pakistani nation by reminding them of the date of ousting his Government on April 9, 2022. He clarifies the reasons that why this action was taken, rather a coup was made like his predecessors, by the Chief of Army Staff for the sake of his vested interest to get the extension of his job.

Khan then describes about the global challenge of the pandemic (COVID-19) that how it had its worst effects on the lives, economy and other aspects of humanity across the world. Nonetheless, his Government effectively coped with the disastrous situations with considerate measures such as smart lockdowns in Pakistan by keeping in view the grave situation of poor segment of the population. His Government thus was abled to manage the conditionalities and the economy of the people in addition to protection of their lives to the maximum level. He then compares it with the Government of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) that how have they failed after seizing the power and the inflation has risen to its height.
He then states that soon after seizing the power, the PDM Government with the full support of their compassionate handlers (Military Establishment on their back)removed the names of all those people who were in the Exit Control List (ECL) of Pakistan due to cases on them in corruption of public resources.Over 60% of the present cabinet members have been given bail from the courts of law because of their criminal and corruption records. Seizing power thus was a blessing for them as they changed various laws and regulations and made them compatible to get relief from the related public institutions and organizations including the courts, National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Election Commission of Pakistan ECP) and the like.Finally, those corrupt people succeeded in their malicious intents and strategies by providing relief of billions of rupees, the greatest of all sorts of corruption.
Narration of the stories of injustices that do not end here but rather goes on and on with high and dangerous speed. Khan thus highlights some of them to the public. Incredible restriction and crackdown are made on the freedom of expression. The party leaders, workers and supporters are arrested, brought under custodial violence and a couple of the workers were murdered. Murder of the PTI workers cannot be forgotten at all. Zil-e Shah was one of the worst examples after beastly attacks on his body at 26 places. Arrest and custodial violence of the party leaders like Dr. Shabaz Gill and Azam Swati are noteworthy who were seriously tortured by dressing them off.Arrest and villlence of the political leaders continue intermittently as the cases as evidence are those of Chaudary Fawad Hussain, Sheikh Rasheed, Ali Amin Gandapurand others.
Will revert to Khan’s speech quickly but allow me to describe few pertinent points here. Ali Zaidi, a PTI leader from Karachi , was arrested and imprisoned for couples of days and released on April 20, 2023. Earlier, other PTI key members like Iftikhar Gumand, waqas and Azhar Mashvani were imprisoned. The stories of imprisonment doesn’t stop here but rather the atrocities continue as more than three thousand PTI workers have been sent to different prisons.A shameful, terror and petrol bom attack was made on the house and family of Advocate Azhar Sadeeq, one of the prominent lawyers of Pakistan. Like the majority of lawyers of the country, The crime or guilt of Azhar Sadeeq is to stand for the protection of the law and constitution of Pakistan and against those rogue elements who have been remaing above the law and destabilized the country in different contexts.
Coming to the point again, Khan also bravely shares the accounts of attacks on him and his house in order to arrest him. how the plans were made by the Government and Military Establishment especially the personnel of the Secret Agencies (termed as unknown people) to arrest and murder him through various tactics and murder models in Lahore and Islamabad. The assassination models include those of late Salaman Taseer (a former Governor of Punjab) and Mir Murtaza Bhutoo son of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
Moving forward, people of the mainstream and social media are under serious restriction mode so not to report the facts on the ground. Those who venture to bring the ground realities in the media are unlawfully terrorized, arrested and brutally tortured.A tragic case in this regard was that of Arshad Sharif Shaheed, an extraordinary and upstanding investigative journalist of Pakistan.He was forced to leave Pakistan then followed up to Dubai and compelled to leave even United Arab Emirates (UAE). He was compelled to take refuge for some weeks in Kenya and was atrociously murdered there. Jamil Faooqi was an example of custodial torture after dressed-off.
Let me add further here. After getting life threats, many of the journalists quitted the country including Dr. Mueed Pirzadah, Sabir Shakir, Hamad Yusuf and so on. There are still many other journalists who were targeted, arrested and tortured apparently by the police personnel but behind the scene are the unknown people or the notorious people of the secret agencies . Those journalists are in the country and courageously fight for the freedom of expression, the media and human rights. Notably among them are Imran Riaz Khan, Sami Ibrahim, Kashif Abbasi, Jamil Farooqi, and so on. Though, there are enormous journalists and social media activists and managers who have not been arrested, they have been courageously encountering the oppressors and trying to present the ground realities before the public. Interestingly, the majority of the public are evidenced trusting more the social media than the mainstream media because the latter is entirely controlled by the military-driven Government and in turn fabricated updates are released through them. The media owners like Shuaib Sheikh, Co-Chairman of Bol News Network(BNN) was arrested and brought under series of violence. Similarly, Akaash Raam, Head of the Marketing Section of BNN, was kidnapped and there is no news about him as it becomes more than ten days. The young children below seventeen years of age, who reported the brutalities of the Government on the social media were arrested and humiliated after dressing them off. Latest news of abduction came again on April 20, 2023 when a young man of social media named Atta-ur Rahman was abducted by the secret agency personnel.
Well, coming to the point, Chairman Imran Khan also highlights the exploitative and hypocritic nature of the political stooges and mafia who play in the hands of the unknown people [military Establishment] and insult the judiciary and the judges of the Courts. For example, Maryam Nawaz is witnessed time and again for her hatred statements, allegations and abuse of the judges of the courts of law but no action has been taken against her. When other people try to criticize or have a critique on the judgs, their judgements or the highest rank military or secret agency officers, they are instantly arrested and sent through series of violence. The present parliamentarians without any opposition in the Assembly even unlawfully pass on resolutions against the judges and Supreme Court of Pakistan and go against the Consitution but restraints are seen yet to take any legal action against them. This phenomenon has made the public ancious, curious inquisitive and upset that where does the Rule of Law function ?
In conclusion, Chairman Imran Khan shows his resolve and ensures that the public will stand robustly with the Supreme Court of Pakistan, with the Consitution of Pakistan and with the constitutional stance of Atta Muhammad Bandiyal, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.Second, he also directs the public to get ready for the peace demonstration and come on the roads if the Government and their handlers further violate the Constitution of Pakistan and suppress it regarding the Free and Fair Election (FFE). He also advises his nation to get prepeared for the elections . if the results of the election was sabotaged and rigged as it has been so for the last decades, the public demonstration will essentially emerge in an organic manner.

I hope the readers will enjoy the English translation of Chairman Imran Khan, which I have tried within my capacity and based on my academic experience in the field for over two decades. I have also tried to link the missing concepts or contexts in the line of the speeches as they could be seen in the brackets []. Finally, before ending this note, let me share it again here. As I have become visually disabled especially after qualifying my PhD coursework in 2011 but since 2014 I have been effectively working on computers with the help of a screen reading software called JAWS (Job Access With Speech). Therefore, in the body of the text, there could be typos or other errors. I am optimistic the readers will ignore them and forgive me keeping in view this essential aspect in mind.
I now invite you to and enjoy the translation of the important address of Chairman Imran Khan from here onward

In the name of God, the Benevolent, the Merciful
We do prostrate before Thee and we do seek help from Thee.

My Pakistanis,
One year ago from today, I had carried my diary and went home from the Prime Minister’s House.Behind [the scene], there was a conspiracy. The plot had been started almost a year earlier [than the date]. I had met a head of the State from Middle East and he revealed me: “Do you know there is a planning going on to remove you from your office. Your Army Chief is not happy with you.” I was so shocked as I had thought we were on one page as I could not think about it. I thus told him: “What are you saying?” We had met each other in a conference.
Well, when we had a reverse engineering, after our Government was toppled down, I reviewed the states of affairs retrospectively that what type of events took place, who took part in the conspiracy, what were their roles in them. One character was so prominent, who was the Master Mind. Gradually, we understood that where was the cheating made with us.[What were the places] where we were pushed behind the red signal?At what stages, deceptions continued?
The whole efforts were in such manner, as the plans had been made earlier, that I was to be replaced by Shahbaz Sharif, as understanding with him had been made by General Bajva. And that his cases ]Shabaz Sharif’s] were ended up as he was to get convicted from the courts of law in the cases of FIA (Federal Investigation Agency against PKR (Pakistani Rupees) 16 billion and PKR 8 billion of the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) against the fake bank accounts. He [Shahbaz Sharif] was thus protected and brought in power [as Prime Minister].
[The plot] which we perceived it was initiated from America (United States), it was not initiated from there but rather actually from here [Pakistan].These people hired the services of Hussain Haqani and propagation was made against me. He [General Bajva] has lobbied [there in the United States] that how Bajva was good as he was pro-America and Imran Khan was anti-America.Ultimately, the cipher was then sent from there [State’s Department].All these things got clarified to us in the later phases. Well, it is so visible now that the conspiracy was made so early. Other people then joined it with the course of time such as all those in the PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement).
Today, we have published a “White Paper.” It has the only purpose that in one year’s timeframe, what happened with Pakistan. Where did Pakistan stand one year ago and where has it reached today?I thus wanted to put the key features before my nation that in a closed door, few people decided and brought the country at such stage. The nation should thus know that how the play was performed against them?
Above all, where was Pakistan one year ago, which you could find in the Economic Survey, where you can see the development about the economic development of the country .All such topics come under the publication.But the key features are so that the economy, which was bankrupt in 2018. The greatest in them was the external loss, the Current Account Deficit (CAD), that was approximately 20 billion dollars. It was the largest deficit in the history of Pakistan that we inherited.And the reserve had remained almost eight billion dollars ($8 billion).There was pressure on Pakistani rupees (PKR). We got the government in such a difficult time [of the history].We stabilized it in the first year.The next two years, we had to deal with the Corona (COVID-19).
Concerning Corona, you should remember that it had devastated in whole world and their economies. [The consequences]were in front of all and you could see it. The growth rates [for different countries] had gone in minus. India was growing ahead with the growth rate of 7%and it went down in negative.In such critical condition, the way Pakistan did wrestle with the pandemic, the world acknowledged it.In the World Economic Forum (WEF), Economist Magazine, World Health Organization (WHO), and other international forums, it was appreciated that Pakistan was among the few countries, on top three, that it did manage the global crisis [within their domain] extraordinarily.
Based on the last one year performance [of the present Government], What I think today],if these people were in the Government (during pandemic), what would they have done? Imagine, they haven’t got any crisis of such nature! The crises we got [when we came to power]. We dealt with the Cornona. The bankruptcy that was made by these people, we had inherited, we dealt effectively and the economy was boosted. If they were in place of us, they would have opted for lock down, as they used to come up with their statements [and demands] to lock down Pakistan. In case, we had closed down [the country] , there were already difficult situations. The people had to die out of hunger. We thus did smart lock down and also encountered criticism. Thanks God, at that time, He [Bajva] had not handed them the power.
In the aftermath, in the last two years ]of our Government], the national economy was growing at the rate of 5.7% and 6% respectively.It is noteworthy that in the last seventeen years of Pakistan’s history, it was the best economic performance despite the problems we came across. What were those problems?They were the obstacles in the supply side across the world due to Corona.The Comodity Super Cycle (CSC)had risen up. The prices of energy had risen. The prices of gas and especially oil had incredibly increased and likewise that of the coal.Each of them was on the height.Due to such factors [by the pandemic], there came up inflation all over the world.Similarly, we were also facing the inflation issues.These people [when in opposition] would exert pressures that due to the inflation, the country was being ruined. But rmember that the most fundamental element that leads towards the inflation is the price rise in feul or oil. During our time in the last year, the oil price in the world market had gone to $115 from $110 per barrel. ]In contrast] during their time [in Government at present], the oil price per barrel was $65 only and it oscillates between $70 to $80 only.
Look at the difference of oil price in the world market that how much it was during our time [while in power]and their time at present.The present Government has faced no crisis of that scale. Though, we faced the most crises during our time, nonetheless, the growthrate was at 6%, whih was the excellent growth rate as compared to the last 17 years of its history. However, keep in mind that earlier than this period, there was the influx of U.S. Dollars in the country on account of “War on Terror.” Similarly, during the era of General Zia-ul Haq, there was the inflow of U.S. Dollars in the country because of the Afghan War. Earlier than this period, there was again Dollars flow in the country for the Ayub Khan’s SETO and SENTO [participation]. It should therefore be understood that during our time, the growth rates of 5.6% and 6% respectively wihtut any American Dollars [in Aid or otherwise].
[A pertinent question may arise that ] why did we keep low the prices of oil (petrol and diesel)? We thought it was like the bubble and the price will come down but our economy cannot go through such rise and fall. That is why such approaches were taken.
When we visited Russia and met with President Putin, we told him that due to their tension (war), the oil prices in our country has risen.He then sent his Miniser for Energy. He and Hamad Azhar met each other and discussed together [around the issue]. We had thus our understanding that as India buys cheapt oil from Russia , so we could do. But, unfortunately, sooner we reached back from Russia, conspiracy was started against us.When we returned to Pakistan, vote of no-confidence was started and our Government was removed. The project negotiation thus stuck in the middle.
The present Government cries over terrorism issues. In our time, it had radically decreased and we had shifted towards development of tourism from terrorism. You can compare it cross between the three years of our Government and theirs at present.When the United States quitted from Afghanistan, it was the best time to cooperate with the Afghan Government and control over the leser amount of terrorism in our country. But these people did nothing as they had no time to think over itadn nothing more. They had just one objective in mind to finish off their corruption cases. Niether they provided the roadmap of the economy, nor they had any plan for those Taliban who were in Afghanistan. The Afghan Government was forcing the TTP (Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan) to go back to their country. They were thus coming back. The present Government did not think how to rehabilitate (resettle) them. These people had no concern over this issue.The only priority before them was to get rid of their corruption cases.
Immediately after taking power, in the first meeting of the Cabinet, they removed the names of those who were on the ECL (Exit Control List). Sixty percent (60%) of the Cabinet members, who were newly appointed, were on bail due to the corruption cases.Therefore, soon after getting the power, they did remove their corruption cases.
[To reiterate], soon after taking the power, they [the present cabinet members and others in the Assembly) finished all their corruption cases by formulating or amending laws in the Assembly.[In such manner], they waived off for themselves 11 billion rupees of their corruption cases.During our time in power, NAB (National Accountability Bureau) had recovered 480 billion rupees .The average [in this regard] in our time per annum was 160 billion. It was the highest collection of corruption case mony during our time in Government. These people, after coming in power, shattered the NAB.The control of NAB was handed over to one of their own proxies.When he observed the situations and noticed that unlawful tasks were given to and taken from him, he ultimately resigned from the position (as the head. Well, soon after coming in the Government, they smashed NAB because they had fear from this organization [in relation to the accountability of their corruption].The did amendment in the laws and statutes, and appointed their person on the position but it didn’t work well.
Following NAB, they also destroyed FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) because Shahbaz Sharif (the current Prime Minister) had to come in the snare as there was his corruption case of 16 billion in the name of Maqsood Chaprasi.As Rai Tahir was there already and they tried to take unlawful tasks from him and he resigned. Then another man of his camp was brought on the position in order to demply to fiel [fake] cases against us.The credibility of FIA was also damaged in order to save himself and his people and file cases against us. ]Both] NAB and FIA thus collapsed and the parliament got ended up when Raja Riaz became the Opposition Leader.The Parliament doesn’t function without the Opposition Leader.It ended.
Now, the Election Commission. This was persuaded to bring in use purely for their victory in the election by suing cases against us such as that of Tosha Khana (State Gift House), foreign funnding case and the like. The foreign funding case got removed when it was discovered that it was something else. Now, a judge of the High Court has asked them to respond about the media trial that was made against Imran Khan. This case has also stuck in the middle.Similarly, the Toshakhana Case will come to the end when it will be known that the issue was something else. the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had forged this case against me in order to please those in the Governmen. Now, these people themselves in the ECP will get entrapped because all records of the Toshakhana Case are available. When the records are available, these people have wounded their own feet because both Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari have to come in the snare. Hopefully, the carst that both of them have stolen, we will bring them before you.
Coming up is the media as a pillar of the democracy. They started hitting it.The blackout about Imran Khan and PTI began. It is being said that during our time in power, there was restriction on the Media. I claim that the freedom of Media we had during our Government, I challenge such freedom could not be found in the history of Pakistan. The way the media did attack us, on on me and my family. Never such tough time we had got. Even we could not get time for honey moon. From the very first day attacks started. Sooner our Government was ousted, the media was controlled. Personal calls would go by the unknown people [secret agency officials] that Imran Khan should must not be given coverage. The calls were made to the owners of the mainstream media that Imran Khan should not be given reportage. A couple of News Channels that would report the activities, they were also pressurized and restricted not to show the events of Imran Khan live. How could it is possible that a leader of the largets party of Pakistan is made to blackout in the democracy? Well, seemed they were afraid that what he will say when it is live.They have such a fear. Today, I would like to remind all those including our journalists, who used to say during our time in Government that restrictions are imposed. I would like them to compare both the era, rather I challenge and say that in the democratic governments of Pakistan, never there has been such restrictions, which we encounter today with the media.
Now, let’s look at the fundamental rightsIt starts from May 25, 2022. The police enters in the houses of the people for being part of PTI. They don’t care of the privacy of the people.They did torture the people and were arrested. An eleven years old child was arrested and imprisoned because his father was not at home[at that time].Raid was made on a house of a retired Major and he was not aware who was coming inside the house in the late night without any information. He thus opened fire as he thought may be any dacoit was entering his house. He was arrested and his son was tortured. I met his son after six months and he told me that he was not sleeping well at night the way those people did barbarism with him. Afterwards, on May 25, 2022, they did oppression with the women and children despite the fact they saw the families had come in the rally. How could they blame the workers of PTI that they were involved in any kind of violence.It should be understood that a party that wants election, why could it opt for any kind of unrest? We have been telling from the very first day that the solution of the issue in Pakistan is in election. So, how could the party opt for the riot?However, everywhere we were attacked and shelling of tear gases were made upon us so our people should move towards any negative reaction and there should be point for them to argue that PTI was doing violence or involved in ferocity. [In such ways, pave the way] to file cases against us and there should not be election by making pretext that there was no enabling environment due to security issues for the election. Since then, cases were made against us.
So far, 144 (one hundred and forty four) cases have been made against me only. They have filed sedition cases Against me and Ali Amin Gandapur. The treason case against me is based on such [meaningless] justification. A magistrate has argued that he and his staff members were in office on a Sunday (which normally should not be so as it is the off day)and I have insulted the organization by terming someone as Dirty Harry and psychopath. On this excuse, treason case has been made against me.Those who do so, I would like to ask a question from them. Do you know how much loss you have been giving to Pakistan due to such action? To the entire world, you have been giving a message that due to terming someone as Dirty Harry or psychopath, you have filed sedition case against a former Prime Minister? The world has been laughing upon Pakistan and thinking that it is a banana republic. Well, out of 144 cases against me, there are 40 cases on account of terrorism. All international media do report such news on their channels and what kind of image of Pakistan you have been portraying? You have been showing that it is a banana republic and there is no law at all in this country. There is no fundamental rights protection and that there is no democracy in the country. Over 3,100 (three thousand one hundred) of workers of ours (PTI) have been arrested and imprisoned. On the one hand, election date has been announced and on the other our workers are being arrested and sent to jails.
Besides, the people of social media are being arrested. They are being abducted and they are made disappeared. Azhar mashvani was arrested and is missing by now. We don’t know about his wherebout. His family members have been inquiring me. We need to realize clearly that when there comes news about the missing persons, as being reported for Balochistan and Karachi, how would the family members have been facing the issues when they are arrested and kidnapped?
Well, then, Azam Swati: he is being arrested and tortured. First, he is being beaten in front of his grandchildren after mid-night (at 3:00 a.m) .He is then taken away and tortured after dressed-off, a 77 years old man. He has thus got a high anger because when a person is insulted in such manner by transgressing the honor and dignity of a person guaranteed in Article 14 of the constitution of Pakistan.[Moving ahead]he is literally being dressed-off only and only due to a tweet where he tells Bajva that he has given NRO II [to the criminals]. Just imagine, on such basis he is being punished through custodial violence. What kind of impact it has had over our party? All people think that it was the police but rather [in reality they were ] the unknown people. The same was done earlier with Dr. Shahbaz Gill where custodial violence was made on him.He is a professor of a university . He was arrested and tortured. Where have gone the fundamental rights?No one is there to ask about them. There is a terror around that unknown people have abducted them. Such terror has been spread around and people are scared.
Moreover, the children (youth) of social media were arrested and strange news came up such as making them naked, humiliated, getting insulted and warning them in such manner: Keep silence and not to report anything. And that you must not criticize anyone. There are some high class people and you should not take their names.”
[It should be noted that during the Martial Law Era of Musharraf, we did not come across such brutalities. I was in the opposition and never I evidence such type of repression and tyranny. [At present], the oppressions continue and do not stop. Our people [of PTI], who are arrested in the state of fastening [of Ramadhan], as they report, that they are not allowed to open their fast (at Iftaari) and ccontaminated water is given to them. Then, the unknown people(Govrnment offcials of the secret agencies ) come and the arrested people are given punishment.About the police, I must describe, most of them are sympathetic with us.
I would like to share a bit now about my house as there was the attack. Well, first you need to know that what was the actual issue undercarpet?What was the warrant about? The warrant was so that a magistrate of a court office said that Imran Khan had to appear in the court of law.
What was then the reason for my inability for not appearing in the court of law? It was due to the medical issue as the bullets were fired on me and I was wounded. My legs were injured and for three and a half month, I could not walk and travel thereby. Afterwards, I began to attend all the courts in Islamabad.
[It is significant to note that] for this particular court in the Kacheri at F-8 Sector, twice terrorism attacks had been made here earlier. [Consequently], The judges and lawyers died at this place.Keepin in view the [serious] menace, the Government’s responsibility is to provide security to me as a former Prime Minister. But the security arrangement has been lifted by the Government itself.There is thus no security at this place (court of law]. Our lawyers therefore requested the judges to transfer the case hearing in other courts so we should then go and attend the case. Over this genuine [security], problem, warrant was issued against me. The warrant was [actually] sent to me on my house address at Bani Gala (in Islamabad) and an inspector of police was supposed to hand it over to me.
[Opposed to the aforesaid legality], the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG, Islamabad) carries the Warrant and reaches here in my house at Zaman Part, Lahore. This itself was a wrong procedure. [Furthermor], it should be noted that the warrant was issued to appear in the court on March 18 (2023) and I had to attend it by any means. But amazingly, three or four days prioir to the date, they have come to Lahore to arrest me. It was totally wrong and, they accumulated a huge number of forces outside my house and it sounded there was the topmost terrorist of the world hiding here [in a sanctuary]. From the three directions, police and para-military forces were deployed around my house.In the evening, through Ishtiaq Khan, the lawyer and President of Lahore High Court Bar Association, I gave surety (Guarantee) Bond to the court that on March 18 that I was coming to appear in the Court. It should be taken into account that when the Surety bond is given, as per law, arrest cannot be made.Conversely, the CCPO doesn’t accept to take it because their intent was something else.
Well, what was their intent? Let me share it with you all. Two types of model were before them to apply and experience on me. The first one was the assassination model of [late] Salman Taseer [a former Governor of Punjab], which was to make a religious extremist in the background as a pretext or reason [of murder]. This you evidenced in my context when their plan was materialized on me at Wazirabad (Punjab)when earlier a campaign was made against me that Imran Khan was doing contempt of religion.I had thus shared it in the public that these people will assassinate me like Salman Taseer in the hand of a [forged or fake] religious extremist. He thus opened fire on me at Wazirabad.
[Just imagine] efforts were then made to cover up the incidence.First, I was not allowed to file the legal case (FIR or First Information Report) myself against those whom I have to nominate in it. I know that how those three people were involved who were behind the plot [of assassination] as I used to tell it in public.
After the unsuccessful assassination attempt on me, they then tried to sabotage the case because the findings were revealing that there were three shooters and not one.The bogy [bogus excuse] of a religious terrorist was thus going to get proved wrong.They thus sabotaged the case report [of the Joint Investigation Team or JIT]. Who were those? Those who are the most powerful and decide on behalf of whole Pakistan [i.e. Military Establishment , especially few of the high ranking officers of Inter Services Intellgence and others].
They then plan to attack my house here at Zaman Park, Lahore.This was the second and a type of assassination model based on that of [Mir] Murtaza Bhutto [son of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, a former Prime Minister of Pakistan].After successfully launching of their strategy, they had to come up and pass on statements that Imran Khan got murdered.This was the model of Murtaza Bhutto. Through out the entire night, the police and para-military forces (rangers) unlawfully attacked on my house.Their objective was something else:either to kill me or put me in jail and give poison as four of those died due to heart attacks who were witnesses [of the corruption of Shahbaz Sharif]. This was another model.
I then go to Islamabad [in order to appear in the Court] and then the assassination model of Murtaza Bhutto is planned.First, they were supposed to isolate me and then arrest as already there was a huge number of police and ranger forces plus unknown people [of the Military Establishment ] deployed on the ground at various places. Thanks God we had our lawyers with us. However, they were also beaten up. Shibli Faraz was beaten. They thus instantly came out of the Court and asked me to go out as death trap had been made for me [in the Judicial Complex].Thanks God that we escaped [from this place] and survived.
All these plans were made for the purpose of eliminating Imran khan from their ways. Why? Because out of 37 constituency seats [places], we [PTI] won 30.The Pakistani nation has stood with us.They [our opponents] are afraid of the election.They were thus running from the election. In order to escaped from the election, they have the fear in mind that even if he [Imran Khan] is put in jail, his popularity would go further high. So better, kil Imran Khan and eliminate him from the scene. All the 144 cases against me have their nexus lying here [at this point].
Coming up next is the role of media in their time. The fundamental rights they have already devastated as Ali Amin was trapped. How was he arrested?When the police, a DPO (District Police Officer) , comes to arrest him he then gives a statement. He says: “Whatever, I have to arrest and take him along with me.” Ali Amin is not allowed to go to the court of law.Their purpose [in the Government] is to target and arrest all those who are closed to Imran Khan.If Imran Khan doesn’t come in the snare, these people should [at least] be arrested and put in jails.
Now, let’s look at the state of economy.What is it all about? I told you about it in the beginning [of this speech]. The economy was growing. The industries in seventeen years, large scale manufacturing industries, were growing at the rate of 10%. It was 10% and the industries were at large scale that provide employment. In three years timeframe, additional 5.5 million people got employment and the World Bank report could be consulted.Our agriculture was growing at 4% rate.Frequently for two years, there was bumper growth.Why was it so? Because, we managed to provide the full price of sugarcane crop. [We need to understand] the sugarmil mafia suppress and exploit the poor peasants, we enforced regulation on them to completely pay the price to the peasants in time.The peasant community thus expended the money on their farms. Most of the money , in our time, we dedicated for agriculture.Due to this approach, growth of crops was wonderful. The growth in agriculture and industries was increasing. Export of IT (Information Technology), which is the future, was increasing by 75%. The country was moving on the right direction. Tax collection was fantastic.
Well, what is the state of economy at present [with the Government]?According to the World Bank, the growth rate has decreased from 6% to 0.4%. Consequently, 4 million people have gone down to the poverty line as the World Bank reports.The inflation, about which hue and cry were made during our time in the Government. It should be noted that the cause of inflation at that time was highest oil price [in the world market]. In our time, one barrel oil in the world market would fluctuate between $110 to $115.In contrast, at present , it oscilates between $65 to $80 per barrel in the world market. During our time, the inflation was thus 12% and during their Government at present, it has risen to 35%.On the other, the food items have risen to 50% for the last one year.The critical commodity that effects the common people is it now. 20 Kg of flour bag during our time in Government was PKR 1120/-; and today the price has risen to PKR 2800/-.The common people, look at their grave condition while standing in the queues to get flour, and more than 20 people lost their lives resultantly. Look at the basic needs:first, the unemployment increased and prices of the food items increased. On top of them, the flour price is on its height as has gone beyond double price. This infers that the condition of the people is radically deteriorated. The inflation thus continues to increase.It doesn’t stop.
The value of Pakistani rupees has fallen down to 100 [and U.S. Dollar has increased]. Let me remind you, once again. Those who live abroad in London and have billions of dollars of properties outside, they have got one hundred rupees increase and those who are in Pakistan, they have got one hundred rupees decrease in their wealth.Suppose, you have one hundred rupees in the bank, now there is sixty five rupees power of the purchaser in the market.
The export has decreased by 10% at present.During our time in Government, the export rate was getting increased annually in two to three years.Now, instead of increase in the export sector, it is decreasing. It means, we will encounter further problems in terms of dollars. Because, we are getting loans but we don’t have the capacity to return the credit because it rquires increase in the wealth in terms of export, remittances and the like. Instead of the increase, there has come up decrease or stoppage in the wealth growth.The amount of dollar flow in the country has decreased and the debts increase.
Now, let us look at the industry sector [once again for a while]. This sector has gone at high risk. Increase in the wealth comes from industrial development. The industries that were growing, especially the large scale manufacturing, were moving ahead at 10% growth in our time but at present, 50% of those indurstries have got closed.This phenomenon has thus it direct impact .In contrast, ask anyone in Faisalabad that one year ago, during our time, absence of skilled labor in the textile industries were witnessed. Well, look at the condition of textile industries [at present].
To reiterate, let us see that in one year’s timeframe, the economy got collapsed. The media has been restricted [to report independently]. Our fundamental rights have been sabotaged. The terrorism phenomenon that had been shifted towards tourism development. The international companies like British Airways, Virgin Atlantic Airlines and others had begun to come in Pakistan. The cricket teams had started coming to Pakistan. All these happened because there was peace in the country and such developments were on move. In contrast, during their time [present Government], the terrorism is continuing to increase.
I would like to conclude my talk.Where is Pakistan going now?The entire nation needs to deliberate that where is moving our country? All our institutions/organizations are are witnessed to have been broken. The parliament has been damaged. We need to understand that a country runs or evolves around its institutions.The parliament is an institution and its importance has ended up. Today, the quorum of the parliament is not complete. No one has the interest to go to the parliament when the opposition segment is lost.The institutions of governance are seen to have been ruined. How? When the trust over the Election Commission ends up, when NAB (National Accountability Bureau) has been destroyed, when FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) is impaired where its task is to investigate the corruption. And when the ultimate goal remains to use or exploit them for victimization.
[Look at the state of] Caretaker Government!It is also an institution.The Caretaker Government has been formed for such purpose that it will remain neutral and perform its role as the neutral empire for the upcoming election. Look at their performance! Could someone term them as neutral? Three thousand one hundred PTI workers were arrested and put in jails and my house was invaded when I did go to Islamabad and my wife was alone at home.
[In such circumstances[, they robustly attack on my house. My employees are beaten up. My cook is arrested and taken away. The unknown people [secret agency personnel] ask the cook in such manner. “The window pans of the rooms that Imran Khan has, are they bomb proof or bullet proof?” He is then asked: “How much steps ar there between the kitchen and the bedroom of Imran Khan?” These questions are asked from the cook. These are the questions in addition to getting information about my diet that what do I eat so to look for the strategies to poison me. These are the realities of our country.The poor cook is beaten up and taken with themselves for the investigation and such questions are asked from him. This poor man is thus exploited so to use him for the spying purpose.
[To add further], when I was the Prime Minister, both of my servants at home had been deputed on their payroll by the unknown people [secret services intellgence]. Such type of questions they would ask from them, too. Just imagine! These are facts about the country [we live].If the purpose is to kill someone, then, at least, to carry on sensibly and use their intellect. It is so unfortunate for their ridiculous approaches to invade the house openly and inquire that what does he eat, how is his bedroom whether bom-proof or bullet-prooff.
Finally, I would like to ask that to what direction we are going on? When the insitutions of a country are sabotaged , the country ends up.A country functions around its insitutions:around the bureaucracy, around the judiciary, and around those that are concerned with governance; and around the organization of police. Unfortunately, such assignments are taken from the police. [Interestingly], the police personnel themselves come and tell us that we don’t won’t to do such kind of activism but we are forced by those who are behind [the scene].Behind them are the unknown people [personnel of secret agencies] that take such kind of assignments from them. These news are shared with us by the police officials themselves.
When our people [PTI workers] were in the jails and rleased, they also informed us that the custodial tortures were not made by the police personnel but rather by those who were unknown and dressed in shalwar-kamiz [the common people’s dress]. Those people would come later when the police officials leave out of the jail rooms. These are some of the facts pertaining to the country.
[Well, think for a while]who are those people that have been deployed on the top positions in the Government? [So simple] those who are the prominent dacoits (robbers) whose properties and wealth are outside the country.Those, who have been doing mony laundering for more than thirty years and smuggling the money to the foreign countries. ]In brief], for the sake of protecting all such people [and their interests], the national institutions and organizations are being damaged and impaired.All the fundamental human rights are being wiped out.Pressures are exerted on all institutions that we should accept them. Utmost efforts are made to crush Pakistan Tehrik-e Insaf (PTI). Such parties do not get crushed [at all].
Today, I am going to give message to all those that due to such approaches, destruction is being made only and only to the country.When there was the election of ]Late] Fatima Jinah versus Ayub Khan [in the 1960s], such [malicious] tactics were used to defeat her. What was the damage in the aftermath?From here onward started the separation of East Pakistan. Mujeeb-ur Rahman was with Fatima Jinah. East Pakistan had given vote to Fatima Jinah.The [evil] tactics at that time were used and she was defeated. What was the consequence? The country split into two parts.Mujeeb-ur Rahman finally had the election sweep.Because, he said: “There was no democracy.We don’t have our voice here [in this country].” He won the free and fair election of 1970 as all consider this election fair. But, at last, his mandate was not accepted and the country parted into two.The same tactics are used again at present [by the Government and Establishment].
For being afraid of the largest political party and the election result victory, the entire system has been dismantled. All the related insitutions are sabotaged so to cause success to the thieves. Otherwise, the strategies are made not to hold election or [in other words] those (PTI) must not win.
[Look at the drama] that is being played with the [judgement of ] Supreme Court of Pakistan [regarding the provincial election]. I would like to clear it here today that after going through the Consitution of Pakistan and consulting the lawyers, we then dissolved the governments because we were not able to continue to function ahead. We had our understanding that election was the only way, and still I can understand that without election, there is no second pathway.
[Paradoxically], later on,some other issues are raised whether or not there should be suo motto [action]. Well, it was the suo motto that led to ousting our Government [in April 2022].The judges were the same as today. But at that time, suo motto was appreciable and great but in the current context, it is not good. Instead of deliberating on the actual point whether or not within 90 days there should be election, what does the Consitution direct. It is so transparent in the Consitution. Instead of talking around this important aspect, they [the Government] is behind dividing the judges and develop dispersion among them.A person who is abroad [Nawaz Sharif]and Zardari, what have their interest [for the people] in Pakistan. I ask and clarify it once again. [Those people] have their vacations outside [the country]. When they are out of power, they then flee abroad. They live in the big palaces there.Their shopping is abroad, their surgeries (treatments) are abroad.Everything they have abroad. Their businesses are abroad.Two of his children [Nawaz Sharif’s] are abroad and they maintain they are not Pakistani nationals. The children of three times Pakistani national cannot respond because they are not able to reply that the properties they possess in billions, how did they come to them? [But look],! they are there then to decide for the fate of Pakistan. They are there to decide according to the London Plan because he [Nawaz Sharif] fears of not winning the election, so the election should not be conducted and PTI should be crushed. He thus exerts: “Fulfil the agreement that has been made with me.”
The country is thus moved around it. the country is being devasted.The economy is going to collapse. There is no concern in this regard. 80% of the business community says that they don’t have any trust on this Government.Nonetheless, they have been placed on the power. They in turn maintain that the election will not hold even in October, but rather would go beyond this timeframe unless they are sure to win the election.They have confusion that the people might think to trust them after some interval of the time.How could the people consider them reliable? What strategy they would take to draw the country out of the marsh?No pathway has left for them.For the sake of serving their vested interests, efforts are made to sacrifice the Constitution of the country [for their vested intersts].
The judiciary is being divided The institutions are being eliminated. The fundamental human rights are being crushed. Against me, 144 cases have been filed. I say, once again, fun is made over our country in the entire world.
Just tell me when these people refute to accept the judgement of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, how could the investors come in Pakistan?When the investors have no trust over the justice system of Pakistan, how could they invest their money here? [It is important to note] that the Pakistanis themselves are drawing their money out of Pakistan and investing them abroad.
Moreover, when those people (investors) listen that a former Prime Minister is dragged in the treason case based on his statement that he has termed someone as Dirty Harry, or Psychopath, the world will make fun of them. This is termed as Banana Republic.The investments thus do not go in the Banana Republics.In such countries, their people opt for theft of money, go on with money laundering, and draw the money out of the country. In the foreign countries are the Sharifs and Zardaris.
In conclusion, I would like to say that in one years time period the country where it has reached today,someone would ask the question from that man [General Bajva]who said that because Imran Khan was so dangerous and he therefore decided [to remove his Government]. He had decided not for such reason [for being dangerous] but rather it was something else. There was a bigger reason behind as he wanted to have his extension [as Chief of the Army]. Shahbaz Sharif had given him the surety in this regard. It is then another point that Nawaz Sharif stepped backed.All the plans of the drama was for his job extension. There was his vested interest. The country that has been brought to this critical situation was due to him for his own interest. For this purpose, he initiated for the conspiracy. So, someone will ask him today where our country has reached [at a critical junction].
Nine hundred thousand professionals of our country have quitted Pakistan during the last couples of months. No hope has left in Pakistan. Four consultants of Shaukat Khanam [Cancer Hospitals] left the country. It should be noted that in the entire world, there is demand for the cancer doctors. Hardly, we bring those doctors in Pakistan. We are not able to pay even the ordinary remuneration to these doctors against their services. We thus brought them barely in the country. Keeping in view the [political] scenario, four of our doctors quitted the country. They became disappointed. Could someone hold him [General Bajva] responsible for being intoxicated in arrogance like Pharoah and he said: “I had done so for the betterment of the country.” In consequence of such decision, would someone hold him responsible? Is he above the law? Can’t someone interrogate him?
After twenty five years of the split of the country, Hamud-ur Rahman Report was published in India and it had not come to Pakistan.Because, these people do not understand that unless there is no criticism in a society, it cannot advance. The topmost reason of the failure behind all dictatorship is absence of criticism.When there is no criticism, the society shrinks. The positive aspect of democracy is the criticism and through this mechanism the society rectifies itself. In our context, if we consider him as the Super King, whatever he [Chief of Army]likes he decides but holds responsible someone else, and enjoys the fresh air in the foreign countries. In such ways, the country cannot move forward.
The great aspect in such critical situation of Pakistan, as I observe for the last one year, is that public has awoken. Awareness has come.Due to the social media and the one years campaign, our youth have understood each issue.The children have understood the issues. The school chidren have got the consciousness which was not with the elders earlier.The greatest of all are our women where revolution has come at homes.I think this is the greatest of all.When a nation is awoken, when it understands the issues that what is the actual or real freedom or liberation.
The real liberation comes out of justice when the judicial system protects the fundamental rights of all humans. The people then get liberated and this is called level playing field. Those societies thus progress.Today, all people realize that they need liberation. We need the fundamental rights. We need justice. We don’t accept the class of people sitting above the law. A small number of people deciding for the country after robbing [resources] and get released in the name of NRO (National Reconcilliation Ordinance). When they breech the law [no one could say anything to them]. For being a former Prime Minister of Pakistan, I could not nominate a person in the FIR (First Information Report) because he is something special.Whatever he wants to do, our judicial system cannot arrest him.This is where the oppression lies in the [judicial] system of Pakistan.
Untill and unless, such systems get changed, there is no future of the country. Untill and unless, we enforce rule of law, as the last one year of experience teaches us, there is destruction in the country.In one year’s timeframe, the rule of law was killed. An evil task, which was performed and made injustice with this country, is seen that for the sake of installing these looters in Government, separate laws are made for them and their robberies are gotten aside.
Look at the [mischievous] deed of the lady who openly abuses the judiciary and the judges . But she cannot be caught or arrested because she is in that category of people where they are above the law. When she does robbing, as she could not prove how did they make the properties of billions worth in London [no one can aask them].Till today, they could not justify it. The only thing they argue that how do the people dare to ask them [about their corruption] because they are the high class people and others have no right. Hence, it is their will whenever they like they can arrest or abduct people, enter in the houses of people anytime at night or after mid-night, put them in jails and so on.
For 26 hours, frequent and unlawful invasion is made on the house of a former Prime Minister so to kill him or arrest and put him in the jail.There was no legal significance of that invasion. Those people then watch the drama [while remaining behind the scene]. The entire world was watching the drama.
We have our war of actual liberation. What I understand now because our nation has got up. In whatever way they want to attack on the judicial system, the nation will stand with the judiciary.The lawyers community will have to stand in support of the judiciary because once the constitution is gone, the country is gone.Second, as these people [in Government] have been arresting our people as Ali Amin was arrested, and cases are made [unlawfully] against them and imprisoned.
At the end, I would like to tell my nation to get prepared. If these people [the opponents] think we will keep silence [it is their ignronance]. In case they won’t opt for the election, we have to come out on the roads peacefully. Or even if they go for election but our people (our workers) are imprisoned, the candidates are harassed, our hands are tied and asked to contest the election. [In such situation], if they think we will keep silence, we will have to come out on the roads again.
I would like to tell my nation that we have to get ready [for the ventures] in all situations. In the upcoming days, we will see and observe that to which direction the situation goes:whether they run away from the election, or otherwise. However, what we could see that they are escaping the election by dividing the judiciary; or by applying such kind of tactics on us. We will then be on the roads. Long Live Pakistan!

Video speech Source: Chairman Imran Khan (Official YouTube Channel)

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