Martyrdom of the Innocent Didar Hussain of Gilgit-Baltistan Region:An Eye-opening Speech of Nawaz Khan Naji

February 19, 2019

Translated by Fazal Amin Beg

Distinguished Leaders of Ghizer,
My Courageous brothers of Ishkoman Magistracy,
Asalam-un Alaikum:

First and foremost, I’d like to apologize that I wasn’t in Gilgit-Baltistan and couldn’t come earlier to you as I was in Islamabad due to my health issues and treatment. Perhaps, it was on February 4, 2019 the tragic incidence has occurred.

I wholeheartedly appreciate and do salute the young leaders of my area, all our passionate and open activists, and to all our brave friends and companions who have taken up the genuine issue of a poor and helpless family and compelled the Government and related public sector organizations with regard to the murder case.
I do agree that it’s not a good sign to depend just on one person after choosing him or her as a leader as consequently the issues do not get resolved quickly.in each village, in each sub-village and everywhere leaders should arise. Everywhere the right-based fighting youths should emerge. Within each individual and in each household , fearless persons should emerge otherwise, in absence of such people, no one could take you to the end of the set goals and destinations.
Although, I personally couldn’t go yet to the deceased family’s house, I intend to visit them today. Whatsoever the criminals have done with the martyred Didar Hussain, the condemnations have been made in the media but, once again, on behalf of all the nation, I do express my deepest sympathy and solidarity with the deceased family.
For the sake of bringing the criminals to the utmost stage of justice, a couple of demonstrations and sittings won’t be sufficient and work effectively but rather, in this regard, we will never sleep and we’ll never forget the tragic incidence. Unless true justice is not made, we’ll be restless at the time. The processions and demonstrations hereafter would remain no more in Imit or Chatorkhand but rather shift to Gakuch and Gilgit; and from there onward will reach to Islamabad so that the human communities world over should know about such injustices. Within Pakistan, we’ll also sensitize the communities of Punjab, Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa, Sind, Balochistan and Kashmir that it was not only the issue of late Zainab or other innocent children but rather the same type of cases our people also face bitterly.
It’s a point of deliberation and you need to reflect seriously in yourselves by taking up the issues that how brutal is our society that some people have their sympathy towards such culprits with regard to molestation of innocent people. Oh God! Protect our area from your wrath. Oh God! forgive us our sins (Astaghfirullah). No one would at least support the sins. Isn’t it a pity that on such grounds, certain people haven’t their true concerns?
My brothers/friends! I’d like to describe to you few words. Before us in the world, there are two ways to be opted for now. Either we should revive and restore our tribal world and stand on our own feet. In that there is no involvement of law or state. The modern State of Pakistan took away the guns and weapons from our hands on such conditions that protection of our life, wealth and honor shall be the responsibilities of the State. If the State of Pakistan cannot protect the life, wealth and honor of our people, then we don’t need any State. Is the State for such purpose that it should raise the terrorists and use them against the innocent people and their lives? Is the State for such purposes?
Being a member of Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly, I’ve criticized enormously on such issues. I’d like to convey a message to Hafiz-ur Rahman that he should come here and ensure that he’d address the issue immediately (if he’s with the people of Gilgit-Baltistan Region). Otherwise, he should openly make it public that he is not capable enough to effectively use his power (with benign intentions) because he has been tied; and that he’s therefore an agent of someone else. If he’s the Chief Minister of the Region, it’s his responsibility to resolve such issues. If he cannot do anything, he should declare he’s performing his roles as an agent; and that he is an instrumentalist and a cheater to fool the people in the Assembly. Otherwise, he should announce that neither is any agent of the civilian agencies or military establishment.
My brothers! You talked about the Force Commander of Gilgit-Baltistan. Well, he’s a nice gentleman and he’s with the local people, indeed. However, I must say that according to my information, both the main criminals’ culprits have run away from Gilgit-Baltistan. Until and unless, both the criminals are not arrested, Mr. General, I’d consider they are in your shelter. Why? The logic is so because within the police Department, the officials don’t have the desired or required capacity and credibility. There is no desired or required capacity or credibility within the civilian Government or public sector organizations. If there is any capacity that’s within the military forces. It’s the military that runs Pakistan. Otherwise, there is no one to accept the reality for being a Pakistani, instead someone would consider himself or herself either as a Sindi, Punjabi, Pukhtun or Baloch. Being sober observers, You people can witness the kind of slogans made against the country by different forces. It’s quite obvious that those parties can run the Government in the country if they have support of the military. Therefore, all such responsibilities would come over the related military officers of higher level. I’d like to say that there should not be the words of thankfulness; instead we should realize it’s the act of their responsibility. If both of the criminals (of Didar Hussain) fled to Afghanistan, we’ll perceive that the Pakistani agencies have provided them niches and protected them. However, there is no ambiguity that the related agency people know that who is who and where.
Isn’t it a pity that when the youth or children raise their voices for their just rights, they are put under arrest in the name of Schedule 4 and imposed Anti-Terrorist Act (ATA) and so on. And you yourselves have been observing and nourishing them. And on the other, you claim that you people have been so compassionate over the poor people of Gilgit-Baltistan. If you people (as responsible) further deny the voices of the poor families and communities, like people of Chilas, we’ll also opt for setting on fire the schools and bring back the martyrdom of late innocent Didar Hussain.
One of the respected speakers said that we live in the far flung magistracy of Gilgit-Baltistan and we are like the butterflies. We need to be proud of it that we dwell on the Afghanistan’s border. It’d thus be our willing and decision whether to be part of that or this boundary. If one cannot understand, it should be clear to them.
It should be realized clearly that when we narrate the story of sincerity that will remain conditional. We are, of course, loyal to the country, but are not subjects and it must never be equated with compliance (against our insecurity).we have remained loyal as we are not hypocrites. We do not tell a lie when we proclaim we are loyal to you as a country. Though we have proved and will prove our faithfulness if you (as responsible persons of the country) prove your trustworthiness with us. It means you have to be loyal with us as well. If in case, you did a blunder, we’ll make a greater blunder than you.
My brothers! Keep in mind that I have never tried to cash such important issues and incidence for the sake of any cheap politics and have never tried to get any personal benefits for myself out of them. I put before you my God as the Great Witness and keep on my words and deeds that I’ll never opt for such kind of motives and intents for my personal gains out of this noble gathering and cause. These are reflection of my true feelings and passions.
Well, I’d like to tell you one thing more that you all at individual level need to develop self-confidence and boldness within yourselves. There’s no doubt that we people opened schools. We talked and advocated for education. We provided education to the children. But we have also given them high level of free hand. Over two decades before, I had told it to some officials of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN that you intend to make the region as Switzerland between Kohistan and Afghanistan and it’s not possible. Switzerland could be made in the neighborhoods of Germany and France. These are just the useless ideas. Keep them aside and develop braveness within yourselves. Carry on the weapons of the rights and use them for your just causes and interests. You should be up to the mark with regard to protection of your household, your villages, your districts and region.
Pakistan is not an ideal country that when such tragic incidence occurs, the concerned officials would reach on the spot and provide you with justice. It won’t happen. Such incidence occurs on daily-basis in Punjab. Such type of incidence also occurs in Sind. Such happenings are also encountered in Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa and Balochistan. No one has any genuine concern about them. After organizing two or four gatherings, the leaders then forget them. I’d also be forgetting it and likewise my companions will as well as you will forget it. The pains will be born then only by the victimized families. We all therefore must not forget it. Today, it happened with this poor family. Tomorrow, you may come across it. The day after tomorrow, someone else will encounter such incidence as we do not live our lives in any idealistic State.
In such situations, how a State could be idealized? However, let me refer to an aspect of a model in our own context retrospectively by taking a little time for a while. During the British era, a prime example of an execution case is found, which could be appreciable, indeed. The person who was hanged was named as Zamino who belonged to Bargo village of Gilgit. Zamino had killed someone who then fled to Darel (in Diamar district) and took asylum in the hands of a tribal head called Jashtero. At that time, there used to be the Political Agent of Gilgit Agency (based in Gilgit).After completing all his investigation, he declared Zamino as the criminal but zamino would never come in the hands of the law. There used to be some gatherings in November (not with regard to First of November, which is a later phenomenon after liberation of Gilgit in 1948). In such gathering, the Political Agent would gather the political figures like the Rajas, Wazirs and the like. In addition to their salaries, and after awarding them for their good performance, the British rulers would strengthen their spheres of influence alongside their rule. In this way, they would restore the confidence of the native communities. However, in this connection, four or five important persons like jashtero were also convened from Darel in the office by the Political Agent. The delegation also included the respective Jashtero who had sheltered Zamino; and was awarded with dresses/garments. The next year, the Political Agent invited the same Jashtero and designated him as his foster brother called Unilo in S̃hina. Next time, when the Political Agent invited the same Jashtero of Darel, he changed his British hat and put it before the Jashtero’s foot which indicated his determination of maintaining his strong foster kinship relation with him and that he has a serious request to be fulfilled at any cost. The British Political Agent didn’t accept to get back his hat and said that unless the Jashtero accepts to help the Political Agent. The Jashtero asked: “What I could do for you?” The Political Agent replied: “Hand over Zamino to me who is under your refuge.” The Jashtero was compelled and he brought Zamino and handed over him to the British Political Agent. It should be noted that this case is present in the Magistracy record of Gilgit, if it has not been burnt out. In short, the criminal of killing, Zamino, was hanged after 13 minutes proceedings. This is what an example of the State. This is what it’s a example of justice and it prevailed.
Another example we could see with reference to Raja Akbar Khan of Punyal in connection with his involvement in an assassination case of a woman, where he was punished by the British Government for 14 years of prison that he spent in Sri Nagar (Kashmir). Could we get any example of a powerful ruler like Raja Akbar Khan at that time in Gilgit? Not at all, but before the law, he had to be punished equally. Now, these days, each one of us have fear even from a police officials of junior rank. On the other, if a person has a Non-Custom Paid or an illegal vehicle in possession, It becomes highly difficult for the Government to raise fingers or hands on them.
Now, let me talk a bit about terrorism. The buzzword of terrorism, in our context, is not the product of the public. We have not produced them. Despite the fact we are not impaired or weak mentally or physically but we cannot move freely on the roads. But it should be understood that when such people do terrorism, behind them stand giant terrorists. We therefore need to investigate the root of such terrorists and terrorism. And in such situation, terrorism would never remain dead but rather, like other parts of Pakistan, the people standing behind them will get exposed. Such type of people must not enter any more in our region. This is what I’d like to convey my message to the Force Commander of Gilgit-Baltistan Region. If that situation begins here in our area, it’s no more than either Multan or Bahawalpur, it’s neither Karak nor Bunnu, but rather, it’s the meeting place of the mighty Karakoram, Himalaya and Hindu Kush. It’ll be highly difficult for them who intended to perpetrate in any way by any means. It should be noted again that it’s not Swat but rather it’s Ghizer, starting from the sound “gh”, which will sink all those perpetrators who wanted to look at it in further negative motives.
My brothers! I won’t like to further prolong my talk. But keep in your minds that we must not forget this heartbreaking incidence. Whatsoever situations there may be, we are ready to face them. Even if the Government officials prefer unjustly to impose ATA on us as well they should carry on; or if they like to apply various articles on us unnecessarily, they should opt. Or even if they prefer to continue their fascism, tyranny or further killing, we’ll never forget such terroristic incidence. I’m sure you’d never limit yourselves only up to the slogans. I’m confident you won’t limit yourselves only within clapping (against the emotional speeches).But rather, you will have to sacrifice your lives as did the great and late Didar Hussain as he got martyrdom for the sake of just right.
We’ll thus advance this case. We are in constant contact with Ishkoman Coordination Committee. In my case, it’s already an obligation upon my shoulders and it’s my official duty, being member of my constituency and there is no need at all of any kind of expression of gratefulness to me from your side. However, we are thankful to all our friends from other areas of Ghizer including representatives of PTI or other parties, even our friends from Phandar. We all are with you people. We must take the case to its logical end and there must not be any kind of hanky-panky. We do expect from the military officials to help facilitate in this connection and get a side the incompetent and cynical civilian organizations (in which we are also part of it).On Monday, there is the assembly session in Gilgit, I’d raise this case before the members. But I’m not that much sure to get any prospective results out of them. This is what we have the situation with the Civilian Government. If in case, the military establishment also did follow the footsteps of the civilians, the loss will be for them and not for us as we ourselves are already in loss.
Thanks to you all once again but keep in mind we are all with you. At the end, I’d reiterate that every youth, every educated individual, every elder, every head of household should understand the roots of the issue. And then with bravery and in a realistic manner support the just right and the oppressed. Rise against the oppressors, against the falsehood and against the evils. We would then take the case to its logical conclusion. It’s not only through the clapping and slogans of long live and curse on the cruel. But please keep in mind that within these slogans are also people standing with the vested interests of the oppressors. They would be standing with you and sharing the slogans with you and finally help the oppressors to arrest you among them. Such subtle political situations are therefore sometimes dangerous. It’s therefore imperative to primarily understand and recognize your own leadership. Those who are sympathetic with you, you would understand them very well. In conclusion, please don’t push your own people in the difficulties and run away yourselves. But rather, support them.

Thanks very much, once again.

Being a native of Gilgit-Baltistan Region, I’d like to acknowledge and salute all the right-based protestors in the demonstration held against the murder of late Didar Hussain of Tishnalut village of Ishkoman valley in Ghizer district.
My deepest gratitude goes to Mr. Nawaz Khan Naji for his bold leadership and particularly as he has robustly defended the children’s and Human Rights within the respectrive Charters and conventions of the United Nations, of which Pakistan itself is a signatory to ensure protecting the human and children rights issues. Late Didar Hussain’s martyrdom is, no doubt, the killing of innocent lives as we have been witnessing in Pakistan, time to time, as one of the tragic cases was that of late Zainab and other innocent children. Translation of the Urdu speech by me of Nawaz Khan Naji (Chief of the Balawaristan National Front) this occaision is therefore a small acknowledgement from my side for his great contributions.
On behalf of the family and community of Ishkoman, I’d seriously demand that the wildest animals in human forms, whether from Tishnalut itself or other areas, who have committed the heinous and monstrous crimes of gang molestation and killing of the innocent Didar Hussain of Class 7, must be brought to justice promptly without delay of time and without any type of support by any oppressors. They should straight be hanged publicly in addition to extending full support ot the deceased family, although the parents cacould never get back their beloved son; and the communities of Gilgit-Baltistan Region lost a potential leader and contributor of the future to humanity as a whole.

I’m thankful to the social media, particularly Pamir Times, DW TV, Chitral Times and all my respondents for sharing the information and sensitizing the public on such important human rights issues.
Special thanks goes to my nephew MJ Beg for going through the draft of the translation and having a proof-reading of the speech above.If there’s any error in the translation of the speech, I’d like to accept them wholeheartedly.


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