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A Special Gratitude to the Visitors of FAZALAMIN.COM

July 19, 2023

Dear friends, colleagues and well-wishers: Thanks to you all!

I am delighted to share a good news with you all that my formal/official website has already crossed more than 200,000(two hundred thousand)visits since its formal launching in January 2019 and I was not aware of it. Despite the fact I am infrequent on it due to my other diverse engagements such as field studies, consultancies, running more than three YouTube channels of mine including EaglesWorld, DiamondWorld, K̃hikwor Adabiyot-e Gulshan, PowerWorld and the like.Nonetheless, the traffic on FAZALAMIN.COM is highly encouraging and appreciable, indeed.
So far (July 2023), I have however published more than 300 textual posts on my website, which is comprised on thousands of pages and it will certainly continue with the course of time if I am alive.This website could be termed as my open and digital book and resources. They are based on my anthropological fieldwork and cultural studies, linguistic endeavors and contributions, and overall in development context in Afghanistan, China, Tajikistan and, of course, Pakistan. My website publications are mainly in English and Wakhi and then Persian and Urdu especially my poetries in different genres.
I understand that there could be flaws or mistakes, especially the typos , on my website due to my suffering as a visuallly disabled person after qualifying my PhD coursework. Since 2014, I have been working somehow as a normal person on my laptop with the support of a screen reading software called JAWS (Job Access With Speech).I hope many visitors who do not knowl this aspect of my life may think I am careless or otherwise when I publish the posts on FAZALAMIN.COM.
Before conclusion, I would like to reiterate and pay my sincere tribute and gratitude to all those who graciously spare time to visit FAZALAMIN.COM and get benefits out of the publications while remaining within the Cyber Laws and avoiding any dishonesty in terms of plagerism or knowledge theft. I am thankful to all those who provide their gracious feedback and comment under the individual publications.
Please continue ahead with more and more zeal and enthusiasm to read the posts on FAZALAMIN.COM and provide your constructive reflections and feedback in the comment section of each posts on the website. Let me share another point honestly and hope you would trust me that all these things I have been doing in voluntary capacity. Not a single penny I have got out of these initiatives despite the fact Google Ads are observed running on my website but not a single coin I have received so far after its monetization in April 2020. I am publicly announcing it if tehGoogle Ads Team could also read this post of mine.
WE are however not supposed to take the money or huge wealth with us to our grave when we leave this world. As we are born naked, we thus also leave this world nakedly. The great things in tradition for the communities of humanity remain knowledge bases and assets when we die.
God protect you all and your families from the evil forces and bestow upon you the rains of blessings.

With kind regards and best wishes,

Fazal Amin Beg
EaglesWorld YouTube Channel:
DiamondWorld YouTube Channel:

Adabiyot-e Gulshan YouTube Channel (dedicated entirely for Wakhi):
PowersWorld (will focus consistently in the near future)

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