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My White Cane: English Poetry on the Occasion of International White Cane Safety Day

October 15, 2023

By Fazal Amin Beg

My white cane is always my right teacher
Never with me has become a cheater
It leads me like a cautious leader
Proves itself as my robust defender

Although, I can’t see, yes you are right
My selfless cane friend it’s always my sight
It can see ever, during the day and night
Never it gets rude my humble partner

When I’m in the mountain, or on the plain
When I come under the heat or the rain
My true companion is always my cane
It proves itself as a matchless driver

To go through a meadow or face a rock
Whether it’s a time of jubilance or shock
My cane is a force and a hope to walk
It moves ahead like a wrestler and preacher

Without his cane, Fazal Amin isn’t in pair
For his mobility, it comes in share
One should know the meanings, always take care
Be sensitive to see a cane carrier

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