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[Wakhi Ghazal] Ye Z̃hũ Khũshkhuy Hamsafar, Hampiyola, Hamrikob: Hey My Kindhearted Co-traveller, Co-drinker and Co-rider

May 13, 2024

By Fazal Amin Beg

Ye z̃hũ khũshkhuy hamsafar, hampiyola, hamrikob, g̃haten janqan da k̃hũ khob
Bakhs̃hen k̃hũ soz-e hũnar, j̃akhen k̃hũ ishq-e rabob,caren woz k̃hat dem sirob
Hey my kindhearted co-traveller, co-drinker and co-rider! Let’s turn our dream into a reality,
We’ll share the skill of our music, play the rubab of our love, and will again enrich ourselves in it.

Nivshen k̃hũ ishq-e doston, weres̃htep yow dem jahon, khushbuy-e gul-e rehon
Leceren drem yi nung et s̃hung, wez wocen sak hamkitob, ki yowi gha lojawob
We’ll write the story of our love, it will remain here in this world,the great smell of rehan flower,
We’ll leave tangible and intangible evidence, let’s become co-writer of the book, which is so unique.

Di’n sivand niv ye z̃hũ jon, limaner gila et shikwa, ta’r g̃hird yem ti parwona
Dem k̃hũ ishq c̃hawen pũrũt, noyoft z̃hũ gũl-e gũlob, ye z̃hũ pũzũv-e shabob!
Let’s throw away, my beloved, the mutual complaints and criticism, sacrificed to you is your moth,
Let’s proceed ahead in our love, my unique rose flower, the youth of my heart.

Z̃hũ kalomisht ti haten, ti khuz̃hg owog̃h z̃hũ haten, trẽ liman k̃hũ haten
Dines̃h ki liman kanor, voynes̃h cart ca’n ya oftob, da tirich nag̃hd ya mahtob
My poetries are for you and your sweet voice is for me,for each other are we,
When both of them embrace each other, the sunlight shines out of them, so is the moonlight in the dark night.

Khũshruy ti ruy en barg’v-e vul, yundes̃h maz̃h ce da nashi, woc’mes̃h ska s̃holkh ce basa
Khuz̃hg ti zik en dardisht gul, chiz go’m tabib et sharob, yoy ya dorũw et kabob
The smell of the flower petals emanates out of your pretty face, that leads me towards intoxication, I then spend the nights on the branch,
Your sweet tongue relieves my pains, why should I then go to the doctor or drink wine, or take the medicine and eat the roast?

Tapin wocen nogũman, bũland sak dẽ kũl jahon, skem zamin et da osmon
Oshiq et ma’shuq-e jon, ki vite yũw dem liqob, ye z̃hũ bahodũr uqob!
We’ll fly incredibly, at a height in the entire world,on the Earth and in the sky,
At a point when the soul of the lover and beloved will become one in its guise, hey my brave eagle!

Ye z̃hũ Porso, z̃hũ shirin! Jald g̃hat dem k̃hũ Fazal amin, dem zurig̃h wakht maz̃h e win
Wocen hamro bowafo, bosafo dem ishq-e bob, dhir sivand niv k̃hũ niqob!
Hey my Porso, my sweetheart! Reach immediately here your Fazal Amin, meet me at this time of hardship,
We’ll become genuine friends, clean-hearted in the chapter of love, throw away now your veil!

Composed on September 16, 2023 in Gilgit

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