A Facinating Video on Preparing Halwoshir: A Very Unique and Traditional Pamiri Dish of Hunza [in English & Wakhi]

February 13, 2022

By Fazal Amin Beg

Halwoshir is a very unique, tasteful and traditional Pamiri dish of Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan Region , Northern Pakistan.The name is based on and a combination of Arabic and Persian words, Halwo or Halwa and Shir or sheer in Persian for milk. Although, halwo or halwa is normally prepared in the restaurants in Pakistan or other adjacent countries, sugar is added to the ingrediants such as oil and water.
The Halwoshir of Hunza valley is so interesting, fascinating and tasteful, indeed. The ingredients include the original/indigenous/organic butter, milk and salt.The dish historically remained not usual for all common people and was cooked and served most of the time to the Mirs or rulers of Hunza and their families. It could thus be termed as the “Dish of or for the elites.”

Mama Bibi Husni Khan daughter of Muhammad Siyyab Khan is specialized in preparing halwoshir as she and her sisters cum sister-in-law have learned it from their late mother Shafo’at Begum and their maternal grandmother late Arbob Zawora Begum of Gulmit. Late grandma Zawora Begum has learned it from the mother of late Col Ayash Khan , the Secretary of the Hunza State and son of Mir Ghazan Khan II. Mother of Ayash Khan and siblings (such as Mir Muhammad Jamal Khan) was daughter of the renowned Pir of Zebak of Badakhshan.
In this video, Mama Bibi Husni Khan, 83 years old and a community leader, is practically demonstrating to her daughter-in-law Shamshad Begum Khan daughter of Sajjid Khan that how Halwoshir could be prepared effectively within half an hour and how it could be made tasteful.Shamshad Begum, having her background in social anthropology and a specialist in Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (serving an agency of the United nations), could be seen proactive and inquisitive with regard to the traditional dish cooking and preparation .
As always, my sweet daughter Surush Ayman Beg (12 years old) is behind the camera and making the video in addition to its production. Thanks to all of them for their joint efforts and coming up with this great product, the rare and precious dish of Halwoshir.
I hope that the video will be of a great help and contribution to all those who watch and observe this video and want to cook halwoshir for themselves within their families, households, friends circles and for commercial purposes.
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Production, presentation and copyright: #EaglesWorld 2022

Introductory and concluding clips: Fazal Amin Beg (February 10, 2022)
Dish specialists: Mama Bibi Husni Khan and Shamshad Begum Khan
Videography and editing: Surush Ayman Beg
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