Shoh Muborakbod (A New Persian Welcome Song)

May 2, 2020

By Fazal Amin Beg
Shoh Muborakbod is a traditional Persian song that’s presented by the Wakhi community of Hunza (championed by artists of Gulmit) to the guests during the events like wedding, festivals and the like. Although, the poem is so impressive and inspirational, the meanings of the verses raised some valid questions before many people as in the middle the verses turn towards romantic realms and addresses one’s beloved.
Keeping in view such observations of different people pertaining to the romantic aspects of the old Persian song of Shoh Muborakbod, I had come up and composed the above version of new Shoh Muborakbod on the melody and pattern of the old one on October 24, 2003. It was my first attempt in composing Persian poetry (if I recall correctly). This newly produced Welcome song was thus presented in the public during the Golden Jubilee of the Imamat celebration of his Highness prince karim Aga Khan on July 11, 2007 in Gulmit (the administrative headquarters of Upper Hunza (Gojal).
This Persian poetry is thus completely based on the pattern and melody of the old Shoh Muborakbod as the first stanza in courtesy has been taken from the old one. Construction of rest of the stanzas thus diverge its route from the old Shoh Muborakbad. It then includes within itself in the succeeding stanzas Imam Ali, the 49th Imam (Shah Karim Al-Hussaini, Pir Nasir-e Khusraw, all other guru of Shia Ismailis, the Sufi Saints, the Muslims and humans as a whole, the Wakhi Tajiks and thus reaches to its end.
I must admit that like the older Shoh Muborakbod, this new one is also not completely representative as per se with regard to Welcoming the gusts as the phrase Shoh muborakbod itself is confusing in translation. It poses again genuine questions whether it’s about the king to be addressed and welcomed or it about all other people (including the ordinary people as guests). However, we can assume or deduce that in the poetry the guests have been exemplified as the king and thus it continues ahead.
It’s noteworthy that 13 years ago, my eyesight was very good and I could see clearly the people through the screen of my digital camera at night. The above video I had thus made during a rehearsal at night by the boy scouts of Odver Gulmit , rated high among the extraordinary artistic talents in the whole of the valley. The video of rehearsal reminds us that how the respective youth prepare themselves with hard work and dedication for mega level events like the Imamat Day celebrations and festivals and prove themselves by competing the merit on top.

be blessed, the King!
By Fazal Amin Beg
Awal banom e yo Khudo, Shoh Muborakbod
Duyum bahaq e Mustafo, Shoh Muborakbod
First, in the name of God, be blessed with the King,
Second, In the honor of Prophet Muhammad, be blessed with the King.

Suyum bahaq e Murtazo, Shoh Muborakbod
To ba chihl u nu Mawo, Shoh Muborakbod
Third, In the honor of Ali Murtza, be blessed with the King ,
Up to the 49th Imam (of Ismailis), be blessed with the King.

Khusraw e mo, Hujat e mo, Shoh Muborakbod
Ruyi mo kardeh Mawlo, Shoh Muborakbod
Our Nasir Khusraw, the authority (of Ismailism), be blessed with the King ,
You turned our face toward the Lord, be blessed with the King.

Soyiron piron e mo, Shoh Muborakbod
Bo yishon buzurgoni mo, Shoh Muborakbod
By virtue of all the spiritual guides, be blessed with the King,
With them, all our elderly figures, be blessed with the King.

Muminon, nikukoron, Shoh Muborakbod
Barodaron u khoharon, Shoh Muborakbod
All strong believers and good doers, be blessed with the King
Brothers and sisters, be blessed with the King

Mihmonon u hoziron, Shoh Muborakbod
Musalmonon u digaron, Shoh Muborakbod
Whether you are guests or audience, be blessed with the King
Whether you are Muslim or others, be blessed with the King

Qabul kuneed salomi mo, Shoh Muborakbod
Bibareed payomi mo, Shoh Muborakbod
Accept our greetings, be blessed with the King,
Carry our greetings with you, be blessed with the King

Wakhiyon e Tojikon, Shoh Muborakbod
In faqat shanokhti mon, Shoh Muborakbod
All the Wakhi Tajik people, be blessed with the King
It’s only our identity, be blessed with the King

Basher dusti rawoni mo, Shoh Muborakbod
Ziro hama insonho, Shoh Muborakbod
Philanthropy is in our soul, be blessed with the King,
Because all of us are human, be blessed with the King.

Dar dil e khud kuni paydo, Shoh Muborakbod
Fazl Amin khoni Mawlo, Shoh Muborakbod
Produce the God in your heart, be blessed with the King,
Hey Fazal amin! Remember your Lord, be blessed with the King.

The above newly composed Shoh Muborakboad in Persian is available on the following link of Eagles World

poetry composition and videography by: Fazal Amin Beg
singers: Salimullah Khan and group
Musicians: Nahid Jan and group
Dancers: Boys Scout of Odver.
Technical support: Mazdak Jibran Beg

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