Ki Ne Kert Tag Kuy Wafo(If the Beloved Never Embraced Loyalty in Love)

April 22, 2020

By Fazal Amin Beg

Ki Ne Kert Tag Kuy Wafo(If the beloved Never embraced Loyalty) is an interesting Wakhi lyric (ghazal) that deals with the unfaithfulness or untrustworthiness of the beloved with her lover. The poet advises to wait and observe her for a period of time and then to decide his disconnection with her if the betrayal continued. Otherwise, he is optimistic that one day she might return to him and prove her loyalty again.
Moving ahead, the poet tries to define certain love criteria to be kept in mind and followed. He presents some characteristics that a human fellow possesses while falling in love with his or her beloved. What could be love and who deserves love and how could it be sustained are some interesting questions that have been illustrated in this poem. Finally, it sounds that the poetry apparently depicts the love issues in an analytical manner but more importantly it offers hope out of love for the listeners and readers.
It’s noteworthy that the poet is not a professional singer but rather he presents his poetry in the form of singing to use it as an effective tool for memorization and appropriate recital as he cannot read the verses due to his visual loss and disability (Retinitis Pigmentosa).
At the end, it’s hoped the listeners would seriously enjoy, try to understand the thoughts and the genres of Wakhi poetry with English translation.
Click on the following link of Eagles World Channel to listen the Wakhi lyric: Poetry composition, vocal and poetic translation in English by: Fazal Amin Beg
Technical support by: Mazdak Jibran Beg
Those who cannot understand Wakhi language can read through the Anglicized Wakhi stanzas with English translation as below and get access to the thoughts illustrated therein.

Ki Ne Kert Tag Kuy Wafo(If the Beloved Never embraced Loyalty )
Cẽ Fazal Amin Beg en
Ki ne kert tag kuy wafo, da ti ishq-e khũshruy safar
Ozmũd tu woz be yow ko, ki g̃hirdes̃h tra s̃hũrig̃h yow far
In the stunning travel of your love, if the beloved didn’t embrace the fidelty,
Observe her yet consistently, she may change her mind towards the loyalty.

Didig̃hiki sẽk khalg yi farz, ki dũrzdes̃h yow ishq-e ya qarz
Lecer tu yow dam dũnyo, ki dishtes̃h k̃hat yow chiz digar
If someone opts to owe the love, waiting for the beloved is then essential,
Leave the beloved at her place, if she thinks herself as someone celestial.

Kuyes̃h Hki disht ishq-e shon, yow’ri zẽvetk yem khuz̃hg maydon
Sangdil’ri yem norawo, ki dik̃ht tem bar yow k̃hũ shũm sar
If someone recognizes the value of affection, for her suits the cherished field of love,
For a cruel it’s restricted if she brings her head inside the door of love.

Sokht en cum be yow sokhtin, rizmes̃h ki dam-e pũzũv win
Lecer yow tu’t ki dono, gew yower ya k̃hũ ishq-e bar
If the beloved’s heart you find dark, though she is pretty in appearance,
Seal for her then the door of your love, leave her away if you have the prudence.

Har kuyes̃h c̃hit da k̃hũ jeft, ishqes̃h be awal yemzel tek̃ht
Ki pidhistes̃h yem da hawo,yanes̃h wost hawli pũrasar
As everybody moves on in a couple, the spark of love also gets fire in pair,
It leaves out its utmost effects, when the fire catches in the air.

Ska yi pũdh woc’nes̃h ki lang, ska yi ruy ishqes̃h c̃hit da jang
Me rec̃h tumer da sazo, ki ne’s̃h g̃hat da ishq-e maz’har
As a person walks lamely on one foot, one-side love faces offense,
Don’t go to the extreme level of its punishment, if the love source cannot give you the defense.

Fazal Amin! tu’t ya khũshwakht, ki gũtetket k̃hũ ishq-e bakht
Tu’t da k̃hũ ishq-e Porso, ki dhetki ta’r yem khũsh hũnar
Hey Fazal Amin! You are the lucky one for getting your love fortitude,
You are within the love of your pious (beloved) that has provided you such a great aptitude.

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