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A Beautiful Persian Poetry with English Translation on the Occasion of Imamat Celebration of His Highness, Noor Mawlana Shah Karim Al-Hussaini , Aga Khan, Imam of the Time

July 7, 2023

By Fazal Amin Beg

Jashn-e gulzor-e Imomat omada’st
Har su ambor-e karomat omada’st
Nur-e Yazdon bo sa’odat dar zamon
Kard munnawar oqibat har du jahon
Hub-e Rahmon bo murrawat omada’st
Mushk-e Furqon bo sarwat omada’st
The celebration of the Imamat’s flower garden has come,
Everywhere huge mound of blessings has come,
The Divine Light with a great fortune in Time,
Has finally brightened both the worlds,
The love of the Benevolent has come with an open-heartedness,
The musk of the Qur’an has come with a great fortune (wealth).

Bedon on Sohib-e zamon u makon
Kard’ast turo mazohirash ayon
Azu hargiz lamhayi ghofil mebosh!
Payrawi kun, lahzayi kohil mabosh!
maghz-e Qur’on bo itrat omada’st
yor-e mon bo mehr u shafqat omada’st
know the Master of Time and Space,
has been exposed to you His phenomena,
Never be ignorant of Him for a second,
Never be idle for a moment,
The mind of the Qur’an has come in the lineage/family of the Prophet,
Our friend has come with love and affection.

Nur-e zamon az Muhammad u Ali’st
Asl-e ishon ro bidoni ki’n yaki’st
U Shahinshoh-e adl ast dar har jahon
Oqilon ro aql ast dar har zabon
Aql-e Kommil bo barakat omada’st
Shoh-e Odil bo azamat omada’st
The Light of the Time descends from Muhammad and Ali,
Understand the origin of them, which is the same,
He is the Emperor of justice in each world,
He is the intellect for the wise peple in each language,
The Perfect Intellect has come with all blessings,
The King of Justice has come with a high dignity.

Fikr kun bar ahwol-e kheesh ay jon
Mi kardid zindagi monand-e haywon
Nur-e pok bar shumo uftod chu nazar
Rond shumo ro az toriki ba sahar
Sarwariyash bo sadoqat omada’st
Buzurgiyash bo haqiqat omada’st
O dear, think for a while over your conditions,
You used to spend your life like an animal,
When a sight of the Holy Light was blessed upon you,
That drew you out to the light from the darkness,
His leadership has come up with the Truth,
His greatness has come up with a reality. ,

Darin geeti na mondayi hargiz yatim
Ziro Mawlo-e pok ast bar tow rahim
gar tuyi zir-e soya-e Shoh-e Karim
Domanash ro bigir az qalb-e samim
Roz-e Yazdon bo rahmat omadeh ast
Bo jalolat u kamolat omada’st
In this world, you’ve never remained orphan,
Because the Holy Lord is taking mercy upon you,
If you are under the shadow of benevolent King,
Tighten your holding of him cordially, The Secrecy of God has come with a blessing,
He has come with a profound dominance and wonder.

Roh-e haq ro bejuy, ay Fazal amin
to badoni andak on Nur-e Mubin
shon-e Mawlo hast chu buland az osmon
Fahmidanash hast garon, in ro badon
Molik-e Din bo shafo’at omada’st
Bo najobat u ijobat omada’st
Explore the right path, hey Fazal Amin!
So to comprehend a bit the visible Light,
The standing of Imam is higher than the sky,
it’s so difficult to understand him,
the Master of the Day has come with a healing,
with a great virtue and magnificence.
This poem was composed by Fazal Amin Beg on June 21, 2017 on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of the Imamat of our beloved Imam of the Time, His Highness, Noor Mawlana Shah Karim-al Hussaini.
Besides composition of some poems in Persian, Urdu and english, Fazal Amin mostly composes his poetry in Wakhi (his mother tongue). After getting his Master’s degree in Persian language and Literature and his M. Phil in Central Asian Studies with specialization in sociocultural anthropology (degree, Fazal amin had also qualified his PhD coursework IN 2011 from Quaid-i- Azam University, Islamabad but couldn’t get his degree in Asian Studies (specialization in anthropology) due to financial reasons and loss of his eyesight.

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