A Brief Biography of Ahsan Ali Ahsan of Chipursan Valley, Hunza

April 20, 2022

By Fazal Amin Beg(based on an interview in 2015)
Asan Ali Ahsan son of ShamsAliwas born on March, 1, 1961 in Zuwudkhun village of Chipursan valley in Hunza.He has 5 children (3 sons and 2 daughters). He belongs to the Nakhchirey clan of Ghulkin; and his grandfather migrated from Ghulkin to and settled in Zuwudkhun.
Ahsan Ali got his primary level education from the D.J. School in Gulmit. He then migrated to Karachi. He received his middle and secondary level education from Karachi while studying in the Muslim Popular School in Nazimabad in the evening shift as during the day time, he would have laboring in a chemical company. After doing his matriculation in 1978, Ahsan Ali pursued his intermediate level education (F.A.) from the Federal Urdu College situated on the University Road. he could not advance his study due to financial constraints. In 1988, he permanently shifted to his area in Gilgit-Baltistan Region.
Ahsan Ali and his senior partner, Ghulam Ali Shah (a retired soldier), took an enterprise initiative by opening a cloth house in Gilgit. Ths enterprise was hardly run for a year and the shop was closed as it coud not sustain in Gilgit city.
Although, Ahsan Ali endeavored financially with agricultural activities and within the tourism industry (going to Baltistan with foreign tourists as porter), a decade of his life continued ahead ethussaistl enthusiastically more in voluntary activities in his valley and upper Hunza. He served voluntarily as a founding member of the Wakhi Tajik Cultural Association (WTCA), formed in 1991 representing his valley. The year 1999 stood not favorable for Ahsan Ali as this year his brother, younger than him, serving the Northern ightInfantry Infantry (NLI) martyred in on July 7,199 the Kargil Battle between the Indian and Pakistani forces. Since 2002, Ahsan Ali Ahsan has been serving a public sector organization called Gilgit-Baltistan Power and Work Department (PWD) in the Khyber Power House in GojalHunza.
Ahsan Ali entered in the field of poetry after the WTCA organized series of performing arts program and more specifically the poetic sessions in different villages of Upper Hunza. “These sessions developed enthusiasm for person like me and I had to frame some verses to encourage our especially the youth towards preservation of their mother tongue. He has produced over 20 poems on the topics related with devotional songs, love songs and laments.
Ahsan Ali Ahsan feels that no native researcher works on the Wakhi language though international scholars are carrying on their research on this language. He encourages the native scholars to work dedicatedly for the preservation and promotion of Wakhi language.

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