Korona, Ye Korona, Ye Diwona (A Wakhi Poetry on Coronavirus with English Translation)

May 17, 2020

Cẽ Fazal Amin Beg en

Korona, ye korona, ye diwona
Kum’net pervetk dem dũnyo, ye bigona
K̃hetket drem kũl insonev ce bichora
Corona, hey Corona, hey mad!
Hey strange! Where you’ve come to this world from?
You’ve made here all humans powerless.

Wũs̃hũkjin vitket pidid pẽ kũl inson
Az̃hdar et diw- ranget het̃et dem jahon
K̃hetket haryũw damv-e jay ce abota
You’ve been fearfully attacking all humans,
Like a dragon and giant, you’ve become free in this world,
You’ve confused everyone at their places.

Yaw et c̃hawes̃h ce khalgev cum sad hazor
Z̃khim zoret yav k̃hetk wudhg bishũmor
Insoni vitk avoljin, ye darinda
Hundreds of thousands , you’ve been devouring and proceeding ahead,
You’ve wounded them countlessly,
You’ve made the humans so miserable, hey beast!

Dũnyo-e mũlo et tabib et soyisdon
Vitkev bibas ti pũrũt da k̃hũ darmon
Pervep jald ra ilm-e chang, ce’t afsona
The healers, doctors and scientists,
All have become helpless in their treatment,
You’ll soon come under the trap of knowledge as have become yet a fiction.

Hũmũyn dono, zurowar yoy notawon
G̃hiretkev pish-e rang gar wudhg har inson
Kat̃’nep yi ror pũrk-e rang tow ra qũbgha
Whether a wise, powerful or weak,
Though, apparently they are scared like a cat,
One day, will entrap you like a rat.

Magam spo khuz̃hg zamin et ob et hawo
Vitkev khũsh ki yav’ri orom dem balo
Pũrũt et cẽbaswas̃hkisht niv dẽ nola
Our beloved Earth, water and the air,
Rejoice for being in rest due to this disaster,
Developed and underdeveloped countries do now repent.

Ne wing-e ca darinda en, ye Fazal Amin!
Shitrakhũv k̃hat cam en, me woc tu avoljin
Hal tẽ khun k̃he s̃hẽkor car ya Korona
From the invisible beast, hey Fazal Amin,
Protect yourself lest you become woeful,
Stay home and defeat the Corona.

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