Ali Mushkil Kusho (Selected Stanzas With English Translation and in the Sweet Voice of Zahida Parveen)

March 8, 2020

Cẽ Fazal amin Beg en

Ali mũshkil kusho, tower niyozem ye z̃hũ Mawlo
Cum’res̃h di trem z̃hũ yod ko, ki pervimes̃h wuz dẽ balo
O Ali, the Reliever of difficulties!My Lord! I devote myself to you,
I miss you a lot when I come across difficulties.

Ti wẽzayn dem jahon woz cem en rec̃hni k̃hat ma’rifat
Da Khũdhoy-e khun ti chũvak woz shahodat, cum’ret bolo
Your coming in and going from this world are themselves gnostic,
Your birth place in the God’s House and your martyrdom in the mosque are incredible like miracles.

Ki reg̃hde pok Payghammbar ska, arsh k̃he vite Khũdhoy-e maymon
Khũdhoy gnan’n k̃hũ mizbon, disht k̃he hayron vite MUSTAFO
When the Holy Prophet traveled to the sky (heaven) and became God’s guest,
And afterwards when he recognized the Host from God’s behalf, the Prophet was then so astonished.

“Ye Haq tu tra g̃hẽna c̃haw, kum g̃hẽna ki aliyes̃h c̃hit”
Muhammad Mustafoe ce kert hada wakht hayem du’o
O the Truth! Go towards that direction where Ali goes,
It was a time when Muhammad Mustafa did ofer this prayer .

“Ki wuzem ilm-e ya s̃har, Aliyi k̃hat ya s̃har-e bar”
Ajabi k̃hat pok Payghambar, da osmon ti shoner guwo
“If I’m the city of knowledge, Ali himself is the gate of the city,”
It’s incredible that the Prophet himself is the witness you for your highest elevation (personality).

Khiradmandver dẽ Qũr’on, Parwardiggore yem ce k̃hẽnetk
“Da pokc Imom-e zot-e destem mũshetk, kũli chiziho”
To the wise people, God Almighty has revealed in the Qur’an,
“I’ve concealed all things within the pure Imam’s Light.

Da Ghadir-e Khum-e lup mar’ka, Payghambare ce wuch ti panja
Kerti het̃ roz da jal’sa, k̃hati “Aliyi sav-e Mawlo”
In the huge congregation of Ghadir-e Khum, the Prophet raised your hand,
He opened the secrecy and said: Ali is your Lord.

Veg̃hne gar ya risolat, vite oghoz ya imomat
C̃hitep yem to qayomat, kũl insonver dẽ har dũnyo
Though, the prophethood ended up, the Imamat got started ,
It’ll continue till the Day of Judgement for the entire human beings.

Fazal Amini ce nodon, neyes̃h disht ghal yow ya ti shon
Kum’res̃h cũs g̃hat da osmon, ye jahon-e spo Shahinsho
Fazal Amin is so unwise that he doesn’t recognize your dignity yet,
How could it’s possible for a little sparrow to reach to the sky, O our Emperor.

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