Biography of Zakirullah Baig Rumi of Jamalabad, Hunza Valley

April 20, 2022

Edited by Fazal Amin Beg
Zakirullah Baig Rumi son of late Adina baig was born on July 6, 1989 in a small village of upper Hunza known as Jamalabad, he has four brothers and one sister. He belongs to the Rumi lineage group within Bobo Sufi clan of Avgarch valley.
Zakir Rumi started his schooling from Avi-Cena Model School Jamalabad and he moved to Gilgit in 1994. He completed his primary level education from Al-Azhar Model School, Gilgit.
When his father passed away in 2001, along with his mother and sister, Zakir shifted back to his village. His elder brother Shabbir, got admission for Zakir Rumi in the Aga Khan Diamond Jublee School Murkhun, but on the strong advice of his late father’s maternal first cousin, Sarwer Nabi, Zakir was provided admission in the Al-Amyn model school Gulmit, one of the best schools in the entire region.
Zakir Rumi thus spent one of the crucial period of his life in Al-Amyn Model School (2003-2008). His maternal uncle, Ali Ahmed Khan was teacher here in this school and he helped him in his studies as well as supported him morally. It was a great learning experience at Al-Amyn where apart from his studies Zakir Rumi also inspired from his teachers and developed his writing skills.
Zakir Rumi was in 7th class when he first produced a poem. It was basically an assignment from his teacher Rahim Khan, which Zakir sucssesfuly completed very positively and effectively, despite the fact that Zakir Rumi was not expecting that much. This led to boosting his morale to a higher degree. Consequently, the interest of Zakir multiplied in poetry. He thus started writing in a proper way which attracted the attentions of people around him.
In 2007 when Zakir Rumi was in class 9th he was elected the president of the literary society and he sincerely worked hard and compiled many Wakhi language phrases, tales, stories and poetry of students. Zakir Rumi still know the last farewell party when he was given a pile of certificates on his achievements and best poetry awards by their teacher Nazir Ahmaed Bulbol, a renowned Wakhi poet and Principal of his school.
In 2008 Zakir rumi passed his Secondary exam with high marks and topped in his school. Luckily he also qualified the test and interview of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Gilgit, a prestigious educational institution in the entire Gilgit-Baltistan Region.
During his college days one of Zakir Rumi’s friend. Imran Emee convinced him to make an album, In the beginning, Zakir Rumi was startled because it was not an easy job to make an album, he thought. However, as a result of Zakir and his friends continuous struggle and enthusiasm they were able to find some sponsors but that was not enough. Zakir therefore managed from his own pocket money and hostel fee.
Two renowned Wakhi poets, Ali Qurbon and Saifuddin, were helpful and facilitative throughout the reviewing process of Zakir Rumi’s poetry. More importantly, Sultana Aziz-ul Din of Murkhun has not only appreciated the creativities of Zakir Rumi but also sponsored Zakir Rumi and his team’s literary mission. Consequently, on October 18, 2009 Zakir Rumi and his team released their first Wakhi album: “Ah Nodon-e Pervona” sung by Imran Emee. , the product got appreciation by the audience, despite the facdt no related performing arts program was organized.
At present (2014), Zakir Rumi is pursuing his BS (Hons) in Environmental Sciences from the University of Peshawar. Although, he plans to carry on his advance studies from abroad, Zakir Rumi is also determined to continue his journey of poetry: “This would play an important role in preserving my language and culture”, he adds.

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