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The Situation of Visually Disabled People in Pakistan and the International White Canes Day 2022

October 15, 2022

By Fazal Amin Beg

It is highly interesting to note that whenever people of any background encounter any kind of genuine challenges or issues in any kind of context or situation, they are witnessed to accept that a human is imperfect and could never be termed perfect. But when the same type of people are observed coming across the apparently deprived people whether disabled visually, mentally or physically, or in terms of lost sensory organs of hearing or speech, they are seen to take a pride, in many instances becoming arrogant and undermine them with the stigma of apparent disability. They forget to feel and realize that those, who are termed normal or so fit, are not perfect but ratehr imperfect embedded in various kinds of disabilities.If the notion of and traits behind human being as imperfect is true, all humans are thus in one way or the other disabled in the broader categories of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.Each individual is filled with enormous strenghts entailed with series of weaknesses.It is thus imperative to accept the strenghts and weakknesses that holds true in the context of all.
Initiated by the United States in October 1964 and Recognized by the United Nations a global day of celebration, the international White Canes Day of the visually disabled people around the globe invites us today not to ponder over and develop awareness only but rather also invites us to seriously act upon the defined fundamental rights of people with visual and other types of apparent disabilities on the surface in line with visual, mental, hearing, speech and the like.
Although, the statistics or population caries with the course of time due to births and deaths, it is estimated that millions of people are victims of visual disabilities due to various causes including inherited or in natural order and because of human-induced factors.
Although, people with all types of disabilities encounter enormous discriminations starting from the family and household to the societal level,the visually disabled or impaired are evidenced to bitterly and harshly experience the discrimination despite the fact they are observed in many cases to prove themselves so lively in their contributions with a high level of competence and up to the mark in different walks of life.
The International White Canes Day 2022 thus invites us to be humane, inclusive and sincerely recognize the rights of people with visual disabilities. The day strongly discourages to give up their exploitation of different kinds.

Note: This article will be expanded furtehr as this much meant to have a meagure contribution of the important global day on visual disability

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