Yi Sumghut: A Gift to Sarmad Alyon beg

May 30, 2018

by Fazal Amin Beg

Sarmadjon wost mũborak, wezgi wudhg ti chũvak-e ror
Yig̃hunver ki tey kũfak, magam tow’ri wudhg ya kẽndak-e ror
Sweet Sarmad! it’s your birthday today, “Have a Happy Birthday!”
For some, it’s a day of suffocation,, but for you is a day of joy.

Shekheste sol ti ũmr en, c̃hawes̃h pũrũt ghafch khũshruy
Joy et ilm en tu spũn, har wakht k̃hũ aql-e ya z̃huy
A year passed on in your life, and you are progressing fantastically,
continue your study and always fill in the lake of your intellect with knowledge.

Cart Mawlo tow-e niga, lecert Hamish da k̃hũ soya
Mũshkil’v e di tra k̃hũ dest, woc k̃hũ qomer lup sarmoya
Mawla protect you, and always keep you under his shadow (of blessings),
Overcome all sort of difficulties, and be a precious asset of your community/nation.

Woc Hamish tu sarbũland, Fazal Amin cartes̃h yemm du’o,
Dem soyinsi dawr-r dũnyo, Alyon Beg c̃haw trẽ khalo
Be an upright person, it’s the prayers of Fazal Amin,
In the world of science, travel in the space, Alyon Beg.

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