Importance of a Language and Culture: Zik et Farhang [in Wakhi with English Translation]

February 26, 2022

By Fazal Amin Beg

Ziki ce lup niyamat, nasl-e Odami dem paywand
Demet ce dhetk barakat, shũker Tower Khũdhowand
What a great boon a language is, bound within this are human races;
The blessings you’ve conferred within it, thanks to you, the Lord.

Hadem farhang’v-e olam, zik’v-e voynishtev pidhing
Misl-e sitor lim et lam, wũ̃rkhetkev to dẽ har yand
Here in the world of cultures, the lights of languages glow;
Like the glittering stars, they are spread over each corner.

Chũ̃vetket ki dem chaman, yem-e nigah k̃hak be dish
Bũ̃land yund yem-e nishiman, mũrdũmep k̃hatken dra sand
If you’re born in this garden (of language & culture), learn also to protect it;
Lift its position to the height(if you’re mindful), the people will ascend spontaneously.

Bis̃hast diqunev tayin, thũ̃wetkev fasl et darakht,
Pora pora yav-e bakht, nũsetkev bara et qand
Look at the incompetent farmers, who have burnt the crops and plants;
Their fate is ruined, they have lost the yields and the fruits.

Tẽrwachker qom’vev winetk, woris-e qomev ne vitk
K̃hũ piryen’vev ki g̃hir̃ũvetk, nẽs̃hetkev k̃haat hara band
Insensitive communities have been witnessed, for not being the heir of their heritage;
When they’ve crumbled their cliff-crossing bridges, they’ve fallen themselves down the cliff and disappeared.

Misl-e meywa-e darakht, farhangi ti’n dem buston
Dhir me kat̃ k̃hat ye boghbon, k̃hũ hũnarev ko drem rand
Like a fruit tree, your culture stands in the garden;
Don’t get away, hey gardener! Bring in use your skills to foster it. .

Aql-e izhori ki zik, ilm-e ma’yori be zik
Khiyol’v-e tori ki zik, chires̃h yan k̃hũ zik-e vand
If expression of the intellect is a language, knowledge’s standard is also a language;
If the ideas’ fiber is a language, why then you hide your language?

K̃hũ tat-e khũn-e didig̃h, k̃hũ nan-e zharzh-e halol
Yav-e zik me car pimol, ki ney shak wocep sivand
Ponder over your father’s blood, make justice with your mother’s breastfeeding;
Don’t crush their language, otherwise you’d badly get ruined.

Dẽ k̃hũ̃ farhang et zabon, khiradmand woc ye posbon
Yem’v-e qadr dish dem jahon, Fazal Amines̃h hayem k̃hand
In your culture and language, be wise, hey custodian,
Acknowledge their values in this world, Fazal Amin strongly recommends so.
Note: Keeping in view the languages loss or endangerment in the face and age of today’s negative impact of globalization, this poetry I had produced in January 2014 for the purpose of sensitizing the concerned speakers of all languages in the world, especially those that are in small population and at high risk of extinction in the coming decades.
You can watch and listen the above poetry on the following link of EaglesWorld

Production, presentation and copyright: EaglesWorld 2022
Poetry composition: Fazal Amin Beg in January 2014
Vocal: Fazal Amin Beg on February 26, 2022
Videography, editing and subtitling: Surush Ayman Beg
FaceBook Page: EaglesWorld

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