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Jonet Tan: Haqiqat Nomah Angrizi Tarjuma Mes̃h(Soul and Body: The Real Pathway with English Translation)

May 11, 2024

By Fazal Amin Beg

Jon et tan-e haqiqat dish dem safar
Gotep yan Haq-e ya Nũr et ya Rahbar
Know the reality of soul and body in this journey,
You’ll then find the truth of Light and the Leader.

Me k̃han ki c̃haw’mep dem jahon sẽk yi pũdh
Ki ney, rem mekr-e z̃huy werc̃hep Hamish wũdh
Don’t say that you’ll walk in this world on one foot,
Otherwise, you will ever remain drowned in the lake of cheating here.

Ti joni dem ti tan k̃hat lup samandar
Cum’ret k̃hetk rem ko k̃hat mũtk et as̃hnowar
Your soul itself in your body is a huge ocean,
To what extent, you’ve given exercise to yourself in it and have become a swimmer?

Yem ti joni k̃hat lup kon, gha qiymati
K̃hetket dem nẽs̃hak-e k̃hu tan ce gha dusti
Your soul itself is a huge treasure, incredibly precious,
But, you’ve made strong friendship with your mortal body.

Kũl makhluq’v-e mulung en towi ce yũwretk
Wũzem haya aql ko yarker, ta’ri ce dhetk
As you’ve been distinguished among all creatures,
Bring, at least, that particular intellect in use, which has been conferred upon you.

Cem panz̃ dishn-e asbob’v en tẽr vich be win
Yowi k̃hat ya lup jahon, ye z̃hũ shirin
Also envision beyond these five sensory organs,
That itself is a huge world, O my sweetheart!

Ti tani jon-e haten yow-e libos
Wostes̃h chut̃ jald ya libos, bas yank khalos
For your soul, your body is like a dress (clothe),
The clothe torns out immediately, that’s all! It gets finished.

Joni doyim, ceyi mũshetkũng et pich
Har zamon et makon en yowi tẽr vich
The soul is eternal, which is hidden and sealed,
That is beyond all time and space.

Cẽ Wakhtes̃h ki cem dũnyo’n res̃ht inson
Car’nes̃h khalgisht ajab nola et fighon
When a human leves this world,
The people shockingly make hues and cries.

Okhir chi’res̃h ko caren tumer nola
Nũwn et wac̃hnes̃h k̃he woc’nes̃h ce diwona
Why do they ultimately make such huge cries,
As they become mad by weeping and complaining.

Tan-e nẽs̃hakes̃h dishn marg dem jahon
Res̃htes̃h okhir kumer ko noyoft ya jon
Disappearance of a body from this world is considered as death,
Finally, where does the unique soul goes then?

Ki chav’nes̃h margeren sak, yi ney yi rẽwor
Chi’res̃h yan dũzen marg tumer ska k̃hũ tor
When we are born, we have to die one day or the other,
Why do then we so seriously take up the death on our head?

Tan parast’ver margi ce lup yi ozob
Jonparastever sozi dem nay et rabob
For the body-lovers, death is a disaster,
For the soul-lovers, there is music in the rubab and flute.

Jon-e niwiz’neri yi banay darkor
Mawt ki g̃hate, khũshig̃h en yemi da’m kanor
The soul looks for an excuse to get released from the body,
When the death time reaches, it embraces it joyously.

Khok-e tanes̃h wizit k̃hũ wakhter tra yand
Chizer ki ya jon dem qolib vitu band
The earthly body comes to its end with the course of time,
Because, the soul had got imprisoned in this body.

Ce mal ki Jon vit qayd dem tan-e zindon
Kerti k̃hũ knola et faryod da osmon
When the sould got entrapped in the prison of body,
It had made hue and crie in the heavens.

Haskem zamin khẽmak en dik̃hti ce nũwn
K̃hati ki yo Khũdhoy! Dremi gũno’v-e shũwn
It (soul) began crying soon after descending on the Earth,
It said: “Oh God! Here (in this world), there are sins to be encountered.

Tatnan et khis̃hqom’v-e kert ce lup khũshig̃h
Vite spocen awlod nivi bet chiz ghamig̃h
The parents and relatives made huge jubilance,
That they got progeny, they have now no worry.

Cẽ har karbola et qẽsa’v en Niyes̃hti’n
Vite pocen zẽman, g̃hate jonashin
We came out of all sorts of difficulties and insultive remarks,
We got our child, we have our successor.

Pervete jon drem dẽ ghafch lup imtihon
Kaft et tag̃hde Hamish dem tan-e makon
The sould came across huge tests and trials,
It got suffocation and moved around in its house of body.

Ne werg̃hne tag yow khũsh dem shet-e k̃hũ tan
Kerti suma vẽdek ki got woz k̃hũ shan
Never it remained happy in its earthly body,
It sought the ways out to get its prestige again.

Wakht ki g̃hate neyi perst tu’t dẽ kum hol
Wostes̃h jon niv dẽ khũshig̃h, tani avol
When the time comes, it never asks in what condition are you (as body),
The sould becomes happy now, the body is in disparity.

Goti kumer rost vẽdek, kumer ya kerd
Yig̃hun ki da pũzũv et ghafchloy da werd
Somewhere it got the right path, somewhere the wrong one,
Rarely it reached to the heart, mostly stuck with the belly.

Nasti yem tan e shitor tag ta’r ikhtiyor
Joni dem amonat-e Parwardigor
You are never authorized to kill the body,
The soul is in trust in it by God, the Almighty.

Z̃hũ manz̃ili hatra kum jay’nem ki wezg
Win ki niv cereng tapin woc’nerem gezg
My destination is there from where I have come,
Look1 how am I going to fly now.

Bu wakhtem tu dẽ tow ghayb-e khizina
Cer’nget wozomd maz̃h yarker, car andisha
For a specific timeframe , I was an invisible treasure in you,
How did you exploit me, ponder over yourself.

Tuwem ti dhast ce bur ror lup amonat
K̃hat wudhg fikr, k̃hetket a ney dem khayonat
For a certain time, I was a huge trust under your custody,
Deliberate today, whether or not you have cheated.

Dem jahon maz̃het vẽdet, win k̃hũ amol
Wudhg ti amol’vem vẽdetk,khũsh et malol
You rode me in this world, look at your deeds,
I’ve rode your deeds today, jubilant and disappointed.

Kerti k̃hat e jẽdha k̃he niyes̃hte ya jon
Ye baf Khũdhoyor ta’r z̃hũ shet-e jahon
Isolating itself, the soul got out,
Okay, goodbye to you, my earthly world.

Yem jone kert niv parwoz, tani ghelchijin
Jiraghas-e sadoyisht bland ce skem zamin
The soul did fly now and the body is in mercy,
Huge cries thus began on the surface of the Earth.

Jon-e poke k̃hat: khabardor! me nũwit
Wudhg z̃hũ safari da asl, me niv qũwit
The holy soul said: “Beware, never cry,”
My journey today is towards my origin, never call me.

Asl ya manz̃ili ko kumd dish ye inson
Me car z̃ereng qũwlẽway tu ye nodon
Where is the original destination, understand hey human!
Don’t make huge hues and cries, hey foolish!

Ce wakhtev ki khamovd z̃hũ tan e ra gur
Cer’nges̃h ghes̃ht yow be dem safar da k̃hũ dur
When my (earthly) body was laid in the grave,
How does it also smiles within itself in the journey.

Z̃hũ tan-e asl manz̃ili ki ra zamin
Wuzem tek ghafch bũland da arsh-e barin
If the actual destination of my body is within the ground,
I am highly above in the celestial heavens. .

Tek̃h niyes̃hte hawoyi da zindagig̃h
G̃hati’v k̃hũ jayev ce shet, yupk et rakhnig̃h
The last breath took its course, the air is in its life,
The soil, water and fire thus reverted to their respective origins.

Jon et tan-e bobat tu Haq-e chand qisa
Yemi sẽk tow niv dũrz yoy me dũrz bara
These were some discussions of the truth about the soul and body,
It depends upon you now, whether or not to reap the fruits.

Dem jahon ye Fazal Amin, yewer k̃hũ manz̃il
J̃akh yig̃hun hikmat-e ya soz ska k̃hũ z̃il
Hey Fazal Amin! Distinguish (and choose) your destination in this world,
Play sometimes the music of wisdom on your strings.

Note: In addition to my own thoughts and imaginations in creativities, inspiration and influence on the subject matter in this Wakhi poetry could be observed from the Holy Quran and other sacred scriptures, philosophy of life, especially the tradition of Sufi saints and poets like Jalaluddin Rumi Balkhi, Abdur Rahman Jomi, Nasir Khusraw Qabodiyoni, Hofiz-e Shirozi, and others.

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