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Shũker Tower Yo Khũdhoy (Thanks to You, God): A Eulogy of God in Wakhi with English Translation

February 6, 2023

By Fazal Amin Beg

Shũker Tower yo Khudhoy, makhluq’vet drem peydo ce k̃hetk
Yupk et hawo, shet et rakhnig̃h,khũshruy’t yav sũvdo ce k̃hetk
Thanks to you, God, the creatures you’ve created here (around),
You’ve made a beautiful contract among Water and air, soil and fire.

Osmon hũmũyd yoy yem zamin, z̃hũmak, sitorisht yoy ya yir
Har yũw ce ddrem nis̃hunev Tin, disũv’nes̃h yasht kũtan Ti sir
Whether it is the sky or the Earth, moon, stars or the Sun,
Each one of them are your signs, all of them illustrate your secrecy.

Pũdhin hũmũyn yoy ya tapin, rẽ yupk hũmũyn yoy skem zimin
Khames̃h yawen sarisht yaven ki Towe k̃hetk yav e jonin
Whether they are animals or birds, whether they are in the water or on the surface of the Earth,
They prostrate their heads before you, for you have created them as living beings.

Hadem kũli makhluq mulung farkhet sak kert dhetet khirad
Ya ne gũtak sumghuten got, ki dũnyo’v en wocen balad
Among all creatures, You distinguished us with the blessing of the intellect,
We got the very unique gift, so that to know the worlds.

khirad yarker wũzũm’ner k̃he, pũrũt yundak bafig̃h’vi trem
Bafig̃h shakig̃h yũwerner k̃he, cẽbas kẽt̃ak shakig̃h’vi trem
Bringing in use the intellect, advancing the good deeds are supposed to be here,
By differentiating the goods and evils, leaving behind the evil deeds are supposed to be here.

Hadem dũnyo ti Fazal Amin, c̃hites̃h mũsofir yo Khũdhoy
Khiradmandig̃h yower nasib, s̃hẽkhal skam wez yowi gũdoy
In this worl, Your Fazal Amin goes around like a traveler,
Bless him with intelligence, mercy upon him as he is the poor.

Composed on November 2, 2008 in Gilgit

Note: This beautiful poetry encompassing science, philosophy and spritualism could be watched on the following link of DiamondWorld (AlmosiJahon) YouTube Channel:

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