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Wakhi Elegy with English Translation: Ye Spo Spreg̃hi Rayhon: Spo Khon Ghulomi Din (Oh, our Rahon Flower, Our Ghulamuddin Khan)

November 3, 2023

By Fazal Amin Beg

Tu yi spreg̃hi rayhon, yow vul ko cumer shirin
Nũsetken k̃hũ nozamin, ya k̃hũ Khon Ghũlomidin
There was a Rehon flower (an aromatic flower), possessing sweet smell,
We have lost our beloved, our Ghulamuddin Khan.

Damshi kert yũrt-e khidmat, dam-e harakat barakat
Dheti x̃̃u jon et dawlat, g̃hate k̃hũ arsh-e barin
He preferred voluntary services to the community, (and) there was blessing in his initiatives,
He gave his life and wealth (to them), finally reached to the paradise.

Pũzũvwarig̃h dam-e khũn, tu har baf yark-e shogũn
Meymondori tek yo‘n k̃hũn, tu pũzũv en yow zarin
Bravery was in his blood, (and) he was the opener of the great ventures,
Hospitality was his own, (and) he possessed a golden heart.

Dẽ khidmat en yo’r dichor, kumer gũl et kumer khor
Magam wezd kuk̃hter bẽkor, yuti yav dẽ ambarin
During his services (in life), he came across boht the flowers and thorns,
He contributed to all, (and) positioned them at the place of ambar flower.

Tu k̃hũ mũrdũm-e rahbar, dez̃hd k̃hũ Pishraw-e khiyol
Spo nungdor vit bimisol, sẽk k̃hũ mũrdũm yow tirin
He was the leader of his community, carried on his leader’s thought (direction),
Our famous (leader) became matchless, (and) he did take a pride on them (his people).

Tu bozingar dẽ majlis, dẽ farhang woz dẽ solis
Saforat woz dẽ donnish, har jayer tu yow shohin
He was champion in the field, in cultural and arbitration domains,
In diplomacy and knowledge, everywhere he was like a falcon.

Dustig̃her tu trẽ pũrũt, cẽ Chin en to dẽ Olmon
Cẽ Amrika’n dẽ Jopon, dustyorisht skam shẽloyin
He was at the forefront in friendship, from China to Germany,
From America to Japan, his friends would take pride on him.

Ajaben nost tow e jon! Ye spo dũr et spo marjon!
Tuwet tu ghal bẽ jũwon, kuy tow niv got skem zimin
Incredibly we lost you, our beloved, our pearl and coral,
You were yet young, how could one find you on this Earth.

Fazal Amin cartes̃h sũma, towe jay jay bi-armon
Dẽ k̃hũ yinot et gũmon, ghali nast yower yaqin
Fazal Amin searches you restlessly in this world,
In his dream and imagination but he doesn’t believe you are gone.

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