Classical Persian Poetries in the fascinating Voice of Late Pir Ali of Hunza Valley, Northern Pakistan

July 16, 2020

By Fazal Amin Beg
During the time of the former Hunza State (before 1974), there emerged a marvelous star in the field of performaing arts, who ultimately got the honor to be the state singer and would sing in the court of Mir Muhammad Jamal Khan, the last ruler of the former Hunza State (1945-1974).and this personality was late Pir Ali of Shahrsavz village of Chipursan valley, who had an impressive voice and so eloquent in singing the songs in Persian and Wakhi, particularly in the palace of the Mir.
The Persian poetries late Pir Ali had got through oral tradition as there was no prevalence of formal education system in the State during his early life time. However, it is interesting to note that though Burushaski was the oral language of the court, Persian was the official language of the State and it was customary for written communication with other states as well and it could be testified from the official records .
The classical Persian devotional poetries that late Pir Ali has sung in the videos are impressive not only in terms of the content but rather also in line with the melodies. Those who are researchers of literatures and anthropology may find it interesting to explore and find the linkages with the original sources.

In 2009, Afiyat nazar of Gulmit and I met late Pir Ali in his house and recorded some songs in addition to a brief discussion of mine with him on the time he spent in the court of the Mir as the top singer (1962-1974). During that timeframe, he was lucky to get opportunities to travel with the late Mir of Hunza to the down countries in Pakistan such as Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, swat, Landi Kotal, and the like.
Think for a while.Where does the highest position of Imam Ali (A.S( rest? Explore and inquire the great sufi saints of all times and they will reveal where that could be? We normally quote in our narrations as the terms like Shoh-e Mardon, Shoh-e Awliyo, Sher-e Khudo, Abu Turob, and many other. We need to think for a while what they may reflect in logic? Could they be encompassed within the scale or are out the five senses in the domain of spiritualism?
Though, late Pir Ali was reluctant to sing secular songs (as he himself has been a great Wakhi poet) and was not feeling very well in February 2009, he was so humane to share with us couples of classical Persian poetries with a great enthusiasm in devotional realm. The devotional songs were more particularly focused on Imam Ali’s honor. Four of the impressive Persian poetries (eulogy) is thus presented with the audience here.
My apology from those who cannot understand Persian as due to lack of time, I could not dare to translate them in English. However, will venture to do in the future and that will be available on this website (FAZALAMIN.COM).
Click on the following links to watch and enjoy listening the devotional poetry in isolation/silence:

Thanks to all those who have been taking serious interst in the videos of the channel, viewing, liking and subscribing them along with their kind and productive comments.

Respondent/Singer: late Pir Ali
Interviewer: Fazal Amin Beg
Videography: Afiyat Nazar
Video Editor: Mazdak Jibran Beg
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