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Jamhur-e Pakistan, Tum Pe Hazar Salam: A revolutionary Urdu poetry with English translation on the public of Pakistan and Chairman Imran Khan

March 6, 2023

By Fazal Amin Beg

Jamhur-e Pakistan, tum pe hazar salam
Bahadur, ba sha’ur, ghayur hain awam
The public of Pakistan, thousand times salute to you,
Brave, conscious and greatly energic are the common people.

Mubrak ho tumhain, yeh inqilab-e haq
Sab hongei kamiyab, dena qadam dawaam
Great wishes to you for the rights revolution,
All will get triumph, continue your march ahead.

Imran ke hamrah, chalna yuhi bebaak
Haq ki yeh azadi, nahi hanuz tamam
Advance with Imran Khan, without any fear,
The liberation for the rights is not yet concluded.

Hei rhabar-e jamhur har su zer-e atab
Ghazab bar dushmanan, sazish hai dar niyam
The leader of the public is at high danger in all directions,
Curse on the enemies, conspiracy of his assassination is undercover.

Insaf ke karkunan, qayidin aur pushtiban
Ho layiq-e tehsin, umid-e subh u sham
The workers of Justice, the leaders and supporters,
You deserve the tributes, you are the hope of all times (morning to evening).

Intiha-e zulm pe, karband hai sab fir’awn
Jarh se ukharh do, Yazidun kei nizam
On the peak of atrocity, the Pharoah-like oppressors are in action,
Root out the system of Yazid-like fascists (tyrans).

Awaz-e haq ke sath, hun Fazal Amin yahan
Ley koyi meri jan, nahi khawf-e anjam
With the voice of truth, I Fazal Amin stand here,
Take my life if anyone is eager, I’ve no fear at all of the consequence (of death).

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