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Nas̃htes̃h Ce Nan’v-e Zik Dẽ Nan’v-e Soya: Look! how a language comes up with a complaint

March 4, 2020

Ce Fazal Amin Beg en

Tayin yi zikes̃h cereng cart k̃hũ nola
Nas̃htes̃h ce nan’v-e zik dẽ nan’v-e soya
Look! how a language comes up with a complaint,
A mother tongue vanishes under a mother’s supervision.

Inson-e zikev didig̃h cerengev shekhsetk
Jayjay dem jahonev wẽrk̃hetk et nẽs̃hetk
Observe the (fate of) human languages how they have experienced (the world),
That have spread across the globe and disappeared.

Hũmũy tu donishju, shogerd yoy digar
Ki tu’t oqil rand k̃hũ ziker k̃hũ hũnar
Whether you are a student of university or school, or someone else,
If you are wise enough, spare your expertise for your language.

Dez̃hget ce k̃hũ tatpup’v en k̃hũ zik dẽ farz
K̃hũ zẽman’ver yem g̃hatũv yemi sẽk tow qarz
As you’ve taken your language from your ancestors in an obligation,
It’s thus a debt upon you to hand it over to your children.

Ki tu’t woris, k̃hũ tat -e zik car nigah
Sad afsũs! Ki neyes̃h dish k̃hũ khazina
If you are an heir, preserve the language of your ancestors,
It’s a shame that you cannot realize yet your treasure.

Zik-e joni dam-e khalg’v-e lup khiyol
Mũrdũmishtev vitk da k̃hũ zik’v en lup misol
The soul of a language remains within the high thoughts of its people,
The communities have been witnessed to have reached to the climax (only) along with their languages.

K̃hũ tatnan zik me kat̃it cẽbas Fazal Amin
Res̃htep yem yan pũrũt skem ruy-e zamin
Never ignore or repulse your parents language, hey Fazal Amin!
It’d then be able to progress ahead on the surface of the Earth.

click on the following link to watch the novice singers (Surush Ayman Beg and Elina Abuzar Ali) singing the poetry in their innocent voices:

Videographic cclip by Farman Karim Baig (a Mediaperson of Gilgit-Baltistan Region).

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