Yem Dũnyo-e Haqiqat: Jon et Tan woz Zamon et Makon (Reality of this world: Soul-Body and Time-Space)

May 9, 2020

By Fazal Amin Beg

Noyoft z̃hũ kuh-e ambar, kum’res̃h gotem tow z̃hũ jigar
Mũborak ta’r yem safar, reg̃hit wudhg tu Khũdhoy-e bar
My unique mountain embar! Oh My beloved! To meet you, there is no way
May your journey be blessed! You left for your permanent abode today

Kũs̃hũy’t sufi bũzũrgev, k̃han’mes̃h bu g̃has̃h yav-e hikmat
Car pok fikr et amal k̃hat, yanep tu g̃hat da, k̃hũ parwar
Listen the sufi saints, I’m sharing a bit their wisdom
Deliberate and act yourself, will then reach to your spiritual kingdom

Ki wiztes̃h za dem jahon, woc’nes̃h khũsk̃h khis̃hqom et khondon
Magam ya tilf dẽ giryon, ki perevte yow dem mahshar
When a child comes in this world,all relatives and family become happy
But the infant comes with hue and cry that he/she has fallen in the anarchy

Ajabi yem ko didig̃h, ki lecertes̃h khalg yem jahon
Woc’nes̃h kũtan dẽ giryon, yowes̃h ghes̃ht et res̃h dem safar
What a strange! When a person leaves this world, observe for a while
All people shout here, but the departed soul travels with a smile
Har kuy ki wostes̃h yow dhir, k̃hũ wũyũk̃hen dẽ har jahon
Weres̃htes̃h yow sargadon, s̃hukurgdes̃h woz k̃hũ asl-e bar
Anybody who gets disconnected from his/her root of creation
Remains ever fretful and strives to be within the foundation

Tages̃h ne wost khũsh yemm jon, dem jahon dem tan-e zindon
Kum’res̃h hald kup da biyobon, yow halaki ra samandar
Never the soul remains happy in this world in its body’s prison
As it’s impossible for a fish to exist on the desert, its life is in the ocean

K̃hetk bindi spo zindagig̃h , yem zamon-e dem k̃hũ makon
S̃htiũvdes̃h sak dem jahon, pish-e pũrk rang, ye z̃hũ dilbar
The time has imprisoned our existence in its house
O my sweetheart! In this world, it plays with us like a cat and a mouse

Khalg-e rec̃hn wakhtes̃h ki wizt, kum’res̃h bet ya so’at k̃hat mũsht
Hamishi siwor sẽk spo pũsht, kartes̃h bikhliew ce ya khingar
When a life has to be put to en end, the time never grants favor
It hits us with its sword suddenly, as it always rides us over

Hũmũy’n tabib et habib, yoy hũmũy’n ya mir et faqir
Mawt-e pũrũtev dhastgir, rec̃’hnes̃h kholi dhast dem safar

Whether healer or a friend, a poor/ ascetic or a ruler
All travel empty-handed as before the death they surrender

Dem jahon ti baf kis̃hta, wostep tũs̃ha ta’r da jahon
Sarbũland da parriston cherm k̃he got tu har yi samar
Your good cultivation here will be travel food for you to the next world
Enter audaciously in the fairyland and avail each fruit in the next world

Ti har baf yark dem dũnyo, wostep har yũwer baf misol
Ti nik amolisht ti mol, yundep bũland tow Dam-e bar
For everyone, your good accomplishments in this world will be exemplary
Your good deeds are your wealth that will elevate you high in the Divinity

Wost nasib ta’r kũs̃hodh jay, da jahon de arsh-e barin
Salom ta’r ye spo shohin, k̃hũ maydon-e toj et johar
May you be blessed with spacious place in the next world in the heaven
O our falcon! Salute to you, the crown and spirit of your profession

Fazal Amin dish dem jahon, zindagig̃hi bu ror-e mehmon
Wudhgi ki rek̃hk ti jonon, kartep pig̃ha tow-e trẽ safar
Hey Fazal Amin! Be aware, life in this world is like a guest of two days
You’ll be seen off tomorrow, if your beloved has departed today

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